The Gift of History

"Animal Tree", Big Basin, Calif. Postcard
"Boy, did I get the Wrong Number" Package - Worldcom, Global Crossing and XO Communications
"Forest Primeval", California Redwoods Postcard
"General Fremont", Big Trees Park Santa Cruz County Calif. Postcard
"How Elephant Became Symbol of Republicans" with Thomas Nast signature
"How the West Was Won" Discount Certificate Package
"Neck Breaker", Big Trees Park, Santa Cruz County, Calif. Postcard
"The Nations Pride" Post Card
"The Rock" Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, California
"Wishing you a Glorious 4th of July" Post Card
"With Freedom's Soil Beneath Our Feet, And Freedom Banner Streaming O'er Us."
'Mornin Judge' Brand Tomatoes Label
1-800-Attorney, Inc. ( Where an attorney is just a phone call away....)
10 Mining Certificates - Discount Package
10 Oil and Gas Certificates - Discount Package
10 Authentic Phililppine World War II Guerrilla Notes
10 Certificate Starter Special
100 Reichsbanfnote 1908
100% Silk Stock Certificate Tie - Plus 5 matching certificates
1000 Reichsbanfnote 1910
11 Historic Railroad Certificates - 1880's to 1980's Plus signed Vanderbilt BONUS!
13th & 15th Streets Passenger Railway Company 1895
1561 - 65 Sherman Avenue Building Evanston, Illinois - Gold Bond
1776 "This is a day of Memory 'Tis Freedom's Jubilee!"
1776 4th of July Post Card
1798 Arrest Warrant from County of Salem
2 East 61st Street Corporation ( Hotel Pierre ) 1932 - New York
20th Century Package - 10 Certificates representing each decade
2Oth Century Fox Films Corporation Prop Money
2Oth Century Fox Studios Prop Money
300 Adams Building, Inc. - Illinois
360networks Inc - Stock did a 180
3Dfx Interactive Inc
3DO Video Game Company - Delisted and Bankrupt
44 Wall Street Fund, Inc.
4th of July Post Card
4th of July Postcard
5 Certificate Starter Set
5000000 Mark German Bond 1923
7 - Eleven, Inc
72 Card Set of Vintage Steam and Diesel Railroad Postcards

Secure Credit Card Processing
A - B Banks, Brokers, Exchanges
A - B Utilities
A - Z Insurance Companies
A Chinatown Gentleman, San Francisco Bay, California
A Glimpse of the State Capitol from the Park - Sacramento, California
A restful spot on the banks of the River - Sacramento, California
A View of the State Capitol Thru the Palms - Sacramento, California
A Wild Buck and Doe, Santa Cruz Mountains Postcard
A-10A Warthog postcard
A-10A Warthog postcard
A. G. Becker & Co.
A. G. Spalding and Bros. Letter 1889 signed by J. Walter Spalding
A. G. Spalding & Bros. Inc. - 1939
A. S. Aloe Company - St. Louis, Missouri - Surveying Equipment Maker
A.B. Chance Company
A.C. Nielsen Company ( Famous Marketing Research Company )
A.G. Edwards, Inc.
A.M. Byers Steel Company 1920's
A7D Corsair II Fighter postcard
Aaminex Gold Corp.
AAR Corp. - Aviation
Abacus Fund, Inc.
Abacus Vignette - Lectro Management Stock
Abbott Company 1900 - Cleveland, Ohio
Abbott Laboratories
Abbott Laboratories
Abercrombie & Fitch Company
Abercrombie & Fitch Company
Abercrombie & Fitch Company - 1914
ABKCO Record Company - Allen Klein as President - Infamous Beatles Business Manager
Abraham Bell & Son Shipping Company Sight Exchange Check 1846
Academy of Music of Baltimore City - 1873 ( Became Peabody Conservatory of Music )
Accenture Ltd. ( Formally Arthur Andersen Consulting )
Accomack Storage Company Stock Certificate
ACF Brill Motors Company - Famous Bus Manufacturer 1955
ACF-Brill Motors Company ( Famous Bus Maker )
Acme Coal Mining Company Stock Certificate
Acme Harvesting Machine Company 1920
Activision ( Famous Video Game Company )
Adams Express Company 1898
Adams Resources & Energy, Inc.
Adanac Gold Syndicate 1951 - Toronto, Canada
Adelphia Communications Corporation - Huge Fraud with John J. Rigas as President
Adirondack Aircraft Corporation 1931 signed by Anthony Brady Farrell - New York
Adirondack Timber and Mineral Company 1900 - New York
Admiral Corporation - Famous Radio and TV Maker
Adolph Coors Company - Coors Brewing Company
Advance Building and Loan Association 1869 - Pennsylvania
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Adventure Consolidated Copper Company 1898 - Michigan
Aeolian Company 1922 - Famous Piano, Organ, and Record Company
AERA 1930 - Early Aviation
Aerial View of Business District - San Jose, California
Aeropostale Bond - 1920's
Aetna Bond Mortgage Co., Inc.
Aetna Life and Casualty (Now Travelers Insurance Group )
African Distilleries Africaines 1928 (Fuels)
Agfa Ansco Corporation - Famous Film and Camera Maker
Agner Auto Company - Burlinton, Wisconsin
Agricultural Society of Baltimore County 1879
Agricutural Insurance Company
Aguas De Barcelona - Barcelona Water Company
Ahlberg Bearing Company - Illinois
Ahold Supermarket Group - Dutch Scandal
Ahumada Lead Company - 1926
Aid Investment & Discount, Inc. ( Became General Acceptance Corporation )
Ainsworth Manufacturing Corporation 1930 - Michigan
Air & Space Underwriters, Inc. 1960's
Air Canada 1988 - Filed for Bankruptcy on April 1, 2003
Air Florida System, Inc.
Air Florida System, Inc. 1980
Air Florida System, Incorporated 1984 - Delaware
Air Products and Chemicals
Air Reduction Company, Inc. (BOC Group)
Air Vermont North Atlantic Airlines, Inc.
Air-Flow Brand Florida Citrus Fruit
Air-Way Electric Appliance Corporation
Airco Incorporated 1929
Aircraft Manufacturing Company, Ltd. (AIRCO) 1920
Airedale Cigar Label - Always a Winner
Airgraphs, Limited 1940 RARE
Ajax Gripper Company 1921
Ajax Oil Company 1919 - Dallas, Texas
Akcija Drustva Za Vazdusni Saobracaj A.D. 1927 - Yugoslavia Aviation - Bi Plane Underprint
Akron & Barberton Belt Railroad Company 1956 Annual Report
Akron Belting Company 1896 - Ohio
Akron Law School, Inc. 1922
Ala Moana Hawaii Properties - Hawaii
Alabama Great Southern Railroad 1906
Alabama-Texas Oil and Transportation Company 1902
Alameda California Postcards
Alameda Gold and Silver Mining Company 1870's
Alamo Home Builders - San Antonio, Texas
Alaska Air Group, Inc
Alaska Cannel Coal Corporation
Alaska Mines Securities Co. 1909
Alaska Pipeline Standard of Ohio / BP 1975 - 1976
Alaska United Gold Mining Company 1895
Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition Postcard
Albany and Susquehanna Railroad Company 1906 - Gold Bond
Alberto - Culver Company
Alberto - Culver Company - Alberto VO 5 Product in Vignette
Albertson's, Inc.
Albertson's, Inc. - Nevada
Alcatraz Company 1899 $1,000 Gold Bond - San Francisco, California
Alco Products Incorporated
Alden Type Setting & Distributing Machine Co. 1865 - New York
Alden Type Setting & Distributing Machine Company 1860's
Alder - Weinberger Steamship Company of New Orleans 1902
Alegrias Land Company
Algonquin Company 1881 - Montana Territory
All American Mohawk Corporation 1929
Alleghany Corporation
Alleghany Mining Company 1888 - Leadville, Colorado
Allegheny Improvement Company 1906 signed by John Scullin
Allegheny Valley Rail Road Company 1850's
Allegheny Valley Rail Road Company 1874
Allegiance Telecom ( )
Allen Group Inc. ( Now Allen Telecom Inc. )
Allenbee Petroleums Limited 1950 - 1951 - Leduc Oilfield
Allentown Hardware Company 1889
Allentown Iron Company 1873
Allentown-Bethlehem Airport Post Card - Pennsylvania 1940's
Alliance Aircraft Corporation 1928 - Alliance, Ohio - Issued to Aubrey Hess
Allied Chemical Corporation
Allied Oil Corporation
Allied Packers, Incorporated 1922 ( Now Sara Lee )
Allied Power & Light Corporation ( Early Commonwealth & Southern Corporation )
Allied Products, Inc. - New York
Allied Telephone Utilities Company 1932
Allied Van Lines
Allied Van Lines, Inc.
Alligator Company
Allis - Chalmers Company 1901
Allis - Chalmers Manufacturing Company
Allis - Chalmers Manufacturing Company
Ally Brand Fancy Red Cutlets Salmon Label
Alma Lincoln Mining Company - Colorado
Aloha Hawaii Photogram Postcard WWII - Don't Forget Pearl Harbor with Early surfers in picture
Alpha Portland Cement Company
Alska Yukon Pacific Exposition 1909 Post Card
Alteon Web Systems - Web Speed for e-business
Altoona and Beech Creek Terminal Railroad Company 1901 - Gold Bond
Alturas - Senate Mining Co. 1887 - New York
Aluminum Company of Canada (Alcan)
Aluminum Goods Manufacturing Company
Aluminum Goods Manufacturing Company ( Early Mirro Aluminum Company )
Amalgamated Association of Street and Electric Railway Employees of America 1918 - Seattle
Amalgamated Cinematograph Theatres 1910
Amalgamated Leather Companies, Inc. 1936
Amalgamated Motors Corporation 1924
Amalgamated Royalty Oil Corporation 1920
Amazon Gold Company 1905 - Silver City, New Mexico
Amazon Woven Cordage Company 1890 - Dot Com Bookstore - Old Logo on Certificate
Amerada Corporation 1920's ( Early Amerada Hess Corporation)
Amerada Hess Corporation
America Online - AOL Latin America
America Online, Incorporated AOL ( Pre Time Warner Merger )
American & Foreign Power Company Inc.
American & Foreign Power Gold Debenture - Due 2030
American - Canadian Gold Mining Company 1898 - Wisconsin
American Airlines 1970's
American Airlines Bond 1980's
American Airlines, Inc. - C. R. Smith
American Alkali Company 1900
American Amicable Life Insurance Company (ALICO)
American Anti Incrustation Company 1866 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
American Austin Car Company Temporary Certificate 1929
American Austin Car Company, Inc. 1930
American Bag Loaning Company 1884
American Bank Note Company 1963
American Bank Note Company Proof Sheet
American Bank Note Holographics, Inc
American Bank Note Holographics, Inc. - Holograph SPECIMEN
American Bank Note Holographics, Inc. - Holograph SPECIMEN
American Banknote Company
American Banknote Corporation - Holograph SPECIMEN
American Beef Packers Inc. ( farmers got a raw deal )
American Beet Sugar Company ( Now American Crystal Sugar Company )
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions 1884
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Morning Star 1866
American Bosch Magneto Corporation
American Brands (Fortune Brands) Stock Certificate - Indian Vignette
American British Canadian Motors Limited Proof
American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. ( ABC in now owned by Disney )
American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. 1973
American Bureau of Shipping Certificate for Classification for Hull
American Button Hole Overseaming and Sewing Machine Company 1895
American Cable and Radio Corporation
American Can Company
American Can Company
American Can Company 13 1/4 % Bond
American Can Company Bond Certificate
American Caramel Company 1900 - Company funded Milton Hershey's Chocolate Business
American Chicle Company ( Famous Gum Company )
American Chrome Company
American Cities Company
American Cities Power and Light Corporation 1929
American Cities Power and Light Corporation 1930's
American Citizen Cigar Label
American Coal Company of Allegany County 1869
American Coal Corporation 1915
American Cold Storage and Refrigerating Company 1889
American Collectors Company 1898 ( Scott Stamp Company ) - New Jersey 1898
American Commercial Alcohol Corporation (American Distilling Company)
American Commercial Alcohol Corporation - 1933
American Commercial Alcohol Corporation 1928
American Commonwealths Power Corp Stock 1930
American Consolidated Mines Company
American Cotton Chopper 1913
American Cotton Company 1902
American Credit Card Telephone Company 1987
American Credit Corporation 1976
American Cuptor Corporation
American Defense Society 1918
American DeForest Wireless Telegraph Company 1906
American DeForest Wireless Telegraph Company 1907
American District Telegraph Company ( Now ADT Security Services )
American Dredging Company 1890-1901
American Dual Vest WPG (WEISS, PECK & GREER) Mutual Fund Stock
American Ecology Corporation
American Economic Gas Company 1866
American Electric and Illuminating Company - Boston 1885
American Electric and Manufacturing Company 1890 - Washington DC
American Electric Heating Corporation 1898
American Electric Light Company - 1899
American Electric Manufacturing Company 1886 - Statue of Liberty Light Designer and Builder
American Electric Storage Battery Company 1921
American Encaustic Tiling Company
American Exchange Bank Check 1863 - New York
American Exchange Bank Check 1863 issued to and signed by William Astor
American Exchange Bank Check signed by Edwards Pierrepont 1864
American Exchange Irving Trust 1920's
American Export Industries, Inc.
American Express Company
American Express Company
American Express Company Receipt -1856
American Express Company signed by Henry Wells and William Fargo 1865
American Express Company Stock Signed by William Fargo - 1870's
American Express Credit Corporation
American Express Credit Corporation
American Fast Foods, Inc.
American Federation of Labor - 1902
American Fire Detector Co. 1867 - New York
American Flying Fortress (Boeing) WW ll
American Founders Corporation
American Gasohol Refiners, Inc. (High Plains Corporation )
American Gasoline Corporation 1919
American General Insurance Company
American General Insurance Company - Multi Color George Washington Vignette
American Gold Depository Corporation
American Greetings Corporation - Ohio
American Gyro Company 1932 - Shelton Flying Wing
American Hat Weaving Company 1867 - Milford, Connecticut
American Hide and Leather Company ( Early Radio Shack Company )
American Home Products Corporation
American Investment Company of Illinois
American Israeli Paper Mills Limited
American Kerosene Manifold Company 1918
American Knitting Machine Company 1898 - Gold Debenture
American Land & Trust Company 1887 - San Francisco
American League Ball Club of Chicago White Sox circa 1941
American Linen Company 1922 - Fall River, Massachusettes
American Linseed Company ( Early Best Foods Company )
American Locker Company
American Maize-Products Company
American Marine College and Steam Yacht Co. 1866
American Mechanical Cashier Company 1902
American Medical International, Inc. (AMI )
American Merchants Union Express Company circa 1868 - 1869 signed by William Fargo
American Merchants Union Express Company Receipt 1869-1873
American Merchants Union Express Company Receipt 1872
American Meter Company - 1950's
American Mining Company Stock 1850
American Monorail Company 1905
American Mortgage Company 1923 - Ohio
American Motor Wheel Company 1917
American Music Corporation ( Deca-Disc Coin Phonograph ) 1924 signed by Paul D. Bodwell
American Natural Gas Corporation 1929
American News Company
American News Company
American News Company Stock Certificate - Early Paperboy Vignette
American Novelty Company, Inc. 1920
American Ointment Company 1930's
American Optical Company
American Optical Company
American Petrofina, Incorporated ( FINA )
American Philatelic Society Stock Certificate 1924
American Photocopy Equipment Company ( Comforce Corporation)
American Piano Company
American Piano Company
American Pneumatic Service 1906 - Early Pmail System
American Pneumatic Service 1930's
American Program Bureau, Inc. - Speaker's Bureau 1987
American Public Service Company
American Pulley Company
American Racing Pigeon Union 1943
American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Company ( Now American Standard )
American Radium Association 1916
American Railway Company 1900
American Railway Mail Device Co. 1912
American Railway Mail Device Co. 1912
American Re - Insurance Company
American Re-Insurance Company
American Royalty Company 1929 - California
American Salvage Company 1920 - Organized just after Lusitania Sinking
American Savings Bank Company 1902
American Sectional Electric Underground Company 1883
American Seeding Machine Company
American Skiing Company
American Slicing Machine Company
American Standard Inc.
American States Public Service Company 1931
American Sterilizer Company
American Submarine Company 1860's
American Submarine Company 1871
American Sugar Company Stock ( Original Dow Average Company )
American Sumatra Tobacco Stock 1922
American Superpower Corporation
American Telecommunications Corporation 1967 - California
American Telegraph and Telephone Company AT&T 1940's - 1950s
American Telegraphone Company 1907
American Telegraphone Company 1917
American Telephone & Telegraph Company ( AT&T ) - 1930's
American Telephone and Telegraph - Alexander Graham Bell
American Telephone and Telegraph Company
American Telephone and Telegraph Company 1907
American Telephone and Telegraph Company 1916 - Gold Bond
American Telephone and Telegraph Company 1918 - Convertible Gold Bond
American Telephone and Telegraph Company 1919 - Gold Note
American Telephone and Telegraph Company 1919 - Gold Note
American Telephone and Telegraph Company 1970
American Textile Soap Company 1920 - Massachusettes
American Thermos Bottle Company 1907
American Thermos Products Company
American Thread Company 1940's
American Tobacco Company Indian Chief Vignette 1960's
American Tube & Pipe Bending Company 1925 - Cleveland, Ohio
American Voting Machine Company 1913
American Voting Machine Company 1914
American Voting Machine Company 1924
American Water Works and Electric Company, Incorporated
American Water Works Company 1888
American Woolen Company
American, British & Continental Corporation
AMF (Bowling) Company - Pre Bankruptcy
Amherst Steam Mill Company 1848 - New Hampshire
Amiesite Corporation 1930
Ampco Metal, Inc. - Milwaukee, Wisconcin
AmSouth Bancorporation
Amsterdam Electric, Light, Heat and Power Company 1890s - New York
Amuranium Corporation 1950's
Anaconda Copper Mining Company 1907 - Montana
Anaconda Copper Mining Company 1940's - 1950's - Plant Vignette
Anaconda Mining Company Stock
Anacostia Bank 1944
Anchor Cap Corporation ( Now Anchor Hocking Glass )
Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation
Anchorage Homes, Inc. 1945
Anderson Engine and Foundry Company 1925
Anderson Engine and Foundry Company 1925 - Indiana
Andes Petroleum Corporation 1920's
Andover Electric Telephone Co. 1907 - Ohio
Andresen Corporation
Andrew Mellon Autograph on a card
Andrew Mellon signed Letter - 1921
Andrograph Manufacturing Company 1919
Andrograph Sales Agency, Limited
Angelica Corporation ( Healthcare uniforms ) - Missouri
Angelica Corporation ( Uniform Maker )
Anglo & London Paris National Bank 1920's - California
Anglo - American Inventions Syndicate 1917
Anglo - California Trust Company 1911
Anglo - Palestine Bank 1940's
Anglo American Farming Company 1884
Anglo California National Bank of San Francisco
Anglo-Californian Gold Mining Company 1853
Anheuser - Busch Companies, Inc.
Anheuser - Busch Companies, Inc.
Animated Photograph Company, Ltd. 1906
Ann Arbor Company 1910
Anniston Compress and Warehouse Co. 1897 - Cotton Bale Compression Machine - Alabama
Anthracite Beer Company Stock Certificate
Anthracite Wagon Company 1897
Anthracite Wagon Company 1900 - Pennsylvania
Anti - Dazzle Screens Canada 1929
Antifriction Car Truck Company 1883
Antifriction Composition Company 1860's
Antigua Gold Copper Mining Company 1907 - Rare New Orleans Mining Stock
Antox (Antioxidant) Company Stock Certificate
AOL Time Warner ( Gerald Levin as CEO and Steve Case as Chairman )
APECO Corporation ( American Photocopy Equipment Company )
Appalachian Electric Power Company 1940's - 1970's
Apple Computer, Inc - Old Certificate Style
Appleton Brand Apples
Appleton Brand Apples Crate Label
Applied Technical Services
Appointment of Horatio W. Seymour as Delegate 1899 - Signed by Governor John R. Tanner
Arbitron Inc.
Arcade Natural Gas Company, Inc.
Arch Construction Company, Inc. 1929 - New Orleans
Arctic Mining & Development Co. 1899
Arcturus Radio Tube Company 1940
Arden Farms Co. 1940 - ( Gelson's Markets )
Arenas Emperors Label
Argentina Fundamental Credit Bond 1920
Argentine Water and Light Company 1896 - Maine
Argonaut Group, Inc.
Argonaut Salvage Corporation 1920 signed by Simon Lake
Argus Cameras, Inc. - Michigan
Argus Mines Company 1914 - Stamped PROMOTIONAL STOCK - Taylor, Nevada
Argyle News Company 1898
Arizona Belmont Mining Company 1913 - Pima. Silver Bell. Arizona
Arizona Copper and Mining Company - 1917-1918
Arizona Water Company 1899 - $1,000 Gold Bond
Arkansas and Arizona Copper Company
Arkansas and Arizona Copper Company 1916
Arkansas Natural Gas Corporation
Arkansas Natural Gas Corporation ( Early Arkansas Louisiana Natural Gas Company )
Arkansas Valley Elevator Company 1878
Armco Steel Corporation (AK Steel)
Armour and Company ( Famous Food Company )
Armour and Company 1938
Armour-Dial, Inc.
Armstrong Rubber Company 1945 - Old Car Vignette
Armstrong Tire Company - (Famous Grip the Road Ad Company) - Now Pirelli Tires
Army Post Development Company 1918 - Little Rock, Arkansas
Arnold Hardware Company
Arnold, Constable & Company, Incorporated - New York Department Store
Arriba Gold Fields, Ltd. Colorado 1929
Arrow Aircraft Corporation 1937
Arroyo Seco Gold Dredging Company 1938 - Los Angeles, California
Art Explosion, Inc.
Art Metal Construction Company - Massachusettes
Art Students Inn - New York
Art's Special Cigars
Artex Hobby Products Inc
Arthur J. Straus Participations, Inc.
Arthur J. Straus Participations, Inc. Milwaukee - Best Western Inn Towne Vignette
Artificial Rubber Company 1892 - New Jersey
Asbury Park and Ocean Grove Bank New Jersey 1915
Ashland Oil Incorporated 1977
Ask Jeeves Inc - Famous Search Engine Company
Associated Dry Goods Corporation
Associated Gas and Electric Company
Associated Gas and Electric Company 1930's (GPU Energy) - Terrific Vignette
Associated Holding Corporation 1924 - St. Louis, Missouri
Associated Laundries of America with Vignette 1930
Associated Laundries, Inc. 1925 - Syracuse, New York
Associated Motor Terminals Company 1929 - Missouri
Associated Pharmacists Inc. 1921
Associated Rhodesian Gold Estates 1899
Associated Security Investors, Inc.
Associated Telephone Company 1940's (Early General Telephone of California)
Associates Corporation of North America - Financial Services
Associates Investment Company
Associates Investment Company (The Associates) - Citigroup
Association of Franklin Medal Scholars 1857 - Signed by Hon. Edward Everett
Association Phonique des Grands Artistes (APGA) 1906
Assonet Oil Storage Company - Massachusettes
Astoria Homestead Company 1893 Gold Bond - Long Island, New York
AT&T Corporation - LAST CERTIFICATE ISSUED - Company is no longer issuing Stock Certificates
AT&T Wireless Services, Inc. - Formally McCaw Cellular
Atari Corporation - Famous pioneer video game (Pong) Company
Atari Corporation - Framed
Atari Corporation Non Public Stock to Jack Tramiel 100,000 Shares - RARE
Atchison & Pike's Peak Railroad Company - Central Branch Union Pacific 1860's
Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company 1895 - $10,000 100 Year Gold Bond
Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company 1895 - Gold Bond
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Company 1889
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad Company 1889 - $10,000 Gold Bond
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad Company 1889 - $5,000 Gold Bond
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company 1895
Ateliers Atlas - Automobile - Aviation - Industrie - Motoculture 1917
Atlanta and Charlotte Air Line Railway Company 1940 - 1942
Atlanta Braves Check 1969
Atlanta Mines Company 1916 - Turtle Vignettes - Arizona
Atlanta Mining Company of San Francisco 1879
Atlanta Motor Lodges, Inc.
Atlanta Testing and Mining Company 1877
Atlantic and Great Western Railroad Company 1875
Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company 1880
Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company 1887
Atlantic City Electric Company - New Jersey
Atlantic Coast Fisheries Company 1929
Atlantic Coast Line Railroad 1922
Atlantic Coast Lumber Corporation - South Carolina 1905
Atlantic Ice Manufacturing Company 1928
Atlantic Lobos Oil Company 1921
Atlantic Oil Corporation
Atlantic Oil Investment Corporation ( Atlantic Oil Corporation )
Atlantic Refining Company ( Atlantic Richfield Company ARCO ) 1966
Atlantic Refining Company - Old Logo in Vignette
Atlantic Richfield Oil Corporation - ARCO
Atlantic Terra Cotta Company 1912
Atlantic, Mississipi, and Ohio Rail Road Company signed CSA General William Mahone 1874
Atlantic, Mississippi and Ohio Railroad Company 1870 - Signed by Confederate General Malone
Atlantic, Quebec and Western Railway Company 1909
Atlantic, Quebec, and Western Railway Company 1910
Atlas - Globe China Company 1927 - Niles, Ohio signed by A O C Ahrendts
Atlas Powder Company 1921 - Convertible Gold Bond RARE
Atlas Productions - Note 195_
Au Sable Holding Company 1929 - Au Sable Club - Michigan
Auburn Park Hospital Buildings - Chicago, Illinois 1928 - Gold Bond
Auburn Wagon Company 1905
Auction Credit Card Orders entered here
Auction Credit Card Orders Secured Server
Auction Credit Card Payments
Audio-Cinema, Incorporated 1930
Audit Company of New York 1890's - Early Accounting Firm
Audubon Society 1887
Aurora Extension Gold Company 1903
Austin, Nichols & Co., Incorporated - Wild Turkey whiskey maker
Austral Oil Company Incorporated
Australasian Pacific Mail Steam Packet Company 1852
Austrian Bond 1906
Authentic Hollywood Prop Movie Money 10 Piece Package
Authentic Movie Money
Authentic Movie Prop Paper Money - 25 Pieces
Autobus Bond Old Bus Vignette 1924 Incorporated
Automated Microsystems, Inc. (AMS) 1980's
Automatic Electric Torch & Signal Company 1910 - Arizona
Automatic Envelope Sealing and Stamping Machine Company 1910 - Rhode Island
Automatic Photograph Machine Company 1896
Automatic Products Corporation
Automatic Register Company 1914 - 1915
Automatic Shoe Polishing Company 1920 - Delaware
Automatic Tire Machine Corporation 1920
Automatic Washer Company
Automobile Advertising Company - Turn of Century Automobile Ad Company
Automobiles / Aviation/ Farm Equipment
Automobiles / Farm /Coaches A-C
Automobiles / Farm /Coaches D- J
Automobiles / Farm /Coaches K- Z
Automobilia Company of America 1909 - New Jersey
Automotive Management Associates, Inc. signed by John DeLorean - Issued to CRISTINA
Automotive Supply Company - 1940's
Autopress Company 1910
AV Electronics, Inc.
Avco Delta Corporation
AVCO Manufacturing Corporation
Avery Dennison Corporation
Aviation and Space Companies A - Z
Aviation Annual Reports
Aviation Corporation 1940's - Early Textron Company
Aviation Corporation 1941 ( Early Textron Company)
Aviation Corporation of America 1929 - 1930 (Early Pan American Airlines)
Aviation Postcards
Avis Rent a Car Certificate
Avnet, Inc.
B.F. Goodrich Company
B.F. Goodrich Company 1934
B.F. Goodrich Tire Company Bond Certificate
Babcock and Wilcox Corp Stock - 3 Mile Island Reactor Company
Backstay Welt Company 1948 - Indiana
Bagdad Copper Corporation 1930
Baird-Gatzmer Corporation
Baker Corporation - Texas
Baker International Corporation 1970's
Baker Oil Tools 1970s (Baker Hughes)
Baldwin Locomotive Works
Baldwin Locomotive Works 1916
Baldwin Piano Company
Baldwin Securities Corporation - 1966
Ball Corporation
Ball Room Fairmont Hotel - San Francisco, California
Ball-Band Sport Shoes - Old High Top Tennis Shoes 1920's
Ballantine Gardens, Inc. - New York World's Fair 1939
Bally Manufacturing Corporation ( Early Park Place Entertainment Company)
Baltic - America Line Money Order Receipt
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company 1849
Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road Company 1849
Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road Company 1930 - Subscription Warrant
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company - 1920's
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company 1880'S
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company 1894
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company 1899
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company Stock 1920's and Picture Postcard
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company Tom Thumb Train Vignette
Baltimore Belt Railroad 1890 - $1,000 Gold Bond
Baltimore City Refrigerating and Heating Company 1902 Gold Bond
Baltimore Consolidated Railway Company 1897 Cable Car Vignette
Baltimore Consolidated Railway Company 1899 - Electric Train
Baltimore Grain Clearing House - Gold Bond 1909 - Maryland
Baltimore Orchard Company 1911 - Maryland
Baltimore Orioles Baseball Club, Inc.
Baltimore Orioles Baseball Club, Inc. 1955 - Missouri
Baltimore Orioles, Inc. - Maryland
Baltimore Trust Company 1931 - $50,000 Certificate of Payment
Baltimore Trust Company 1933
Bambergers Limited
Bancaria de Fomento y Bienes Raices (Bank of Good Roots) 1910 - Mexico
Banco Central Mexicano 1908
Banco Hipotecario de Credito Territorial Mexicano, S.A. 1908
Bangor Packing Corporation
Bangor Punta Corporation
Bank of America - California
Bank of America 1888
Bank of America 1929
Bank of Bengal - 1903 - 1915
Bank of California Check - Civil War Reconstruction Era
Bank of California Check 1875 signed by James Fair ( Comstock Bonanza King )
Bank of Charleston National Banking Association 1890's
Bank of Chemung - Elmira, New York 1978
Bank of New York - Irving Bank and Trust Company 1930's
Bank of New York - Irving Bank and Trust Company 1930's - 1940's - Orange
Bank of Newark Check 1853
Bank of the Commonwealth 1860 - Virginia - Pre Civil War
Bank of United States/Bankus Corporation 1929
Bank of Viola, Arkansas 1928
Bank of West Hollywood 1928 - 1930
Bank of Zambia Fifty Kwacha - 50 Pieces - Great Party Favor
BankAmerica Corporation 1974
Banker's Joint Stock Land Bank Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1923
Bankers Trust Company of Philadelphia 1927 - 1930
Banking House of Mackoy & Quinby 1857 - Chicago, Illinois
Bankinstocks Holding Company 1927
Bankrupt French Panama Canal Liquidation Bond dated 1889 - 19th Century Scandal
Bankrupt French Panama Canal Stock dated 1880 - French fiasco
Banks & Engleman 1920's
Banks, Brokers, Exchanges & Insurance
Banque Commercialle & Viticole - 1922 (Commercial Bank and Vineyard)
Banque de L'Union Industrielle Francaise 1928
Banque Industrielle de Chine - China Industrial Bank 1913 with Nice Watermark
Bard Mining and Milling Company 1920's - Washington State
Bare Market Print - Exclusive - Signed by Artist
Barker Bros. Corporation 1928 - Famous Department Store Inc.
Barnett Banks of Florida, Inc.
Barnett Banks of Florida, Inc.
Barnum & Bailey Limited 1902 RARE
Barrel Cleansing Machine Company 1894
Barton Instrument Corporation - Rocket Vignette - 1960's
Baruch-Foster Corporation Stock Certificate 1960's
Basin Montana Tunnel Company (Comet)1934-1937
Basin Montana Tunnel Company 1934 - Comet
Bath Country Club 1931
Baton Rouge Electric Company ( Now Entergy )
Bausch & Lomb Optical Company
Bausch & Lomb Optical Company 1927
Baxter Travenol Laboratories, Inc. (Now Baxter International)
Bay City Gold Mines Inc. - Colorado
Bay Ridge Company 1886 - Annapolis, Maryland
Bay State Gas Company Stock 1911
Bayouboys Limited 1973 - New York signed by Truman Capote as President
Be Inc. - ( Was Not To Be ) - Became a Dot Com Casualty
Beach Boys Signed Letter 1967
Beach Drive, Santa Cruz, California Postcard
Beate Uhse - best known erotic business in Germany
Beatrice Foods Bond Reddi-Wip Whipped Cream
Beatrice Foods Co.
Beatrice Foods Company
Beatrice Iron Works 1908 - Beatrice, Nebraska
Beaver Board Companies (Certain Teed Products)
Beaver Creek Distillery, Inc Stock Certificate
Beaver Oils Limited 1915
Beaver Oils, Limited 1915
Beck Industries Stock Certificate 1969 -1970 (Judy's clothing stores and W. J. Sloan)
Beck's Beer Certificate
Beckman Instruments, Inc.
Bedford and Stoystown Turnpike Road Company 1854 - Pennsylvania
Bedford Electric Company 1890 - Virginia
Bedrock Bucket Gold Mining Company 1907 - Arizona
Beech - Nut Life Savers, Inc.
Beech Creek Railroad Company
Beech Creek Railroad Company 1886
Beehive International
Bekins Company ( Moving and Storage ) - California
Belcher Extension Divide Mining Company - Tonopah, Nevada
Belden Corporation
Belding Heminway Company, Inc. - Cat Vignette - (Carlyle Industries)
Bell & Howell Company
Bell Aircraft Corporation - P-39 Aircobra's in Vignette - Lawrence Bell as president 1949
Bell Aircraft Corporation - IPO Certificate
Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1941
Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1942 - Squardron of Aircobras on Cover
Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1943 - First American Jet on Cover
Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1945
Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1948 - Bell X-1 Supersonic Aircraft on Cover
Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1950 - Cover shows Bell H-13D Helicopter in Korea
Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1953
Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1956
Bell and Howell Company
Bell Atlantic Corporation
Bell Canada
Bell Industries, Inc.
Bell South Corporation
Bellaire Realty Mortgage Company
Bellaire Realty Mortgage Company
Belle Mining Company 1923-1925
Bellinger Transportation Inc. 1940's
Belmont County Road Bond 1867 - Belmont, Ohio
Belt Rail Road & Stock Yard Co. 1936 - Indiana
Belvidere Electric and Gas Lighting Company 1887 - New Jersey
Ben Hur Mining Company of Montana - 1906
Bendix Aviation Corporation
Bendix Corporation
Bendix Corporation
Bendix Helicopter, Inc. 1945
Bendix Helicopter, Inc. 1946
Benihana National Corporation 1987 (Japanese Restaurant)
Benson - Fuller Mining Co. 1903 - Wyoming
Benson and Hedges
Benson of Chicago, Inc.
Benson Sporting Goods Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Bent's Brewery Company, Ltd. 1891
Berkeley, California Postcards
Bernie Heiman Motor Corporation 1940's - New York
Berrigan Separator Company 1890's
Berrigan Separator Company 1891
Best & Co. Inc. ( Beco Industries ) - New York
BET Holdings, Inc. ( Black Entertainment Television )
Bethlehem Motors Corporation 1920
Bethlehem Steel Corporation ( Cannon Vignette )
Bethlehem Steel Corporation - In Bankruptcy
Bethlehem Steel Office Building Postcard - Bethlehem, Pa. 1940's
Beverages Incorporated 1932
Beverly-Senz Corporation 1929
BIC Pen Corporation
Biddeford and Saco Country Club 1921 - Maine
Big Basin Redwood State Park California Postcard
Big Basin, California Postcard
Big Basin, California Postcard
Big Basin, California Postcard
Big Basin, California Postcard
Big Bear Markets - Bear Vignette
Big Chief Brand Crate Label
Big Indian Oil and Gas Company 1919 - Wyoming
Big Pete Canadian Mines 1910 - Ontario Canada
Big Three Industries, Inc.
Big Trees California Postcard
Big Trees Park, Santa Cruz County, Calif. Postcard
Bigelow - Sanford Carpet Co., Inc. 1914 - Massachusettes
Billheads and Other
Bindery, National Cash Register Works, Dayton, Ohio Post Card 1910
Bingham Central Railway Company Utah 1909
Bingham-Tintic Mines Company - Utah, Inc.
Birdfinder Corp. ( Non Invasive Monitoring Systems, Inc )
Birmingham Motor and Country Club 1913
Biscayne Bond and Securities Corporation 1925 - Florida
Biscayne Publishing Company - Daily Tribune - 1924 - Miami, Florida
Bitter Secrestat -BORDEAUX 1918
Black and Decker Manufacturing Company
Black and Decker Manufacturing Company 1930
Black Angus Franchise System, Inc 1969 - Cowboy Vignette
Black Butte Extension Mining Company - Tonopah, Nevada
Black Hawk Consolidated Mining Company 1907
Black Hills Utilities Company
Black Joe Juice Grapes - Lodi, California
Black Mountain Mining Company - Territory of Arizona 1905
Black Mountain Mining Company 1907 - Territory of Arizona
Black Rock Goldfield Mining and Milling Company 1907 - Territory of Arizona - Goldfield, Nevada
Blackburn "SKUS" Fighter Dive Bomber WW ll
Blacklick & Conemaugh Petroleum & Mining Company 1860's
Bleriot Monoplane Litho postcard
Blickensderfer Typewriter Manufacturing Company 1917
Bliss & Laughlin Industries Incorporated ( BRW Steel )
Bloch Brothers Tobacco Company - West Virginia
Blockbuster Inc. - Specimen Stock Certificate
Blooming Grove Bell Telephone Company 1915
Bloomingdale Bros. Inc.
Bloomington Coliseum Association 1898 - Illinois
Bloomsburg Silk Mill 1890
Bloomsburg Silk Mill 1893
Blossoms and California Poppies, Santa Clara Valley Postcard
Blue - Bird Transportation Company 1928 - Wichita, Kansas
Blue Bird Consolidated Mines - 1905 Sumpter, Oregon
Blue Heron Crate Label
Blue Hills Ranch Company - Texas
Blue Ribbon International Inc.
Blue Ridge Corporation 1930 - Early Goldman Sachs Fund
Blue Ridge Corporation Stock - Lion vignette
Blue Ridge Hotel Company 1892 - Maryland
Blue Ridge Mica Company 1929
Bluff Creek Oil & Gas Company of Oklahoma - 1914
BMW Car Company - Germany 1942
Board of Commissioners for the Fifth Louisiana Levee District 1913
Board of Education City of Chicago signed by Mayor Edward J. Kelly 1935
Board of Education of the City of Chicago - Tax Anticipation Warrant 1956
Bob White Brand York County Peaches
Boden Credit Anstalt Austria 1912
Bodie and Benton Railway and Commercial Company 1886 signed by Henry Marvin Yerington as President
Boeing Airplane Company 1940
Boeing Airplane Company 1958
Boeing Company
Bohemia Inc. Lumber Company - Oregon ( Now Willamette Industries, Inc. )
Boise Cascade Corporation
Bolivian Petroleum Company 1927
Bonanza Air Lines, Inc. RARE - Las Vegas, Nevada
Bonanza Gold Mines - Utah
Bonaparte Gold & Silver Mining Co. 1880 - Cincinnati, Ohio
Bonbright & Co., Incorporated ( Investment Bankers )
Bond Stores Stock Certificate
Bond used in Beverly Hills Cop Movie 1984
Borden Milk Company - New Jersey ( Elsie the Cow was the mascot )
Borel Aircraft Company - 1918
Borg Warner Corporation Stock Certificate
Boss Manufacturing Company - Illinois
Boston & Worcester Rail Road Corporation 1867
Boston and Albany Rail Road Company 1927
Boston and Albany Railroad Company
Boston and Albany Railroad Company 50 Year Bond - 1928
Boston and Albany Railroad Company Terminal Bond
Boston and Maine Railroad Company
Boston and Providence Railroad 1850's - 1860's
Boston and Tintic Mining 1901 - Silver City, Juab County, Utah
Boston Beer Company, Inc. ( Samuel Adams )
Boston Celtics - Player and Celtic Logo Vignette
Boston Celtics Limited Partnership
Boston Celtics Limited Partnership 1987
Boston Celtics NBA Basketball Team
Boston Chamber of Commerce 1929
Boston Digital Corporation
Boston Edison Company Stock Certificate
Boston Electric Light and Power circa 1894
Boston Elevated Railway Company 1910
Boston Globe Newspaper Invoice 1914
Boston Golf Club Company, Limited
Boston Insurance Company
Boston Marine Insurance Company 1890's
Boston Marine Society 1929
Boston National Bank 1874
Boston Rotisserie Chicken
Boston Water Meter Company 1881 - Massachusettes
Boston Water Power Company 1863
Boston Water Scrip 1847 signed by Josiah Quincy Jr. as Mayor
Boston, Clinton and Fitchburg Railroad Company 1867
Boston, Hartford & Erie Railroad Company 1866 - Imprinted Tax Stamps
Botany Industries, Inc. ( Botany 500 Clothing )
Boulder Acceptance Corporation 1950's - Colorado
Boundary Red Mountain Mining Company 1923 - Washington State
Bow River Oil Company 1917 - Colorado
Bowery National Bank 1876 - 1877 - New York
Bowline Corporation - New York
Bowman - Biltmore Hotels Corporation 1936
Bowman-Biltmore Hotels Corporation - New York 1940's
Bowne & Co., Inc. ( IPO Document Printer )
Boyd Gaming Corporation
Boyds Collection, Ltd.
Boynton Bicycle Electric Railway Companies 1907 - Boston - SCARCE
Bradway & Guise, Inc. - Old Radio Station Vignette, Inc.
Brandywine Raceway Association, Inc. ( NASCAR Dover Downs )
Brandywine Sports, Inc 1970's - Dover Downs - Old Harness Racing Vignette
Brantford Carriage Company of Brantford, Ont. 1890
Braun Baking Company - Pennsylvania
Brazil Railway Company 1911
Bre-X Minerals Ltd. - Huge Canadian Gold Mining Fraud
Bread Basket International Corp.
Breakfast Belle Brand of Citrus
Breakfast Club via Amateur Radio 1962
Brewery & Distillery Equipment Corporation 1911
Bridge Headquarters, Inc.
Bridgeport Gas Company
Bridgeport Gas Light 1910 - 1916 (Early Southern Connecticut Energy Company )
Bridging San Francisco's Golden Gate, California
Bridging San Francisco's Golden Gate, San Francisco, California
Briggs & Stratton Corporation
Briggs & Stratton Corporation
Brightpoint, Inc
Brillo Manufacturing Company signed by Creator of Brillo Pad
Bristol Belt Line Railway 1890's - Bristol, Virginia
Bristol Belt Line Railway 1890's - Virginia
British Airship R38 Engine Photo Postcard
British Airways
British Automatic Company 1930
British Blimp at Royal Airship Works in Cardington
British Canadian Lumber Corporation 1911 signed by Robert Mackay as President
British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority 1967
British Guiana Exploration Company 1909 - Arizona Territory
British Honduras Company, Limited 1864 (Belize Estate and Produce Company )
British Lion Film Corporation 1946
British Motor Trading Corporation 1919
British National Opera Company 1921
British North American Trading & Exploration Co. 1898 - New York
British Oil Lighting and Heating Limited 1929
British Petroleum Company ( BP )
Broad Inc. (Sun America Life Insurance ) 1992 - Dot Com High Flyer
Broadcast Industries Corporation
Broadcom, Inc
Broadway Bank New York Treasury Check 1863 signed by Draft Riot Mayor
Broadway Joe Namath - New York Jets
Broadway Joe's ( Joe Namath 1969 - New York Jets Super Bowl Hero
Broadway National Bank of Boston 1893
Broadwing Inc. ( formerly Cincinnati Bell ) - Name changed back to Cincinnati Bell on May 27, 2003
Brokerage / Investment Banker Stock - Pan Am - You Choose Banker
Bromo - Lithia Chemical Company 1906
Bromo Selzer Drug Company - Famous Building vignette next to Camden Yards
Bronx County Historical Society
Brookline Oil and Mineral Company 1908 - Terrotory of Arizona
Brooklyn and Brighton Beach Railroad Company 1895
Brooklyn and Queens Transit Corporation 1937 - 1940
Brooklyn Daily Eagle - Famous New York Newspaper
Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company 1914
Brooklyn Union Gas Company (KEYSPAN Energy Corporation)
Brothers Chemical Company
Brown Shoe Company, Inc. ( Famous Buster Brown Shoe Maker )
Browning-Ferris Industries Stock - BFI Waste Disposal Company
Brunswick Corporation
Brunswick Corporation
Brunswick Gold Mining Company 1888-1889
Brush Electric Light & Power Company - Montana Territory 1880's - Early General Electric Company
Brush Electric Light & Power Company 1882 - RARE Issued Certificate - Early G.E. Company
Buckeye Steel Castings Company 1929 - Company closes down October 2002
Buckeye Steel Castings Company 1930's - Bush Family Company
Buckeye Tunnel and Mining Company 1902 - Colorado
Bucurest Romanian Bond 1921
Buda Company ( Famous engine company )
Budapest, Hungary Lottery Bond 1888
Budget Group, Inc. - No longer public and was acquired by Cendent
Buena Gold Mining Co of Colorado 1880
Buffalo and Susquehanna Railway Company 1903 signed by Frank Goodyear
Buffalo Brand Apples Label - Watsonville, California
Buffalo General Electric Company
Buffalo Hump Mining Company 1899 - New York
Buffalo Leather Co. Cert #1 1904 signed by John D. Larken ( Larken Soap) - Buffalo, New York
Buffalo Marine Construction Corporation
Buffalo, Cleveland & Chicago Railway Company 1880 ( Early Nickel Plate )
Buffalo, Niagara and Eastern Power Company 1926
Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway Company
Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway Company 1892 - 1906
Buffalo-Montana Company 1908
Bugaboo Creek Steak House, Inc.
Building of Sixteenth Regiment Association 1888
Bulawayo & General Exploration Company 1904
Bulgaria State Bond 1941
Bulgaria ZORA - Razgrad, Society for Trade and Industry Stock 1921
Bull & Bear Group, Inc 1985
Bull Dog Motor Truck Company
Bull Frog Chief Mining Company 1906 - Territory of Arizona -Signed by Tasker Oddie
Bull Run Corporation - Bull Underprint
Bulletin of latest news, Chinatown - San Francisco, California
Bullfrog Alliance Gold Mining Company 1910 - Bullfrog Mining District, Nevada
Bullfrog Gold Bar Mining Company 1906
Bullfrog Golden Sceptre Mining Company 1906 - Goldfield, Nevada
Bullfrog Syndicate Mining Company 1909 - Bullfrog Mining District, Nevada
Bulova Watch Company - Wonderful Vignette
Bunker Hill Oil Producing Company 1920
Bunker Ramo Corporation
Burgess Battery Company signed by C. F. Burgess 1920 - RARE
Burial Casket Company 1917 - Boyertown
Burke's Sanatorium, near Santa Rosa, California Postcard
Burkhart Automatic Shoe Polishing Machine Company - Buffalo, New York
Burlingame Telegraphing and Typewriter Company May 1908
Burlingame Telegraphing and Typewriter Company 1908
Burlington and Missouri River Railroad Co. 1870
Burlington and Missouri River Railroad Company 1873
Burlington College First Mortgage Bond 1876 signed by Civil War General
Burlington Industries Incorporated - Pre Bankruptcy
Burlington Mills Corporation ( Burlington Industries )
Burlington Northern Inc.
Burnwell Coal Company 1909 - Birmingham, Alabama
Burroughs Computer Corporation ( Unisys)
Burroughs Corporation
Burrows Train Control Company 1927
Bush Motor Company 1919 - Diploma
Business District - Sacramento, California
Butler Aviation International Stock Certificate
Butler Brothers 1910
Butler International, Inc.
Butte & London Copper Development Co. 1920
Butte - New York Copper Company 1914
Butte - Tonopah Mining Company 1902 - Tonopah Mining District, Nevada
Butte and Western Mining Company 1926
Butterfly - Terrible Gold Mining Company - Colorado 1902 bought the Farm - No longer Public
By = Products Paper Company
By Products Steel Corporation
By-Laws and Organization for Conducting Business of the Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington Railroad Company
Byer - Rolnick Hat Corporation ( Now Resistol Hats )
Byron Jackson Co. ( Now BJ Services )
C - D Banks, Brokers, Exchanges
C - D Utilities
C.I.T. Financial Corporation 1967 - (CIT Group)
Cable Radio Tube Corporation 1939
CacheFlow, Inc.... ( Cash Flowed in and out of their Stock Price )
Cactus Copper Company 1910
Cactus Mining Company - 1889
Caesars World, Inc - Famous Las Vegas Hotel Company - 1980
Caesars World, Inc.
Caesars World, Inc. ( Famous Las Vegas Hotel )
Caesars World, Inc. 13 1/2% Interest Rate on Debt
Cairo City Property at the Confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers 1859 - Illinois
Cali Computer Systems, Inc.
California - Western States Life Insurance Company
California - Western States Life Insurance Company
California Associated Raisin Company - Fresno, California 1920 ( Sun-Maid )
California Auto and Taxicab Livery 1915-1917
California Controller's Warrant 1855
California Electric Power Company ( Now Southern California Edison )
California Mexico Land Company 1888
California Mining Company 1882 - Virginia Mining District, Nevada
California Municipal Bond issued by Blyth Eastman Dillon & Co.
California Mutual Investment Syndicate - Los Angeles 1890's
California Navigation and Improvement Company, Stockton 1900
California Oregon Power Company (Early Pacific Power and Light - PacificCorp Companies)
California State Bank
California Street Cable Railroad Company 1890's signed by J. B. Stetson
California Valencia Orange Show 1923 (Anaheim)
California Water Purification and Sanitation Company 1908
California-Utah Land and Petroleum Company - 1929
Callahan Consolidated Mines Inc
Callaway Golf Company
Calpine Corporation
Calumet & Hecla Mining Company - Indian Campfire Vignette
Calumet & Montana Consolidated Mining Company 1915 - 1917
Calumet & Montana Consolidated Mining Company 1917
Calumet & Montana Consolidated Mining Company 1918 - 1919
Cam Congo 1944 - Cigarette Manufacturer
Camaguey Sugar Company of Cuba - Dictator Castro stole from U.S. in 1959
Camden & Philadelphia Steam Boat Ferry Company 1889
Camden, Gloucester and Mt. Ephraim Railway
Camp Beale California Postcard
Campbell's Creek Coal Company - Cincinnati, Ohio
Camwal Limited 1898 - England ( Early Bottle Water Company )
Canada and all other
Canada Commercial Air Pilot's Certificate ( Flying Machines ) 1921 #47
Canada Copper Mining Corporation 1920 - 1921
Canada Dry's Hole - In - One Club 1928
Canada General Fund ( 1954 ) Limited
Canada Southern Railway Company 1974 - Annual Report
Canadian Alumina Stock - Nova Scotia Underprint
Canadian Brake Shoe Limited 1910
Canadian Colonial Airways, Inc 1935
Canadian Export Gas and Oil Co Stock
Canadian General Electric Company 1922
Canadian General Electric Company, Limited
Canadian Live Stock Production Company 1919 - Pig Vignette
Canadian National Railway Company
Canadian National Railway Corp $1000 Bond
Canaveral International Corp. ( Madison Group Associates )
Candy Products Corporation 1924
Cannon Group Incorporated / Pathe Communications Group
Cannon Mills Company with Charles A. Cannon as president - North Carolina
Cannon Shoe Company
Cantilever Shoe Stores Co., Inc.
Canton Woman's Club Company 1920 - Ohio
Cantonment Presidio of San francisco, California
Cape Brenton Coal, Iron and Railway Company 1905 - Nova Scotia
Cape Brenton Electric Company - Nova Scotia
Cape Cod Bank and Trust Company - Hyannis, Massachusettes
Cape Cod Mining and Reduction Company 1880's
Cape Cod Mining and Reduction Company 188X - Golden, Colorado
Cape Cod Railroad Company 1871 - Massachusetts
Cape May & Millville Rail Road Company 1871
Capital Airlines, Inc.
Capital Garage Company 1925
Capital Mining and Milling Company 1923
Capital Traction Company Electric Railway - District of Columbia
Capitol Bank and Trust Company Stock
Capitol Title & Guarantee Company, Inc. 1928
Caplan Corporation
Capuzaya Mining Company 1909 - Republic of Mexico Gold Bond
Car Lighing and Power Company 1915
Cardinal Mining Company 1908 - Arizona
Cardinal Petroleum Corporation 1920's
Cardinal Stage Lines Company (Santa Fe Trail Transportation )
Cardinal Stage Lines Company - Topeka, Kansas - Beautiful Cardinal Vignette
Caribean Sugar Company 1921
Cario and Fulton Railroad Company 1859
Carlton - Hotel De Lyon 1931 - Lion over Crown Vignette
Carlyle Oil Association - Clinton County, Illinois 1918
Carmel California Postcard
Carnation Brand California Fruits Label
Carnation Company ( Now Nestlé )
Carnegie Free Library, Eureka, California Postcard
Carnival Cruise Lines, Inc.
Carolco Motion Pictures Company Bond - RAMBO / Terminator Movie Company
Carolina Central Railroad Company
Carolina Company 1922 Gold bond - Rhode Island ( Carolina Mills )
Carolina Power Company Stock Certificate
Carson Pirie Scott & Company
Carte Blanche Corporation - Credit Card Company
Carter Hawley Hale Stores Incorporated - Famous Bankuptcy
Carthage Fuel Company 1906 Gold Bond - Territory of New Mexico
Cascade Marble & Onyx Company 1903 - Washington
Cascade Marble & Onyx Company 1903 - Washington State
Cascade Natural Gas Corporation
Cash Buyers Union 1903 - Early Catalog Company
Casino Magic! ( Now Pinnacle Entertainment )
Casper Embar Petroleum Co. 1918 - Wyoming
Castle Crags State Park Sacramento Canyon, California Postcard
Castro Heights Improvement Company 1908 - San Francisco, California
Caterpillar Tractor Co.
Caterpillar Tractor Co.
Caterpillar Tractor Company
Caterpillar Tractor Company 1953
Catholic Church, Stockton, California Postcard
Catlett-Davis Oil Corporation 1918
Cayadutta Electric Railroad Company 1893 - New York
CBS Columbia Broadcasting System 1960's
CBS Columbia Broadcasting System Stock NICE
CBWL - Hayden, Stone Inc. - Stock Broker ( Became Sherson and part of American Express )
CDnow, Inc.
Cedar Crest Country Club 1930 - Dallas, Texas - Historic Golf Course
Cedar Fair ( Knott’s Berry Farm , Cedar Point, Camp Snoopy )
Cedar Falls Manufacturing Company 1896 - North Carolina - signed by John Milton Worth
Celanese (Hoechst) Corporation Stock
Celebritone, Limited 1929
Cellular Communications Incorporated CCI 1988 - Air Touch
Cellular Information Systems, Inc. ( Price Cellular )
Celo (Soft Drink) Company 1938 - Tampa Bay, Florida
Cenco Incorporared - Major Accounting Fraud
Cenco Incorporated
Centrac Associates
Central Agency Incorporated - 1930
Central and South West Corporation
Central and South West Utilities Company
Central Arizona Transportation Lines, Inc. 1930's
Central Copper Company of Arizona
Central Fireworks Company 1890's - New Jersey
Central Funding Company of Hollywood 1930
Central Gas, Light & Water Co. 1892 - San Francisco, California
Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation Specimen 1937
Central Illinois Light Company
Central Illinois Light Company
Central M.E. Church, Stockton, California Postcard
Central Mining and Development Company 1907 - Arizona - Mining Scam
Central Motion Picture District, Inc 1929
Central National Bank of Washington City, District of Columbia 1890's
Central Pacific Railway Company
Central Petroleum Company
Central Public Service Corporation 1929-1930
Central Securities Company 1930 - Payable in Gold Coin
Central States Electric Corporation
Central States Electric Corporation 1929 - 1930
Central States Electric Corporation 1930's
Central States Electric Corporation 1936
Central Telephone & Utilities Corporation ( Early Centel )
Central Transportation Company 1875 - 1885
Centre Turnpike Road 1809 - Pennsylvania
Centreville & Corsica River Steam Boat Company 1880's - Maryland
Centura Banks, Inc.
Century Distilling Company
Century Ribbon Mills Stock Certificate semi nude vignette
Cerro De Pasco Copper Corporation
Cerro De Pasco Corporation - New York
Certificate of Election State of Colorado 1880
Certificate of the Month Club - One Year Subscription - The Perfect Gift
Cesky Akciovy Pivovar v C. Budejovicich (Czech Company Beer Budweiser ) 1895
Challenger Brand Crate Label - Cowboy on Bronco Image
Chamber of Commerce of Portland, Oregon 1890
Champ Sweet Potatoes Crate Label - Early Football Player Image
Champion Mines Company - Cripple Creek
Channel Tubular Railway 1892 - Early Chunnel Tunnel Company
Chapman and Smith Company - Chicago, Illinois
Chargeurs Reunis (United Shippers) 1939 - Steam Navigation Company
Chargit, Inc
Charles River Street Railway Company 1886 - Massachusettes
Charles Schwab Corporation
Charles Town Horse Show Association 1916 - West Virginia
Charleston CIty Railway Company - 1866 Civil War Reconstruction Period
Charleston Club House 1854
Charlestown Mining, Manufacturing and Improvement Company 1891
Charlotte Bank and Trust Company 1920's
Charron, Girardot & Voight - 1905 - Famous Car and Tank Maker
Chart House Enterprises, Inc. - Famous Restaurant
Charter Communications, Inc. - Paul Allen Company
Charter New York Corporation (Bank of New York)
Chartiers Railway Company 1874
Chas. Pfizer & Co., Inc. ( Now Pfizer Inc - Viagra Maker )
Chas. Pfizer & Co., Inc. ( Now Pfizer Inc - Viagra Maker ) - Specimen
Chase Manhattan Bank 1950's
Chase Manhattan Bank Corporation Stock - David Rockefeller as Chariman
Chattanooga Union Railway Company 1888
Check from the Aaron Claflin Company 1856-1858
Check Signed by Jack London 1910 - Famous Writer
Check signed by Marinus Willett as New York City Mayor in 1807
Check Signed By Simon Lake - Submarine Inventor
Checker Cab Manufacturing Corporation 1931
Chelten Corporation ( PNC Bank Corp )
Chelten Corporation - Tradesmens Bank and PNC Bank Corp - 1940's
Chemetron Corporation
Chemical Bank & Trust Company
Chemical National Bank of New York 1871
Chemical National Bank of New York 1928
Chenery Manufacturing Company 1894
Chesapeake & Delaware Canal Company 1887
Chesapeake & Delaware Canal Company Scrip 1887
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company
Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company 1891 Gold Bond - District of Columbia
Chesapeake Bay Navigation Company 1910
Chesapeake Ohio and Southwestern Railroad Company signed by Collis P. Huntington 1880's
Chesterfield Copper Company 1907
Chesterfield Copper Company 1912 - Arizona
Chesterfield Copper Company 1912 - Bond
Chestnut Street Realty Company - 1958
Chevrolet Sales 191X - California
Chevron Corporation (Standard Oil Company )
Chevy Chase to Great Falls Land Corporation 1915 signed by Jackson H. Ralston
Chicago & Great Eastern Railway Company 1867
Chicago - Aurora Mining Company 1903
Chicago and Alton Railroad Company 1862
Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad Company 1888
Chicago and South Western Railway Company 1870's
Chicago Board of Trade Member's Ticket 1874 - SCARCE
Chicago Cotton Manufacturing Company 1870's
Chicago Gold Company 1860's - Illinois
Chicago Great Western Railway Company
Chicago Indiana and Southern Railroad Company 1906
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc.
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc.
Chicago Milwaukee Corporation
Chicago Rapid Transit Company 1924 - 1931
Chicago Realty Shares, Inc. ( Chicago City and River Vignette )
Chicago Rivet & Machine Co.
Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company 1893
Chicago School District Bond 1951 signed by Richard Daley
Chicago Television & Research Laboratories, Inc.
Chicago Terminal Transfer Railroad Company 1902
Chicago Terminal Transfer Railroad Company issued to and signed by E H Harriman - 1901
Chicago Utilities Company 1913 - Illinois Tunnel / Subway Company
Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville Railway Company - Monon Route
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad Company
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company 1887
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company 1898
Chicago, Saint Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railway Company 1920
Chicago, St. Louis and Pittsburgh Rail Road Company 1883
Chicago, St. Louis and Pittsburgh Railroad Company 1884
Chickasha Cotton Oil Company
Chico California Postcard
Chico Gold and Silver Mining Company 1860's - California
Chief Motors Company 1919 Stock Certificate
Chieftain Development Co. Ltd.
China Agency and Trading Company 1918 - San Francisco, California
China Clipper Airplane Vignette - Promissory Note
Chinadotcom Corporation
Chinese Directory Company 1901 - San Francisco, California
Chinese Goverment 5% Bond Reorganisation Gold Loan 1913
Chinese School, Chinatown, San Francisco, California Postcard
Chinese Telephone Exchange, Chinatown - San Francisco, California Postcard
Chino Copper Company 1920's -Santa Rita, New Mexico
Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad Company
Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad Company 1890's
Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad Company 1899 - Men with bales of cotton vignette
Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad Company 1901
Christie Realty Corporation ( Christie Hotel and Christie Comedies ) 1924
Chronicles of America Picture Corporation 1923
Chrysler Corporation $10,000 Bond
Chrysler Corporation - Lee Iacocca
Chrysler Corporation Bond Certificate
Chubb Insurance Corporation
Churchill Downs Horse Racetracks ( Kentucky Derby Home )
Cia Minera Continuacion Sur del Al Acaran, S.A. - Mexico 1919
Ciena Corporation
Cigar & Crate Labels and Postcards
Cigar Machine Corporation 1913
Ciments Portland De Sestao - October 30, 1929
Cincinnati and Springfield Railway Company 1871
Cincinnati and Suburban Bell Telephone Company (Cincinnati Bell - Broadwing Inc)
Cincinnati Edison Electric Company (Now Cinergy) - 1890's
Cincinnati Edison Electric Company - 18XX
Cincinnati Northern Railroad Company 1902
Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis & Chicago Railway Company
Cincinnati, Sandusky and Cleveland Railroad Company 1888
Cinema Halls Stock Certificate 1907
Cinerama, Inc 1960's - Early Hollywood Wide Screen Movie Maker
Cisco Systems
Cities Service Company - Delaware ( CITGO )
Cities Service Company 1929 - 1932 (CITGO)
Cities Service Company Zero Coupon Bond
Cities Service Power & Light Company
Cities Service Power & Light Company ( Now CITGO )
Citizen Watch Certificate in German
Citizens National Bank of South Bend, Ind. signed by Clement Studebaker 1923
Citizens Passenger Railway Company 1865 - Pennsylvania
Citizens Trust Company of Allentown, Pa 1927
Citizens Trust Company of Allentown, Pennsylvania 1920's
Citizens' Electrical Company
Citizens' Real Estate and Investment Company of Portland, Oregon 1893
Citrus County Land Bureau, Inc. - Florida
City and County of San Francisco Airport Bond 1949
City and County of San Francisco Airport Bond 1949
City and County of San Francisco Municipal Railway Rehabilitation Bond 1947
City Bank & Trust Company 1929 - Hartford, Connecticut
City Bank & Trust Company of Alabama
City Bank, Buffalo, N.Y. Check
City Fire Insurance Company 1864 - Boston, Massachusettes
City Investing Company
City Investment Corporation 1922 - Maryland
City Investment Corporation 1922 - Maryland Gold Bond
City Jail Loan Bond Certificate 1871 - Pennsylvania
City National Bank - New Britain, Connecticut
City National Bank of Huntington Park, California
City of Albany Bond 1842 - signed by mayor and Nathaniel L. Griswold
City of Albuqueque, New Mexico - Municipal Revenue Bond
City of Boston 1849 signed by Mayor John Prescott Bigelow
City of Great Falls Bond - Water Fall Vignette - 1917
City of Great Falls Central Fire and Police Station Bond 1913
City of Great Falls Municipal Airport Bond 1938
City of Great Falls Special Improvement District Coupon Bond 1914
City of Great Falls Water Bond 1930
City of Hamburg, Germany 1909 - 1000 Marks
City of Hamburg, Germany 1911 - 2000 Marks
City of Indianapolis - Municipal Revenue Bond
City of Jersey City $1,000 Gold School Bond 1915 signed by Mayor Mark M. Fagan
City of Jersey City Gold Bond - 1926 Signed by Mayor Frank Hague
City of Jersey City Tax Revenue Bond 1926 - Signed by Mayor Frank "I am the Law" Hague
City of Jersey City Water Gold Bond 1911 - Signed by Mayor
City of Kansas City, Kansas - Municipal Polution Control Revenue Bond
City of Los Angeles Municipal Airport Bond 1956
City of Los Angeles Water Works Bond 1907
City of Montreal 3% Permanent Debenture Stock 1930's
City of New Brunswick Improvement Bond - Rutgers University 1870's
City of New York $5000 Serial Bond - Indian Chief Vignette
City of New York Insurance Company 1929 - 1930 City Skyline Vignette
City of New York Municipal $5,000 Bond - Indian Chief vignette
City of Newport News 1917
City of Philadelphia Loan - Early Tax Free Bond 1887
City of Pittsburgh Allegheny ( North Side ) Funding Bond - 1909
City of Pittsburgh Smithfield Street Bridge Improvement Bond
City of Poughkeepsie, New York 1935
City of Providence Gold Bond 1929
City of Providence Point Street Bridge Draw Loan 1929 - Gold Bond
City of Redlands 1913 $1000 Bond - California
City of Toppenish Local Improvement Bond 1912 - Washington State
City of Yonkers Assessment Bond 1889
City Railway Company 1895 - Dayton, Ohio - Electric Railway Vignette
Civic Auditorium - San Jose, California
Civil War and Confederate Bonds
Civil War related Check signed by John Hartranft 1865 - Civil War Medal of Honor Winner
Civil War Soldier Bounty Bond - 1865 signed by NY Governor, Lucius Robinson
Civilization Film Corporation 1917
Clabir Corporation ( Now CLR Corporation ) - Maker of Klondike Bar
Claflin Ward and Company Check 1853 - Ship Vignette
Clark Brothers' Lamp, Brass and Copper Company 1890's
Clarke County Horse & Colt Show Association 1902 - Berryville, Virginia
Clarksville Gas Co. 1911 - Tennessee
Classic Frame - One Certificate (Frame Size 14 1/4" x 18 1/4")
Classic Frame - Two Certificates
Classic Frame 13 1/4" x 16 1/4"
Clemenceau Mining Corporation 1940's
Cleveland & Toledo Rail Road Company 1854
Cleveland & Toledo Rail-Road Company 1862
Cleveland & Toledo Railroad - 1862 - Civil War Era
Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad Company
Cleveland and Sandusky Brewing Company 1890's
Cleveland Cavaliers Stock Certificate 1970
Cleveland Discount Company 1923
Cleveland Gas Light and Coke Company 1878
Cleveland Graphite Bronze Company
Cleveland Graphite Bronze Company 1929
Cleveland Indians Baseball Company, Inc
Cleveland Novelty Company 1892 - Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland Punch and Shear Works Company 1904 - Great Vignette
Cleveland, Cincinatti, Chicago, St. Louis WALBASH Gold Bond 1891
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway Company
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway Company 1890 - Gold Bond
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway Company Bond 1927
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago Railway Company - 1893
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, & St. Louis Railway Company Gold Bond 1891
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis Gold Bond 1893
Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati Railroad Company 1860's
Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis Railway Company 1868
Clevite Corporation
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Cliff House and Seal Rock, San Francisco, California
Cliffs near Santa Barbara, Cal. Postcard
Clinton Coal & Iron Company Pennsylvania 1860s +
Clinton National Bank Check 1890 - Clinton, New Jersey
Clough & Warren Organ Company 1897
Club Atlantic, Inc. - Brigantine, New Jersey 1927
Club Hotel Corporation of New York 1929
Club Terrace Land Company 1910 - Alabama
CMGI, Inc. - Internet incubator company needs a respirator
CML Group, Inc. ( NordicTrack Maker )
CNA Financial Corporation (CNA Insurance)
CNET Networks, Inc.
Co-Operative Drug Company 1921
Co-operative Enterprise Company 1912 - Washington State
Co-Operative Glass Company 1920 - Los Angeles
Coachmen Industries, Inc. ( Famous RV Maker )
Coastal International, Ltd. ( Now Intelect Communications )
Coastal States Gas Producing Company ( Now El Paso Energy Corporation )
Coatesville Boiler Works 1913 - Boiler Orbiting Earth Vignette
Cobalt Central Mines Company 1911
Coblentz Oil Company - Santa Maria, Santa Barbara California 1912
Coca - Cola Company
Coca - Cola Company Stock Certificate
Coca Cola Bottling Company Check 1930's - Piqua, Ohio - SCARCE Bottle Vignette
Coca Cola Bottling Company Check 1950's - Piqua, Ohio
Coca-Cola 1930s SCARCE Check & Advertisement Framed
Coca-Cola Antique Check & Advertisement Framed 1951
Cochise Development Company - Arizona 1906
Cochiti Gold Mining Company 1900
Cocoa - Rockledge Land Company 1926 - Florida
Coconut Plantations Company 1917
Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation
Coin Phones, Inc Stock Certificate
Colbalt Gold Mining Company 1931 - Colorado
Colby Coin Controlled Opera Glass Company 1889 - Illinois
Cold White Light 1933 - Seattle ( Kold Wite Lite )
Coldak Corporation 1927 - Refrigerators and Refrigerating
Cole Motor Car Company 1913
Coleco Industries, Inc. ( Inventors of ColecoVision and Cabbage Patch doll's)
Coleman Lamp and Stove Company
Colgate - Palmolive - Peet Company
Collectible vs. Redeemable Security
Collection Receipt, Baltimore-R. Purviance-not signed by Purviance circa 1798
Collectors Universe, Inc.
Collins - Morris Shoe Company
Collins Livestock Company - Helena, Montana
Collins Radio 1960s - 1970s
Collins Wireless Telephone Company 1909 - Wireless Telephone Scam in 1909
Colonial Aircraft Corporation 1969
Colonial Finance Corporation 1920's
Colonial Marble Company, Inc. 1931
Colonial Motion Picture Corporation 1916 - Silent Movies
Colonial Radio Corporation
Colonizadora De La Guinea Continental, S.A. Spain 1930
Colorado Fuel and Iron Corporation
Colorado Gold Mining Company of Philadelphia 1870
Colorado Interstate (Gas) Corporation
Colorado Interstate Gas Company
Colorado Milling and Elevator Company 1910 - Denver, Colorado
Colorado Mining & Leasing Company 1922
Colorado Mining, Land and Investment Company - Walsonburg, Colorado
Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek District Railway Company 1902 - SCARCE Gold Bond
Colorful Belgium California Petroleum Company 1912
Colour Snapshots Limited 1929
Colt Gun and Carriage Company 1901
Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company 1932
Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company 1947
Columbia Bicycle Warrant 1894
Columbia Broadcasting Systems, Inc. Letter signed by Bob Trout 1939
Columbia Gas System, Inc.
Columbia Gas System, Inc.
Columbia Graphophone Manufacturing Company 1920's - Early Crank ( Grammy ) Phonograph
Columbia Graphophone Manufacturing Company 1920-1921
Columbia Graphophone Manufacturing Company circa 1920's
Columbia Motor Truck and Trailer Company 1916- Signed by Frank G. Clark, Oldsmobile Founder
Columbia Motors Co. 1924 - Michigan
Columbia Pictures Corporation
Columbia River Gold Mining Company 1899 - 1907
Columbia Star Manufacturing Company 1901 - Washington
Columbia Technical CTC Stock Certificate
Columbia Theatre Company 1908
Columbia Trust Company 1920's ( Bank of New York )
Columbia-Knickerbocker Trust Company 1913 ( Bank of New York )
Columbian Adding Machine Company 1897
Columbian Conservatory of Music 1928 - 1930
Columbine Oil Company 1921
Columbus & Indianapolis Railroad Company 1864
Columbus & Indianapolis Railroad Company 1864 - Civil War Era
Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Bond
Columbus and Xenia Railroad Company Stock 1850's
Columbus Brass Company 1917
Columbus Flying Service Inc. 1930's
Columbus, Chicago and Indiana Central Railway Company 1883
Columbus, Sandusky, and Hocking Railroad Company 1895 - $1000 Gold Bond
Combination Silver Mines of Hackberry
Combine Hosiery Corporation
Combustion Equipment Associates, Inc. 1970's
Comcast Corporation
Comet Mining Company of Utah Stock 1883
Comly Gear Company 1876
Command Airways, Inc. ( Acqured by American Eagle )
Commerce Clearing House Inc.
Commercial Bank of Siberia - 1905
Commercial building - San Jose, California
Commercial Credit Company
Commercial Credit Company (Primerica, Travelers, Citigroup)
Commercial Instrument Corporation 1930
Commercial Oil and Lease Company 1920 - Dallas, Texas
Commercial State Bank 1890 - Marshalltown, Iowa
Commercial Telephone Company Gold Bond 1901 - Texas
Commercial Trust Company 1930 - New Britain, Connecticut
Commercial Wharf Co. 1873 Boston, Massachusettes
Commodity Warehouse Company, Inc.
Commodore Computers
Commodore Corporation
Commodore International Limited
Common Fund Company 1869 - 50 Shares
Commonwealth & Southern Corporation 1933 (Southern Company )
Commonwealth Edison Company
Commonwealth Income Fund
Commonwealth of Australia WWII Savings Certificate 1944
Commonwealth of Massachusetts 1857 Dunning Collection Notice
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Attleborough Bank 1850's - Dunning Notice
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Land Deed 1792 - Signed Thomas Mifflin
Commonwealth Pictures Corporation 1918 - signed by Hans A. Spanuth - RARE
Communications Satellite Corporation ( Comsat )
Communications Satellite Corporation 1960's (COMSAT)
Communications, Computers & Media
Community Computer Corporation (TBC Industries)
Commuter Airlines Iowa 1970
Compagnie Agricole Commerciale & Industrielle BADIKAHA - Ivory Coast - Semi Nude - 1927
Compagnie Des Installations Maritimes De Bruges 1904 - Most Beautiful Certificate
Compagnie Du Lubilash , Congo 1944
Compagnie Generale Boulets Et Agglomerants 1912
Compagnie Generale Sangha - Likouala 1930 - Woman with Spear
Compagnie Miniere du Haut - Mekong ( Mining Company of Mekong )
Companbia Colonial de Navegacao 1922
Companhia Colonial De Navegacao - Cruise Line
Companhia de Navegacao 1920
Compania Aeronautica Uruguaya 1936
Compania Explotadora de Las Vetas de Cobre del Vadelista 1889 - Mexico
Compania General de Coches y Automoviles 1910
Compania General De Tabacos De Filipinas - Founded 1881
Compania Industrial La Guadalupe - Mexico 1913
Compania Minera de Los Azules 1936
Compania Minera Elsa S.A. 1908 - Distrito de Temascalteper, Mexico
Compania Minera La Reforma, El Escorpion Y Anexas, S.A. Mexico 1919
Compania Minera Primavera, Centuro y Anexas S.A. 1917 - Mexico
Compania Minera y Beneficiadora El Coloso Y Anexas S.A. 1910 - Mexico
Compania Minerade El Buen Despacho 1919 - Mexico
Compania Petrolera de Aquismon, S.A. 1916
Compania Petrolera Margenes del Panuco, S.A. 1917 - Mexico
Compania Petrolifera La Trasatlantica S.A. - Mexico 1915
Company General of Central America - Atlantic Pacific Railway 1909 - Incorporated in Arizona
Compaq Computer Corporation - Now part of Hewlett - Packard
Compañía Española de Minas del Rif - 1928
Comptoirs French African Bond 1925
Comptometer Corporation 1961 - ( Victor Adding Machine Company)
Compton Water & Lighting Company 1922 - Los Angeles, California
Compumedic Controls Corporation
CompuSave Corporation
Computer Applications Stock Certificate 1970
Computer Horizons Corporation 1986
Computer Research, Inc.
Computer Retrieval Systems, Inc.
Computerology, Inc. (W.S.C. Group)
Comsat International N.V.
Comstock Lode Tunnel Company 1889 - Located in Virginia City, Nevada
Comstock Tunnel Company 1889
Con Agra, Inc.
ConAgra, Inc. ( ConAgra Foods )
Concord Computing ( Now Concord EFS and First Data Corp ) - Massachusettes
Concurrent Computer Corporation
Conestoga Bancorp, Inc.
Coney Island and Gravesend Railway Company 1890 - New York
Confederate State of America Loan 1861 vignette of Thomas Bragg
Confederate States of America Loan 1862 - Battle of Shiloh Vignette
Confederate States of America Loan 1863
Confederate States of America Loan 1863 - Stonewall Jackson Vignette
Confederate States of America Loan 1863 - Vignette of Jefferson Davis
Confederate States of America State of Louisiana 1862
Congeneration Corporation signed by John DeLorean twice ( DeLorean owned company )
Congregational Conference of Illinois
Connecticut Fire Insurance Company 1877
Connecticut Fire Insurance Company 1906
Connecticut Railway and Lighting Company 1928
Connecticut River Telegraph Company 1867
Connecticut Telephone Company 1881 signed by Governor Marshall Jewell
Connecting Railway Company 1951 - Electric Railway Vignette
Conseco, Inc.
Conservative Mining Company 1901 - Snohomish, Washington
Consigny Building and Loan Association 1930 - Beverly Hills, California
Consolidated Alaskan Company 1905
Consolidated Automatic Merchandising Corporation 1929 - Early Vending Machine Company
Consolidated Computer Industries, Inc. 1970
Consolidated Copper Creek Mining Co.1910 - Yavapai. Mayer, Arizona
Consolidated Copper Mines Company 1919
Consolidated Coppermines Corporation - Ely, Nevada
Consolidated Dearborn Corporation
Consolidated Edison Company of New York - Manhattan Skyline WTC Vignette 1970's
Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.
Consolidated Edison of New York Bond 1949
Consolidated Film Industries, Inc. - Famous Hollywood Film Processor
Consolidated Foods Corporation ( Now Sara Lee )
Consolidated Foods Corporation ( Now Sara Lee Corporation )
Consolidated Freightways Corporation
Consolidated Freightways, Inc.
Consolidated Freightways, Inc.
Consolidated Kansas City Smelting and Refining Company 1880's - Kansas City, Missouri
Consolidated Lake Superior Company 1903
Consolidated Lake Superior Company 1904
Consolidated Machine Tool Corporation of America
Consolidated Midway Chief Oil Co. 1912
Consolidated Midway Chief Oil Company 1910
Consolidated Mining Company 1910 - Guadalajara, Mexico - Incorporated in Arizona
Consolidated Model 28.5A Catalina Photo Postcard
Consolidated Nevada - Utah Corporation 1913 - Gold Bond Scrip
Consolidated Oil Corporation ( Early Sinclair Oil Company )
Consolidated Railroads of Cuba 1920 - 1930's
Consolidated Steel Corporation ( Major Shipbuilder )
Consolidated Telephone Companies of Pennsylvania 1908 - Gold Note
Consolidated Traction Company 1896
Consolidated Water Company of Utica New York 1920's
Consolidated Wilshire Mining Co. - Arizona
Consolidated Wireless Telegraph and Telephone Company 1902 - Territory of Arizona
Consortium International Cinematographique 1928
Consumer Conservation Corporation
Consumers (Energy) Power Company 1976 - Michigan
Consumers Brewing Company 1903
Consumers Coal Company 1883
Contemporary Frame - One Certificate ( Frame Size 12 3/4" x 15 3/4" )
Contemporary Frame - Two Certificates ( Frame Size 15 3/4" x 21 3/4" )
Continental Aircraft & Transportation Company 1915 - Arizona / Chicago
Continental Airlines Holdings, Inc. ( formerly Texas Air Corporation )
Continental Airlines, Inc.
Continental Asphalt and Petroleum Company 1921 signed by Houston Benge Tehee
Continental Aviation and Engineering Corporation (Now Teledyne )
Continental Bank & Trust Company 1904 - Fort Worth, Texas
Continental Bank & Trust Company 1912 - Fort Worth, Texas
Continental Bank and Trust Company 1928 - Fort Worth,Texas
Continental Candy Corporation 1921
Continental Canning Company 1900 - Lady Liberty with Flag Vignette
Continental Copper & Steel Industries, Inc. ( CCX Inc )
Continental Copper & Steel Industries, Inc. ( Now CCX Inc )
Continental Corporation
Continental Gold Mining and Milling Company - Denver 1900
Continental Illinois Corporation
Continental Insurance Company 1869 - New York
Continental Oil Company ( Early Conoco )
Continental Optical Corporation
Continental Passenger Railway Company of Philadelphia - 1880's
Continental Tobacco Company
Controls Company of America ( Acquired by Singer Company )
CoolSavings, Inc. - UnCool Returns - Pig With Sun Glasses Vignette Says It All - Dot Com with Uncoolsavings Returns - Delisted from Nasdaq
Cooper Gold and Silver Mining Company - Cariboo, B.C. 1878
Cooper Laboratories, Inc. ( Now CooperVision )
Cooperative Tuberculosis Eradication 1930
Copeland Products, Inc. (Copeland Corporation)
Copenhagen Handelsbank A/S Certificate
Copenhagen Telephone Company, Incorporated - Denmark
Copete Consolidated Copper Company 191X
Copper King Mining and Smelting Company 1910
Copper King Mining and Smelting Company 1916
Copper Mountain - Broadband Company with stock decline over 99%
Copper Range Company - 1960's
Copy Data Systems Stock Certificate
Coraopolis & Neville Island Bridge Company - 1890's
Core States Financial Corp.
Corel Corporation
CoreStates Financial Corp. 1983
Corinthian Canal - 1886
Corn Products Company (Corn Products International)
Corn Products Refining Company - Corn Woman Vignette
Cornell Steamboat Company 1893 - New York
Corning Glass Works $25,000 Bond -Glass Blower
Corning Glass Works 1921 ( Now Corning Incorporated )
Corona Typewriter Company
Corona Typewriter Company 1919
Coronation Mining Company Stock
Corporation of the City of Baltimore 1873 signed by Mayor
Corporation of the City of Baltimore 1886
Corporation Securites Company of Chicago 1930
Corporation Securities Company of Chicago 1938
Corroon & Black Insurance Corporation 1978
Corroon & Reynolds Corporation 1937
Corroon & Reynolds Corporation 1952 - Famous Insurance Company - Issued to James F. Coroon
Corroon & Reynolds Insurance Company ( Now Willis Group Limited )
Cosmopolitan Art Association Certificate of Membership 1859 - New York
Cosmopolitan Club of Philadelphia 1914
Costa Rica Railway Company Limited 1887
Cottage and Hotel Sonoma California Postcard
Cottage Grove Lake Ice Company 1891 - Cleveland, Ohio
Coty, Inc. Stock - Famous Perfume Maker 1930's
County of Lawrence Funding Bond 1928 - South Dakota
Courier Publishing Co. 1917 - Dallas, Texas
Court House, Martinez, California Postcard
Covad Communications - Dot Com Almost Gone
Covina Citrus Association 1902
CP Financial Corp. ( Now First Union )
Cracker Jack Co.
Crader Oil Company 1940s
Craig Oil Tool Company 1923
Craiks Wagon Works Limited 1876 - Engand
Crane Brand Label
Crane-Simplex Company, Inc. ( Touring Car Company )
Crankless Engine Company 1921 - Florida
Crary Farmers Elevator Company 1940's
Crawford Equipment & Engineering Company - Florida
Creative Computers ( Now PC Mall )
Credit Communal De France 1870 - Ornate Cherub Vignette
Creditul Minier Mining Vignette 1923
Creek in Alum Rock Park - San Jose, California
Crescent Coal Oil Company of Baltimore 1864
Crescent Mining Company 1913 -Leadville, Colorado
Crescent Silver Company - Mines in Argentine District, Clear Creek County, Colorado 1870
Crescent Silver Company 1870's - Property in Colorado
Crescent Tool & Manufacturing Company
Crestshire Corporation
CRI Insured Mortgage Investments II, Inc. - Criimi Mae
Cripple Creek Gold Milling Company 1890's
Crocker - Citizens National Bank
Crocker National Corporation - Famous California Bank
Crompton & Knowles Loom Works
Crosscut Corporation 1928 - Religious Dot Com Portal never made a Prophet
Crow-Elkhart Motor Company 1919 signed by Martin Crow
Crowell - Collier Publishing Company ( Collier's Weekly Magazine Publisher )
Crown of Hungary 1868
Crowshore Patricia Gold Mines Limited 1951
Crucible Steel Company of America ( Now Crucible Specialty Metals )
Crusader Aircraft Corporation 1937
Crusader Oil and Gas Company
Crystal Glass Casket Company 1920
Crystal Water Company 1890 - County of Richmond, New York
CSX Corporation - Jack Snow as Chairman
CTS Corporation
Cuba Railroad Company 1950's - Siezed by Castro Government in 1960
Cucharas Land and Water Corporation 1915
Culligan Water Technologies, Inc.
Cumberland and Ohio Railroad Company - Southern Division 18XX
Cumberland Gas Inc.
Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph Company 1903
Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph Company 1884 - Early Telephone Vignette
Cunard Building Philadelphia Loan - 1927
Cunard Lines 1920's - Ship Vignette
Cupey Sugar Company - Cuba Company
Curtin Oil Company 1865 - Venango County, Pennsylvania
Curtis - Miller & Co. 1915 - Chicago, Illinois
Curtis Mathes Manufacturing Company
Curtis Publishing Company (Saturday Evening Post & Ladies Home Journal)
Curtis Wright Corporation 1983 (Glenn Curtiss and Wright Brothers)
Curtiss Candy Company - Famous Baby Ruth Candy Bar Company
Curtiss Wright Corporation
Curtiss-Wright Corporation 1936
Cushman's Sons, Inc.
Custer Channel Wing Aircraft Company
Custom Framing
Customer Feedback
Cutler Improvement Company 1902 - Boston, Mass
Cyberian Outpost - Internet Web Store is traded no more....
Cyberweb Cafe, Inc. - Investors lost their appetite and the Company is Gonzo
Cyclomatics, Inc. 1960's
Cypress Broadcasting Corporation
Cyrus W. Field Autograph
D Street, Marysville, California Postcard
D. and S. Airless Tire Company 1911
D.G. Dery Corporation ( Silk Manufacturer )
D.W. Griffith, Incorporated 1921 - Famous Hollywood Director / Producer
Dade Engineering Corp.
Daimler Chrysler ( Mercedes Benz Car Company )
Daimler Motors ( Mercedes ) Austria Stock Certificate 1927
Dairymen's League Incorporated 1918 - New Jersey
Dakota Territory Bond 1887 - Deadwood, Lawrence County ( "Wild Bill" Hickock was Shot in Deadwood )
Dallas Uranium and Oil Corporation
Dalto Electronics Company
Damitza Oil and Gas Development Company 1922
Dana Corporation
Dando Printing and Publishing Company - 1885
Dando Printing and Publishing Company 1885
Daniels Properties Inc. 1925 - Florida
Danish American Prospecting Co. 1938 - Florida
Darryl Strawberry 1991 - D.A.R.E. to say no to drugs L.A.P.D. Dodger Baseball Card
Data Management Services, Inc
Date-Prune Products Company 1920's - Oregon
David Grimes Radio and Cameo Record Corporation - Gold Bond 1926
Davis Drug Stores Corporation - Baltimore, Maryland 1929
Davis Exploration Company 1907
Davis Sewing Machine Company of Watertown, N.Y.
Dayco Corporation - Dayton, Ohio
Dayrock Mining Company 1937 - Idaho
Dayton Airplane Engine Company 1931
De Beers (Diamonds)Consolidated Mines Shares
De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited 1908 - Famous Diamond Mine
De Cinematographie et de Photographie Stock Certificate 1928
De La Matyr Rotary Dry Gas Meter Company 1912
De La Rue Company p.l.c.
Deadwood Gold Mining Co. 1879 - Nevada County, California
Dean Mines Company 1922 - Battlefield Mountain
Dearborn Truck Company 1920
Death Valley - Arcalvada Consolidated Mines Company 1907
Decade Package 1920's - 3 Certificates
Decade Package 1930's - 3 Certificates
Decade Package 1940's - 3 Certificates
Decade Package 1950's - 3 Certificates
Decade Package 1960's - 3 Certificates
Decade Package 1970's - 3 Certificates
Dechets Savane Cigar Label
Decorah Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Deed Signed twice by Andrew Mellon 1913
Deep River Copper Mining & Smelting Co. 1853 - North Carolina
Deer Lodge Investment Company
Deer Lodge Mining and Smelting Company 18__
Deer Mark Brand Louisiana Porto Rican Sweet Potatoes
Deer Trail Gold Mining Company 1912 - Arizona
Deere & Company
DeForest Radio Company 1930
Defy the World Brand Tomatoes Label
Del E. Webb Corporation ( Famous Las Vegas Pioneer )
Del Monte Irrigation Company 1897-1901 - Pomona, California
Del Rey Hills ( Now Playa del Rey ) 1928 - Los Angeles, California
Delaware County Passenger Railroad Company 1860
Delaware Economic Development Authority - Municipal Revenue Bond
Delaware Rail Road Company 1860
Delaware Railroad Company
Delaware River Port Authority 1974 - Ben Franklin Bridge Vignette
Delaware, Lackawana & Western Railroad Company
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Company
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Company 1942 - 100 Year Bond
DELL Computers
DeLorean Motor Company 1977 - Michigan RARE
DeLorean Motor Company 1982 - Logo Vignette - RARE - Signed by John Z. DeLorean
Delta Canal Company 1887 - Florida
Delta Metal Company Limited
Delta Metal Company Limited
Delta Tau Phi, Incorporated 1927 - St. Lawrence University
Demas Armor - Cased Tire Saving Company 1918 - Early Car Vignette
Democracy Photoplay Company 1919 - Movie "The Vision Restored "
Dennos Baby Food Sales Stock 1915-16
Denny's Restaurant Corporation
Denny's Restaurants
Dental Health Achievement Certificate 1941 ( Ipana toothpaste )
Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Company 1910
Denver and Salt Lake Railway Tunnel Company
Denver City Consolidated Silver Mining Co. 1881 - Leadville, Colorado signed by J. Whitaker Wright
Denver City Consolidated Silver Mining Co. 1891 - Colorado
Denver Rock Drill Manufacturing Company 1920's (Early Gardner Denver )
Department of the Interior Black Hawk War. Bounty Land Certificate - 1855
Deposit Bank of Glasgow 1870 - Kentucky
Der Wienerschnitzel International, Inc. - California ( Famous Hotdogs )
Derby Fishing Company 1808 - Derby, Connecticut
Des Mines De Plomb & De Zinc Du Djebel Oudiba (Tunisie) 1924
Desert Chief Mining Company 1907 - Goldfield, Nevada
Desert Chief Mining Company 1907 - Goldfield, Nevada
Desert View Development Company - Fallon, Nevada
Desert View Development Company 1926 - Fallon, Nevada
Detroit & Canada Tunnel Company 1929
Detroit - Cleveland Warehouse and Realty Company 1925 - Gold Bond
Detroit Aircraft Corporation - Dirigible in Vignette - ( Formally Ryan Aircraft )
Detroit Aircraft Corporation 1946
Detroit and Cleveland Navigation Company - City of Detroit Steamer Vignette
Detroit Edison Company
Detroit Edison Power Company $10,000 Bond
Detroit Electrical Works Billhead 1888
Detroit Lead Pipe & Sheet Lead Works Billhead 1888
Detroit United Railway 1922
Deutsche Bank 1952
Deutsche Bank Inhaber-Optionsschein Eine Aktie
Deutsche Post World Net
Devils Creek Oil & Gas Company 1917 - Abe Lincoln Vignette
DeWitt Clinton Signed 1811 as New York City Mayor - Bridewell Prison Content
Dexter Company - Iowa
Diamond Gardner Corporation
Diamond International Corp Stock Certificate
Diamond State Steel Company 1904 - Wilmington, Delaware
Diamondfield Black Butte Consolidated Mining Company - Tonopah, Nevada 1905-1907
Diamondfield Triangle Mining Company of Nevada 1907
Dice Inc.
Dick Clark Productions, Incorporated
Dickson Manufacturing Company ( Early Allis Chalmers Company ) - 1908 Scranton, PA
Digex Internet Hosting Service Stock Certificate
Digital Equipment Corporation - DEC ( Pre Compaq) - 1970's - Old Computer Vignette
Digital Island ( Acquired by Cable and Wireless )
Digital Recording Corporation
Digital River - e-commerce outsource provider
Digital Technology Corporation 1974
Dillingham Corporation
Directomat, Inc - New York Subway Direction System
Dirigible Corporation 1938
Discount Package - Selected Stocks from each Decade
Disney Character War Bond - States Treasury War Finance Committee 1944
Disney War Bond 1944
Disneyworld 2000 Dollar & Disney Characters - Framed
Disneyworld 2000 Money - Framed
Distribuidora Merced, S.A.- Mexico
Dividend Shares, Inc. ( Now Alliance Growth and Income Funds )
Dixie Cup Company
Dixie Cup Company Post Card - Eaton, Pennsylvania
Dixie Motor Car Company 1911 - Gold Bond
Dixie Royalty Company 1923 - Fort Worth, Texas
Docktor Pet Centers, Inc.
Document Scanning Service
Documents and Unique Items
Docutel Corporation ( ATM Inventor )
Docutel Corporation ( First company to develop Automated Teller Machines ATM's )
Dodge Brothers, Inc.
Dome Mines Limited Stock Certificate 1940's
Domestic and Overseas Investing Company, Ltd. 1929
Dominator Brand Tomatoes Label
Dominator Crate Label - Spitfire WW II Airplane Image
Dominguez Oil Fields Company - Southern California
Dominion Estates, Limited - Canada
Dominion Gold Mining Company 1901 - Hydraulic Mining Vignette
Dominion Gramophone Records (Foreign & Colonial) Limited
Dominion Gramophone Records, Limited 1929
Dominion of Canada War Savings Certificate 1944
Dominion Resources, Inc.
Dominion Stores (Lion + Bi Plane Vignette) Stock Certificate 1929
Don Rey Cigars
Don Rey Quality Cigars
Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Inc. ( DLJ ) - RARE SPECIMEN PROOF
Donna Karan International
Donna Karan International Inc.
Dorchester Gas Light Company 1871 - Boston, Mass. (Early Keyspan Company)
Doremus Automatic Vending Company 1902 - Postage Stamp Cancellation Machine
Dot Com Companies
Dot Com Package Special - 4 Companies Dr.,, and
Double Eagle Mining and Development Company 1902 - British Columbia, Canada
Doubleclick - Internet Advertising Company -
Douglas Aircraft Company ( Became McDonnell Douglas )
Douglas Aircraft Company Specimen - RARE
Dow Chemical Company Bond Certificate 1970's $10,000 Bond
Downey Land & Improvement Association 1905 - California
Doyle Consolidated Mines Company 1912 - Arizona
DPL Inc. ( Dayton Power & Light Company ) 1986 - Ohio
Dr. Pepper Company - Colorado
Dr. Pepper Company 1950
Draper Corporation - Famous Textile Loom Maker
Drawbaugh Telephone & Telegraph Company 1896
Drawbaugh Telephone and Telegraph Co. 1883 - New York
Drexel Mining Company 1896 - Cripple Creek, Colorado
Dripping Springs Mines Corporation - Gila County, Arizona
Drum Major Brand Citrus Label
Drury Land and Canal Company 1896
Duck Creek Petroleum Company 1865
Duckwall Crate Label
Dueber - Hampden Watch Company 1925 - Canton, Ohio
Duesenberg Automobile & Motors Company, Inc. 1920's
Duke Power Company - Mother Child Vignette - Company Under Investigation
Duke Power Company Bond 13% Bond
Duluth Wyoming Oil Company 1918
Dunleith & Dubuque Bridge Company 1873 - Train on Bridge Vignette
Dunleith & Dubuque Bridge Company 1874 - Iowa
Dunleith & Dubuque Bridge Company 1890's signed by Stuyvesant Fish
Dunlop & McCance Milling & Manufacturing Company 1888 - Richmond, Virginia
Dunlop Rubber Company - Famous Tire company
Duplex Adding Machine Company 1910 - Swastika Logo
Duquesne Gas Corporation Gold Bond 1930
Duquesne Light Company - Pennsylvania 1928
Duquesne Traction Company 1890's
Duralith Corporation
Durant Motor (Star) Company of New Jersey 1929
Durant Motor Car Company - 1925 -1931
Durant Motors Shares Syndicate 1932
Durant Motors, Incorporated 1930
Durium Products, Incorporated - Famous Early Record Company
Dustless Railway Coach Company 1895 - Illinois
Dutch Guiana Culture Company 1917
Dutchess Silver Company 1854 - New York
Dynamic Films, Inc. 1960
Dynegy Inc. ( aka Enron's Little Brother )
Dynelectron Company 1904
Dyneto Electric Corporation 1918 - ( Early Automobile Systems Company )
E - J Banks, Brokers, Exchanges
E - J Utilities
E - Systems Inc. ( Now Raytheon )
E Street Access, Inc. Inc
e-stamp The Internet Postage Company
E. St. Elmo Lewis Incorporated 1901
E.A. Wright Banknote Certificate
E.H. Rollins & Sons ( Famous Banking House )
E.J. Brach & Sons - Famous Chicago Candy Company
E.M. Thomasson Producing Oil Company 1938 - 1939
E.O. Painter Fertilizer Co. of Jacksonville 1926
E.R. Squibb & Sons
E.T. Konsberg & Co.
E.T. Williams Oil Company - Wyoming
Eagle Bank of New Haven 1812
Eagle Computer ( Attack of the Clones )
Earl Radio Corporation - 1929
Earl Scheib, Inc - Famous Car Paint Company
Early Shipping Receipts
Early Aviation - Photo and Litho Postcards
Early Bi Plane Photo Postcard
Early Bi Plane Photo Postcard Flying over City
Early Bi Plane Photo Postcard in Formation
Early Bi Sea Plane Photo Postcard 1930's
Early Brewery and Wine Company Stock Certificate dated 1867
Early Cartridge Television Company Stock Certificate
Early Champagne Company -1916 - Lady with Champagne Art Deco Style
Early Euro Disney
Early Freight Receipt 1852 from U.S. Mail Steamship Company - Steam Ship Compine Teaty
Early French Aviation Stock Certificate 1918
Early Fuse Company 1916
Early General Motors Company 1916 - New Jersey
Early Internal Revenue Tobacco Tax Certificate 1875 - 1885
Early Municipal Bond - County of Lycoming, Pennsylvania 1894
Early Nazi War Bond 1936
Early Pennsylvania Wine Stock - 1811
Early RARE Radio Station License 1925 - Approved by Herbert Hoover as Sec. of Commerce
Early Real Photo Airplane Postcard
Early Rome Convertible Railroad Bond - 1874 New York
Early State of Pennsylvania Treasurer Check - 1858 Nice Vignettes
Early Toilet Manufacturing Company 1881
Early WWl Zepplin Photo Postcard - The Low Down Thing That Plays the Low Down Game
Early Zeppelin Litho Postcard flying over Germany
Early Zeppelin Litho Postcard with Bi Planes
Early Zeppelin LZ 16 Photo Postcard
Early Zeppelin LZ 5 Photo Postcard
Early Zeppelin LZ3 Photo Postcard
Earth Mount, Inc. 1960's
Earthlink, Inc.
East Boston Dry Dock Company 1869
East Chicago Stone and Brick Company 1890 - 1919
East End Electric Light Company 1890's - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
East Magdalena Exploitation Co Stock 1908
East Pennsylvania Railroad Company 1890's
East Tennessee Lumber and Mining Co. 1899
East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railway Company 1887
East West Emperors Label
Eastern Air Lines 1939 - Eddie Rickenbacker
Eastern Air Lines First Stock Certificate 1939 - Eddie Rickenbacker as President
Eastern Air Lines, Inc.
Eastern Air Lines, Inc. 1980's
Eastern Airlines - Lockheed L-188 Electra
Eastern Airlines postcard Boeing 720
Eastern Airlines postcard Boeing 727
Eastern Airlines postcard Boeing 727
Eastern Airlines postcard DC-4
Eastern Airlines postcard DC-4
Eastern Airlines postcard DC-7
Eastern Airlines postcard DC8-21
Eastern Airlines postcard Douglas DC 7
Eastern Airlines postcard Douglas DC 7-B
Eastern Airlines postcard Douglas DC-4
Eastern Airlines postcard Douglas DC-4
Eastern Airlines postcard Douglas DC-4
Eastern Airlines postcard Douglas DC-8
Eastern Airlines postcard Douglas DC9
Eastern Airlines postcard Douglas DC9-14
Eastern Airlines postcard Lockheed L-1011
Eastern Airlines postcard Martin 4-0-4
Eastern Airlines postcard Martin 4-0-4
Eastern Airlines Postcards
Eastern Airlines Ticket Validator Stamp - SCARCE
Eastern Blaugas Company 1912
Eastern Europe
Eastern Malleable Iron Company 1950's
Eastern Oregon Gold Mining Company 1889
Eastern Petroleum Company 1917
Eastern Star Mining Company 1915 - Nevada
Eastern Steam Navigation Company 1851 - Great Eastern Ship
Eaton Corporation $10,000 Bond
Eaton Manufacturing Company
eBay Inc
Eccles Rubber & Cycle Co., Limited 1898
Echlin Manufacturing Company - Auto Parts Company
Echostar - DISH Network -Satellite TV
eCyber Ventures Corp.
Ed. Hargreaves Kirkland Gold Mines 1936 - Canada
Eden Mining Company 1915
Edgar Bergan Interests Stock Certificate plus Signed Check
Edgar Bergan Signed Check 1965
Edgar Online, Inc. - Securities and Exchange Commission data
Edgewater Steel Company - Pennsylvania
Edgewater Steel Company 1923 - Pennsylvania
Edgewood Country Club 1911 - Birmingham, Alabama
Edgewood Park Association Limited 1886 - Alexandria Bay, New York
Edify Corporation ( Now S1 Corporation )
Ediphone Service Incorporated 1928 - New Jersey signed by Charles Edison
Ediphone Voice Writing Newsletters 1939 - 1945
Edison Illuminating Company of Detroit - 1905 ( Early Detroit Edison )
Edison Illuminating Company of St. Louis 1890's
Edison Phonograph Owner's Certificate 1910
Edison Phonograph Works - New Jersey 1880's
Edison Phonographs, Ltd.
Edison Sault Electric Company
Edison Schools Inc. - Under Investigation by the SEC
Edison United Phonograph Company 1903
Edison-Splitdorf Corporation 1932
EF-111A Raven postcard
eGames, Inc. - Specimen Stock Certificate - Famous Dot Com gets scrambled in Bankruptcy
Egyptian Cotton Mills Limited 1900
Egyptian Irrigation Bond 1898 - Aswan Dam on Nile River
El - West Delite Florida Citrus Label
El Al Israel Airlines 1962 Boeing 707 Flight Certificate
El Capitan Land and Cattle Company - 1880's - New Mexico Block Ranch
El Dorado Guest Ranch, Inc 1929
El Dorado Mining Company - 1875
El Paso Corporation - Accused of manipulating gas supplies to drive up prices
El Paso Natural Gas Company
El Paso Natural Gas Company
El Paso Natural Gas Company 15% Bond 1981
El Reno Electric Light & Power Company - Territory of Oklahoma 1894
El Salvador Silver Mines Company, Inc. 1921
El Torito Restaurants, Inc.
Elberta Oil Association, Texas - 1919
Elder Manufacturing Company - Missouri ( Apparel Maker )
Eleanor Oil Company 1900 - Los Angeles, California
Electric Advertising Company 1885
Electric Amalgam Company 1884
Electric and Musical Industries Limited Company ( EMI Records )
Electric Boat Company ( Now General Dynamics )
Electric Boat Company ( Now General Dynamics ) 1951
Electric Boat Company 1910 ( Early General Dynamics ) - Submarine Vignette
Electric Bond and Share Company 1937 (EBASCO )
Electric Materials Company - Pennsylvania
Electric Phonograph Corporation 1918 - Makers of the Phonolamp
Electric Railroad Express Company 1896 RARE
Electric Self Playing Piano Company 1897 signed by Electra Piano Inventor RARE
Electric Steam Sterilizing Company, Inc.
Electric Steering Company 1889 - Steamer Ship Vignette
Electric Storage Battery Company
Electric Traction Company of Philadelphia 1895
Electric Tramways, St. Petersbourg, Russia 1912
Electrical Lead Reduction Company signed by Pedro G. Salom co founder of Electric Car
Electricity and Ice Supply Company - 1906
Electro-Nucleonics, Inc.
Electronic Arts
Electronic Data Systems (EDS) Corporation 1985
Electronic Data Systems Corporation ( EDS )
Electronic Data Systems Corporation ( EDS )
Electronic Gift Certificate - The Perfect Gift for Friends, Family & Business
Electronic Mail Corporation of America 1982 - Early Email Company
Electronic Memories & Magnetics Corporation
Electronic Transistors Corporation 1973
Electronics & Nucleonics, Inc. 1951 - 1952
ELECTROSPACE Corporation - Rocket Vignette
Elektrowatt AG Certificate - (Swiss Company now owned by Seimens)
Elgin Motor Car Corporation 1917
Elgin National Watch Company - 1903
Elgin National Watch Company 1903
Eli Lilly and Company
Elias - Katz Shoe Factories, Inc. 1927
Elias-Katz Shoe Factories, Inc. 1927 - Signed by Hedda Hopper
Elizabethtown and Paducah Railroad Company 1873
Elk Creek Mining Company 1881 - New York
Elkhorn Salt Creek Oil Syndicate 1923
Ellendale Amusement Company 1909 St. Louis, Missouri
Ellington Farmers Telephone Co Stock 1910
Ellington Farmers Telephone Company Stock 1910
Elmira and Williamsport Rail Road Company 1860 EARLY CONVERTIBLE BOND
Elmore Copper Company - Idaho
Elmore Realty and Investment Company
Elmwood Cemetery Company of Delaware
Elvis Presley USA First-Day Issue Cancellation Stamps
Ely Central Copper Company - Oscar A. Turner as President 1909 - White Pine. Ely, Nevada
Ely Central Copper Company 1910 - Ely, Nevada
eMachines, Inc.
Emblem Almeria Grapes Label
Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe Postcard
Emerson Brantingham 1925 - Farm Tractor Company (J. I. Case)
Emerson Motors Company 1916
Emerson Phonograph Company 1917 signed by Victor Emerson
EMI Records Stock Certificate 1969
Eminence High School ( Eminence College ) 1870 - Kentucky
Empire City Petroleum Company 1865 - New York
Empire Cotton Company 1895 - West Virginia
Empire District Electric Company - Kansas
Empire Electric Brake Company 1950 - New Jersey ( Chrysler and Buick Supplier )
Empire Fire and Marine Insurance Company
Empire Food Products Uncancelled Gold Bond
Empire Gas Corporation
Empire Mill and Electric Company 1906 - Fort Bidwell, California
Empire of Japan War Bond WWII
Empire of Japan War Bond - WWII
Empire Sewing Machine Company 1869
Empire State Drug Company 1897
Empire Tire and Rubber Corporation 1918
Energizer Holdings, Inc.
Energy Absorption Systems, Inc.
Engagement Cigar Label
Engel Oil Corporation 1949
Enos Electric Railway Supply Company 1886 ( Rare Overhead Rail Vignette )
Enquirer Publishing Company 1917
Enron Corp. 1986 - RARE
Enron Corporation - Crooked "E" Logo
Enron Corporation - Framed Stock Certificate
Enron Corporation - Kenneth L. Lay as Chairman - Plus George Bush Invent the Future Certificate!
Enserch Corporation
Ensley Land Company 1889 - Jefferson County, Alabama
Enterprise - Bone, Shell and Corn Mills 1890's - Indians
Entertainment and Sports
Environment One Corporation
Equifax Inc. - Credit Checking Service
Equipment Finance Corporation - Delaware
Equitable Life Assurance Society 1899
Equitable Securities Company 1914
Equity Funding Scandal - Billion Dollar Bubble the Auditors Missed - Enron of the 1970's
Equity Funding Bond $1,000 Huge Wall Street Scandal 1970s
Equity Funding Corporation of America - Major Fraud of the 1970's
Equity Funding Corporation of America - RARE Fraud Specimen Certificate
Eqyptian Wine Stock Certificate 1938
Erickson Canadian Apples Fruit Label - Image of Viking
Ericsson Svensk-Dansk-Ryska Telefonaktiebolaget 1910 - 1915
Ericsson Telephone Company - 1911
Erie Lackawanna Railroad Company PLUS Postcard
Erie Railroad Company 1948
Erupcion Mining Company 1926 - New Mexico
eSpeed, Inc ( Cantor Fitzgerald Company ) Howard W. Lutnick as Chairman
Esperance Gold, Silver, and Copper Mining Company - Tuolumne, California
Esplande, Chico, California Postcard
Esquire, Inc. - Famous Magazine
Essex County Building and Loan Association 1908 - Bloomfield, New Jersey
Esso Standard Portugal, Inc.
Establishment Verminck, Marseille - Famous Soap Company 1909
Estevan Coal and Brick Company, Ltd. - North West Territories - 1914
Eta Deuteron Alumni Association of Theta Delta Chi 1921 - Stanford University, California
Etablissements Industriels de Berdiansk 1899
Etrade - Online Stock Broker
Eureka Citrus Fruit Label - Indian
Euro Disneyland Stock Certificate and Millennium Disney Dollar - Framed
Euro Disneyland Stock Certificates - Framed
Euro Tunnel P.L.C - Euro Tunnel S.A. 1988 - aka Chunnel - Financial Fiasco
European & American Steam Shipping Company 1857
European & American Steam Shipping Company Limited 1857
Everett Mills of Lawrence, Massachusettes - 1929
Eversharp Pen Company Stock Certificate
Eversharp, Inc.
Ex-Soldiers Investment Industrial Company, Inc. 1927 - Black Soldiers Investment Company
Excelsior Motor, Mfg. & Supply Company ( Early Motorcycle Vignette )
Excelsior Motor, Mfg. & Supply Company ( Super X Motorcycle Vignette )
Exchange Check - Mobile Alabama 1840
Exchange Securities Corporation 1928
Exchequer Gold and Silver Mining Company 1904 - Storey, Nevada
Exclusive Scripophily Print called "Bare Market"
Executone, Inc.
Exeter Lily Brand Label
Exodus Communications - Chapter 11
Expedia, Inc.
Export Oil and Pipe Line Company 1903 - Beaumont, Texas
Exposition Auditorium, Civic Center - San Francisco, California
F-14B Tomcat postcard
F-16C Fighting Falcon postcard
F-16D & C Fighting Falcons postcard
F-16D Fighting Falcon postcard
F-16D Fighting Falcon postcard
F-18C Hornet postcard
F. H. Sammis Company 1898 - Chicago
F.A.O., Inc. ( FAO Schwarz, Right Start and Zany Brainy brands )
F.C. Taylor's Theatrical Enterprises 1913 - New York
F.W. Dodge Corporation - McGraw-Hill Company - 1928
F.W. Woolworth Co. - Famous Five and Dime Store
Faberge Stock Certificate 100 shares
Fair Lanes, Inc. - Famous Bowling Company
Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation 1955
Fairfield Mining Company, Denver Colorado 1909
Fairman Development Association - Chicago 1917
Fairmont Foods Company - Delaware
Fairmont Foods Company - Delaware 1979
Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, California Postcard
Fairmount Park Transportation Company 1897
Fairview Gold Mining Company 1910 - Nevada County, California
Falcon Lead Mining Stock 1926
Falcon Seaboard Inc.
Falconbridge Nickel Mines Limited
Falls Motor Corporation 1919 - Virginia
Falstaff Brewing Company 1960's
Famous People and Autographs
Fansteel Metallurgical Corporation
FAQ - Fax/Mail Ordering, Shipping, Pricing
Farmers & Merchants' Mutual Telephone Association 1906 - Kansas
Farmers & Merchants' Mutual Telephone Association 1909
Farmers & Merchants' Mutual Telephone Association 1909
Farmers & Merchants' Mutual Telephone Association Norton, Kansas 1905
Farmers and Mechanics Bank of Indiana 1817 - First Bank in Indiana signed by John Paul
Farmers and Mechanics' Bank of Georgetown, D.C. 1858-1861
Farmers and Traders Life Insurance Company - New York
Farmers Deposit National Bank with President's dog as vignette 1906
Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company 1862 - Wilminton, Delaware
Farmers State Bank Stock Certificate
Farmers Union of San Jose, California 1870's
Farmers Union of San Jose, California 1875 - 1890
Farnsworth Television & Radio Corporation - Delaware
Father I cannot tell a lie Postcard
Faultfinders Inc.
Fax, Mail or Telephone Ordering
Federal Adding Machine Corporation 1917
Federal Bake Shops, Inc.
Federal Fruit Company Gold Bond 1909 - Capitol Vignette in Washington DC
Federal Milling Company Check 1914 - Swastika Logo
Federal Milling Company Invoice 1914 - Swastika Logo
Federal Pacific Electric Company ( FPE )
Federal Securities Company, Inc. 1928
Federal Street & Pleasant Valley Passenger RR 1890's
Federal Title and Trust Company Beaver Falls
Federal, State, Muni Bonds & Fraternal
Federated Department Stores, Inc. - Pre Bankruptcy
FedEx Corporation
Fellows Magneto Company 1917 - Early English Wireless Radio Company
Fergus Falls Water Works Company 1903
Fibermatics, Inc.
Fibre Products Corporation 1925
Fibrous Research Corporation 1930
Fidelity and Deposit Company signed by Maryland Governor 1914
Fidelity Corporation 1974
Fidelity Loan and Trust Company 1890 - Sioux City, Iowa
Fidelity Trust and Safety Vault Co. 1892 - St. Benard Vignette - Louisville, Kentucky
Fifteen Park Row Corporation 1932
Fifth Victory Loan - Canada 1943
Films Metropole, Paris 1929
Filmways, Inc. ( Martin Ransohoff as President )
Finance Gold Mining Company 1896 - Cripple Creek, Colorado
Financial Incorporated - Fort Wayne, Indiana
Financial Investing Company of New York 1930's
Financial Investing Company of New York, Ltd.
Fine Homes International, L.P. ( Merrill Lynch Mortgage Company )
Fire Proof Building Company 1886 - New Jersey
Fireman's Corporation 1884
Fireman's Insurance Company of Baltimore 1902
Fireproof Storage Company 1908
Firestone Tire & Rubber Company
First Cabinet Cigar Label
First Charter Financial Corporation ( Became Financial Corporation of America )
First City Properties Inc. $100,000 Note
First Data Resources Inc.
First Financial Corporation
First Interstate Bancorp - California ( Now Wells Fargo Bank )
First Methodist Church, Alameda, California Postcard
First National Bank Helena, Montana 1886 - Geyser Vignette
First National Bank of Bath 1865
First National Bank of Biddleford 1873 - Maine
First National Bank of Brattleboro 1870's - Vermont
First National Bank of Chicago 1864 - signed by founder - Union Soldier Vignette
First National Bank of Cooperstown Check 1915-1916
First National Bank of Cooperstown, N.Y. Check 1890's
First National Bank of Dansville 1880 - New York
First National Bank of Iowa 1881 - Red Oak, Iowa
First National Bank of Marathon Check 1890's - New York signed by Edgar I. Adams
First National Bank of Marietta 1866-1869 Pennsylvania
First National Bank of Marietta Check 1868 - Pennsylvania
First National Bank of Media, Pennsylvania 1865 - Civil War Era
First National Bank of Owego 186X
First National Bank of Portland 1901
First National Bank of Putnam 1915 - Connecticut
First National Bank of Santa Ana 1917 - California
First National Bank of Springfield KY 1894
First National Bank of the City of Brooklyn 1860's
First National Bank of Towanda, Pennsylvania 1873
First National Bank of Urbana, Illinois 1898 - University of Illinois Vignettes
First National Bank of Waterloo Check - New York - 1865 - Issued during Civil War and Reconstruction Era
First National Bank of Woodbury, New Jersey
First Prebyterian Church, Alameda, California Postcard
First Presbyterian Church - University of California, Berkeley
First South Bank
First State Bank of Forestburg, Texas - Texas Star Vignette
First State Bank of San Juan Capistrano 1920's - California
First State Bank of Sarasota - Florida
Fischbach and Moore, Incorporated - New York
Fisherman's Wharf - San Francisco, California
Fishing Fleet at Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, California
Fisk Rubber Company 1932 (Early US Rubber - Uniroyal Company)
Fiske & Co's U.S. & Canada Express Package Receipt 1886-1887
Fitchburg & Worcester Railroad Company 1874
Fitz Simons & Connell Dredge & Dock Company - Illinois
Fitz Simons & Connell Dredge & Dock Company - Illinois
Flagstaff Bonanza Mining Company
Flashlight Publishing Company of Baltimore City 1897
Flashnet Communications ( Acquired by Prodigy Communications )
Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad Company 1880
Flint Motor Car Company 1925
Flo Brand Citrus Label - Wild and Crazy Flo on the Beach
Florence Stove Company 1939
Florida Central and Peninsular Railroad Company
Florida Country Club 1930 - Jacksonville
Florida Humus Company
Florida Panthers Hockey Club
Florida West Airlines, Inc.
Florigold Indian River Citrus Fruit
Flowery Gold Mines Company of Nevada
Flowery Mines Company
Flying Tiger Line - Merged in Federal Express
FMC Corporation
FMC Corporation
Folding Wardrobes Patent 1885
Food and Beverage
Foodland Evaporated Milk Label
Foot High Melons
Foote, Cone & Belding Communications - Major Advertising Company
Foothill Group
Ford $1000 Bond with Early Car Vignette
Ford Hotels Company
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company 1929
Ford Motor Company 1929 - France
Ford Motor Company of Canada - RARE Issued October 29, 1929 - Black Tuesday
Ford Motor Credit Company
Ford Street Ogdensburg, New York Post Card 1920's
Foremost - McKesson, Inc. ( Now McKesson Corporation )
Foremost Dairies Inc.
Forest City Railway Company 1908 - Cleveland, Ohio
Forman Realty Trust - Illinois 1930
Forrest Insect Gaurd Company 1903 - New Jersey
Fort Howard Paper Company
Fort Pitt (Pittsburgh) Traction Company 1890's
Fort Street and Elmwood Railway Company 1866 - Detroit, Michigan
Fort Wayne, Cincinnati and Louisville Railroad Company 1883
Fort Worth Airport Authority, Inc. ( American Airlines Project )
Fort Worth Continential Bank and Trust Co Stock
Fort Worth Loan and Construction Company 1890 - Texas
Fortis Powder & Explosives Company 1890
Fortuna Gold Mining Company 1880 - Nevada County, California
Fortuna Gold Mining Company 1899 - Agua Dulce Canyon, Lower California
Fortune Mining and Smelting Company - Washington State 1905
Foster Grant Co., Inc. ( Famous sunglass Company )
Fostoria Glass Company Stock Certificate
Foulds Company 1927
Foundation Laboratories, Inc. 1936 - Illinois
Fountain and Garden at Rosicrucian Park - San Jose, California
Fountain Powerboat Industries, Inc.
Four Aces Mining Company 1906 - Bullfrog, Nevada - Classic Four Aces Vignette
Four West Gold Mining Company of Tonopah 1906 - Territory of Arizona
Four Wheel Drive Auto Company 1940's FWD - First 4 Wheel Drive Company
Fourth of July Creek Mining & Townsite Company 1897 - Colville, Washington
Fourth of July Greetings Postcard
Fourth of July Post Card
Fourth Street, Santa Rosa California Postcard
Fourth Victory Loan 1943 - Canada
Foust Distilling Company
Fox and Fur Company - Unique Fox Vignette 1914
Fox Entertainment Group, Inc with Rupert Murdoch as Chairman
Fox Film Corporation 1926 - Early Motion Picture Company
Fox Film Corporation 1931
Fox Film Corporation 1932
Fox Theatres Corporation 1931
Foxboro Company of Massachusettes - Home of New England Patriots
Framed 1885 Vanderbilt signed Bond
Framed Eastern Air Lines 1938 -1939 ps/ Eddie Rickenbacker
Framed Original DeLorean Motor Company 1981 - Logo Vignette
Framed Santa Ana Mining - Cochise County, Territory of Arizona 1898 - Founders Share
Framed Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company 1898 - Original Dow Jones Industrial Average Company
FRAMED Titanic Owner Stock with famous Signature 1915
Framed West Shore Railroad - 400 Year Junk Bond
Framed WorldCom, Inc. Certificate - Last Call
Framing and Scanning Services
Framingham and Lowell Railroad Co. 1871
Francis Scott Key Memorial Association 1908
Frank Borman - Eastern Airlines Picture SIGNED
Frank Siddall's Soap Company - 1908
Frankford & Southhawk Philadelphia City Passenger Railroad Company
Franklin Computer Corporation (Franklin Publishing)
Franklin Fire Insurance Company 1836 signed by first AMA President Dr. Nathaniel Chapman
Franklin Fire Insurance Company signed by Henry Carey (Famous Economist) 1835 - RARE
Franklin Fire Insurance Stock 1839 - Ben Franklin & Fire Equipment Vignette RARE
Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania 1865 signed by William Sellers as President
Franklin Square National Bank - Long Island, New York - Major Bank Failure in 1974
Franklin Stores Corporation
Franklin Tractor Company 1920
Franklin Trust Company - October 14, 1929 - Nice Franklin discoverying electricity vignette
Franklin Turn Pike Company 1849 - Tenessee
Fraser Tablet Company 1903 - Heroin and Opium Tablet Maker
Frauds, Scandals, Disasters and Bankruptcies
Fred and Harry W. Van Orman, Inc. - Illinois - Hotel Orlando Vignette - Famous Hotel Company
Fred Meyer, Inc.
Frederick County Products Incorporated 1925
Frederick's of Hollywood - Sexy Lingerie Company
Freed-Eisemann Radio Corporation
Freight Receipt from Grinell, Minturn & Co. 1852 for Ship London
French Hydroplane Photo Postcard
French Phototone Limited 1929
French Rand Gold Mining Stock 1902 - 1909
Frequently Asked Questions - Customer Care
Frisbie & Stansfield Knitting Co.
Frito - Lay, Inc. ( Now Pepsico )
Frohman Amusement Corporation 1920 - Silent Screen Motion Picture Company
Front Royal and Riverton Improvement Co. 1892 - Virginia
Frost and Wood Farming Equipment Company Certificate - Early 1900's
Fruehauf Trailer Company 1960
Fruehauf Trailer Corporation Stock
Fruit of the Loom
Fruit of the Loom, Inc. 1948
Fruitland Irrigation Company 1905 - Issued to W. C. Stayt
Ft. Blees Academy - Macon, Missouri - 1913
FTD.COM ( flowers and specialty gifts. ) - Delaware
Fuca Strait Coal Mining Co. Limited 1865 - Callam County, Washington Territory
Fuji Electric Certificate in German
Fulham Football & Athletic Company, Limited 1905 - England
Full Citrus Label - Leaf Squeezing Orange
Fullerton Consolidated Oil Company 1900 - California
Fulton County National Bank - Unissued 18XX
Fulton County National Bank Stock 1930
Fulton Fur Company - 1926
Fulton Motor Truck Company 1919
Fund of Letters Incorporated
G. Heileman Brewing Company 1945 (Now Stroh Brewery Company )
G.D. Searle & Company (Pharmacia Company)
G.S. Wood Mercantile Co. 1906 - Springville, Utah
Gainesville Water Company 1909 - Gainesville, Texas
Galen Clarke School, Merced, California Postcard
Galen Hall Company - New Jersey
Gallatin Service Corporation
Galloway Terra-Cotta Company 1918 - Famous Pottery Maker
Gamble - Skogmo, Inc. - Famous Retail Stores
Gambrinus Brewing Company 1904 - Columbus, Ohio
Game Breeders' Association 1912 - New York
Garcia Y Vega Fine Cigars
Garden City Flying Service, Inc.
Garden City Sugar and Land Company 1914 - Colorado
Garden Tennis Club 1919 - Early Tennis Racket Vignettte
Gardner - Denver Company
Gardner - Denver Stock Certificate 1960 - 1972
Garfield Worsted Mills
Garment Center Capitol, Inc. - New York
Garod Corporation (Garod Radio Corporation)
Garvin Machine Company
Gas Light Company of Waverly - Early Vignette
Gas Refrigeration Corporation 1927 signed by Stuart Otto
Gast Brewing Company 1918 - St. Louis, Missouri -Pre Prohibition
Gaston, Williams, & Wigmore, Inc. 1919 - Shipping Importers and Exporters
Gateway Patricia Gold Mines Limited - Canada
Gateway, Inc. ( Computer Company )
Gaumont - Franco Film - Aubert Stock 1930
Gavilan Mines Company 1906 - Arizona
Gazogenes et Carbonisation Barbier 1925 - Wood burning process to power an automobile
Gdynia - America Line Money Order 1932
Gehret Brothers - Pennsylvania 1925
Gekco Company
Gemstar -TV Guide International, Inc.
General Automatic Scale Company - 1920
General Box Company Stock Certificate
General Cellular Corporation ( Became Western Wireless )
General Cinema Corporation
General Computing Machines Corporation 1950's
General Dynamics Corporation
General Dynamics Corporation
General Electric Company
General Electric Company 1929-1930 - Gerald Swope
General Electric Company 1956 - Ralph Cordiner
General Electric Company Stock Certificate 1930's - Gerald Swope
General Electric Company Warranty - Early Electric Refrigerator
General Electric Railway Company 1896
General Electronics Corporation 1933
General Fireproofing Company (GF Office Furniture)
General Foods Stock Certificate
General Furnace Company 1925
General Fuse Company 1962
General Gas & Electric Corporation 1934 - ( SCANA )
General Homes Corporation
General Industrial Alcohol Corporation (Oldetyme Distillers Company)
General Manganese Corporation
General Mills, Inc.
General Motors Company 1916 - New Jersey
General Motors Corporation - 1960's- 1970s
General Motors Corporation 1950's - GM
General Necessities Corporation 1928 - Detroit, Michigan
General Outdoor Advertising Co.
General Panel Corporation 1947
General Quincy A. Gilmore Letter 1861 to Col. Bowman at West Point
General Reinsurance Corporation ( now owned by Berkshire Hathaway )
General Safety Appliance Company 1919 - Washington State
General Silver Mining Company 1870 - New York
General Telephone & Electronics Corporation GTE - ( Verizon) - $100,000 Bond
General Telephone and Electronics Corporation - 1960's - 1970's
General Theatres Equipment, Inc.
General Underwriter's Corporation 1901
General Utility Company 1920
General View of Eureka, California Postcard
General View, Sequoia Gardens, Near Santa Cruz Post Card
General Water Gas & Electric Company 1933
General Water Works and Electric Corporation 1929
General Water Works and Electric Corporation 1930
General Western Aero Corporation, Limited 1930 - California
Genesco Inc.
Geneva Cutlery Corporation 1919 - New York - Famous GENCO Razor Company
Geneva Malting Company 1912 - New York
Genuity Inc.
Geo E. Keith Company
Geo. A. Hormel & Company - Famous Food Company ( Makers of SPAM )
Geo. Gunther, Jr. Brewing Company of Baltimore County 1900
Geographic Educator Corporation 1927
Georada Company 1907
George Bush as Governor - Invent the Future Certificate
George Bush's Family Company signed by Great Grandfather - 1920's
George R. Miller Company
George Washington Carver Letter hand written and signed 1933
George Washington in Private Life Post Card
George Washington Postcard
Georgia and Florida Railway
Georgia Pacific - Statue of Liberty Vignette
Georgia Pacific Statue of Liberty Vignette $25,000 Bond
Georgia Railroad & Banking Company 1842
Georgia, Carolina and Northern Railway Company
Georgia-Decatur County Liquor License 1847 - Slave Liquor Sales Restrictions
Geosearch Incorporated
Geosearch Incorporated
Gerber Products Company
German 100,000 Bond 1922
German 50,000 Bond 1922
German Balloon Postcard - Turn of the Century
German Bond - 5000 Mark 1922
German WWII Bond 1938 - Uncancelled
Germania Fire Insurance Company 1880 - New York
Germantown Passenger Rail Way Company 1890's - Florence Nightingale Vignette
Getchell Mine ( Famous Nevada Mine ). signed by George Wingfield - Humboldt County, Nevada
Getchell Mine, Inc. 1949 - Humboldt. Potosi signed by Noble Getchell
Getchell Mine, Inc. issued to and signed by George Wingfield and George Hewitt Myers 1946
Getty Petroleum Corporation
Giant Bartlett Pear Postcard
Giant Belleflower Apple Postcard
Giant Belleflower Apples on Southern Pacific Railroad Postcard
Giant Blackberries Postcard from 1910
Giant Cabbage Postcard from 1910
Giant California Grapes Postcard
Giant Fruit Postcards
Giant Lemon Postcard from 1910
Giant Loganberries Postcard
Giant Peach Postcard
Giant Tomatoes Postcard from 1910
Giant White Winter Pearmain Postcard
Gibb & Brown, Inc. 1924 - Gold Note Columbiana, Ohio
Gibbs & Ball Plow Company 1884 - Canton, Ohio
Gibraltar Gas Company 1857
Gibraltar Manufacturing Company - Clock and Toy Maker
Gibson Electric Company 1888 - New York
Giddings & Lewis, Inc.
Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.
Gilchrist Drug Company 1921
Gillette Company
Gilmore Petroleum Company of Delaware, Inc.
Gimbel Brothers, Inc. ( Famous Department Store )
Gimble Brothers, Inc. 1930 - Famous Department Store - New York
Girard Avenue Title & Trust Company - Pennsylvania
Girard Avenue Title & Trust Company 1931
Girard Gold and Silver Mining Company 1881 - Cochise. Tombstone
Girard Water Company 1921 - 0hio
Glacier Water Services, Inc.
Glass Brick Company 1913 - New Jersey
Glaxo Holdings
Gleaner Harvester Corporation ( Allis-Chalmers )
Glen Alden Corporation ( Rapid American Corporation )
Glen Logan Corporation 1927
Glenborugh Realty Trust Incorporated - New York Skyline WTC Vignette
Glencoe Cotton Mills Check 1888-1890
Glencoe Mills Company Shops 1880's - North Carolina
Glendale (California) Glass Tile Company
Glendale Federal
Glendora Irrigating Company 1912 - California
Glenmore Distilleries Company 1947 ( Now Guinness )
Glenn L. Martin Company - 1940's (Lockheed Martin)
Glidden Company (ICI Paints )
Global Crossing, Ltd. - Bankrupt and under Investigation by the SEC and FBI
Global Marine Drilling Company
Globalstar 1995 - Satellite Company with more than Satellites up in the air
Globalstar Telecommunications - Satellite Phone Company in Bankruptcy
Globe Manufacturing Company 1920's
Globe Petroleum Corporation 1926
Globe Petroleum Corporation 1928 - California
Globe Soap Company ( Early Procter & Gamble Company )
Globe Telephone Company 1884 - Famous ATT Patent Fight
Globe Television and Phone Corporation 1932
Gloucester Gas - Light Company 1858 - Massachsettes
Gloucester Gingham Mills 1904
Gloucester Gingham Mills 1904
Gold Bond Mining Company - Spokane, Washington
Gold Exploration Company - Denver, Colorado 1900
Gold Gluch Mining Company - 1932
Gold Hill Development Company 1929-1932
Gold King Mining Company - Colorado
Gold Label Ignacio Haya Vintage Cigars
Gold Membership - Certificate of the Month Club
Gold Mines Consolidated, Inc. - Idaho Springs, Colorado
Gold One Year Membership - Certificate of the Month Club
Gold Pick Mining and Milling Company
Gold Reef Consolidated Gold & Silver Mining Company 1905 - Tonopah, Nevada
Gold Run Klondike Mining Company 1902
Gold Run Mining and Tunnel Company 1908
Gold Run Placer Mining Company 1902 - Washington
Gold Seal Electrical Company, Inc. 1934
Gold Tunnel Mining Company 1903 - Nevada City, California
Goldblatt Bros. Inc. - Famous Chicago Department Store
Goldblatt Bros., Inc. ( Chicago department store )
Goldblatt Bros., Inc. ( Chicago department store )
Goldblatt Bros., Inc. ( Famous Chicago department store )
Golden Books Family Entertainment
Golden Cycle Mining - Old Colorado Gold Mine 1918
Golden Gate Bridge at Night - San Francisco, California
Golden Gate Bridge Entrance, San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge Postcard
Golden Gate Bridge Postcard
Golden Gate Mining Company - Mines situated in Mono County, California
Golden Shower Mining Company 1906 - Los Angeles, California
Golden Trout Brand - California Fruit Exchange
Golden West Financial Corporation
Golden West Financial Corporation - California
Golden West Financial Corporation - California, Inc.
Goldfield Coming Nation Gold Mines Co. 1907
Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company
Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company - Nevada
Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company 1938 - Goldfield, Nevada
Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company signed by George Wingfield
Goldfield Consolidated Venture Corporation 190X - Territory of Arizona
Goldfield Deep Mines Company 1920 - Esmeralda. Goldfield, Nevada
Goldfield Development Company 1919 - Esmeralda. Goldfield, Nevada
Goldfield Lone Star Mining Company 1906 - Goldfield, Nevada
Goldfield Oakes Gold Mining Company 1906 - Tonopah, Nevada
Goldfield Somerset Mining Company 1906 - Maricopa, Superstition - Arizona
Goldfield Souvenir Mining Company -Goldfield, Nevada
Goldfield United Miners Company 1907 - Territory of Arizona
Goldfield United Mines Company 1907 - Territory of Arizona
Goldgulch Mining Company 1898
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. - Specimen Certificate
Goldome Bank
Goldwyn Pictures Corporation 1919 - Pre MGM
Golf Ball World
Goodyear Rubber Company Invoice 1913
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Service Pin Association 1925
Gordon Jewelry Corporation - Famous Texas Jewelry Retailer ( Now Overture )
Gottlieb-Bauernschmidt-Straus Brewing Company 1901 - ( Became Globe Brewing )
Governor Mining Company - Ouray, Colorado
Governor of Michigan ( Wilber M. Brucker ) 1931-1933 - Signed Photo
Grab Bag Party Favor, Give Away, Education, Mixed Lot Package 50 Certificates
Graf Zeppelin Photo Postcard
Graham Home Near Santa Barbara Postcard
Graham-Brown Shoe Company 1911 - Texas
Grand Casinos, Inc. ( Now Park Place Entertainment )
Grand Central Mining Company - Colorado
Grand Coulee Mines 1937
Grand Junction Rail Road and Depot Company 1853 - Early Convertible Bond
Grand Trunk Railway 1907 - 1916
Grands Magasins de La Bourse 1944 - Brussels
Grangers Bank of California Check 1880's - San Francisco
Granite State Electrical Works - Lisbon, New Hampshire
Grant Leather Corporation - Virginia
Grant Street National Bank
Graskop Exploring Company 1902
Gravestone Ledger - 1926 to March 1930 - New York
Gray Automatic Steam Governor Company 1889
Gray Goose Airways, Inc. 1932 - Airplane was suppose to fly like a goose - SCAM
Gray Telephone Manufacturing Company Stock
Gray Telephone Pay Station Company 1930's - Old Phone Vignette
Graybar Electric Company, Inc.
Great American Federal Savings Bank
Great Atlantic and Pacific Company
Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company
Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, Inc. 1916 signed by founder George Huntington Hartford
Great Butte Copper Company 1916
Great Chief Uranium Company - 1955
Great Eastern Gold Mining Company of New York 1881 - Black Hills, Dakota Territory
Great Falls Gas Company - Montana ( Now ENERGY WEST )
Great Falls Water Power and Townsite Company 1892 signed by Great Falls Founder, Paris Gibson
Great Falls, Montana - Special Improvement Bond 1913
Great Lakes Exposition 1936 - General Electric Hall of Light - Cleveland, Ohio
Great Northern Nekoosa Paper Corporation
Great Northern Refining Company 1917-1918
Great Sweet Grass Oils Limited
Great Train Store Company
Great Valley Anthracite Corporation 1920's
Great Western Hydro - Fuel Company 1881 - New York
Great Western Mines 1902 - British Columbia, Canada
Great Western Railroad Company 1852 - Province of Canada
Greater New York Baseball Association 190X ( Early Yankees )
Green Bay and Western Railroad Company
Green Giant Company - Jolly Green Giant Vignette
Green Leaf Dairies Incorporated
Greenhut Company, Inc.
Greetings From a Patriot Postcard
Greetings from Marysville, California Postcard
Greetings from Sacramento - Sacramento, California
Greyhound Computer Corporation - Old Computer Vignette
Greyhound Corporation
Greyhound Corporation - Famous Bus Company "..and leave the driving top us"
Grigsby - Grunow Company - Famous Majestic Radio Maker - 1933
Grilley Company 1903 - New Haven, Connecticut
Griswoldville Manufacturing Company 1928
Grocers & Producers Bank 1870's
Grocers and Producers Bank - Providence, Rhode Island 1877
Grocery Store Products, Inc.
Groff - Bent Corporation 1925
Grout Automobile Company 1911 - Orange, Massachusettes
Gruntal Financial Investment Company - WTC Vignette - Scandal and 9/11 Casualty
Guarantee Oil Company 1901 - Territory of Arrizona - Beaumont, Texas Property
Guaranty National Corporation - Colorado
Gude Winmill Trading Corporation
Guild Films Company, Inc.
Gulf & Western Industries, Inc.
Gulf & Western Industries, Inc. (Now Paramount Communications)
Gulf Canada Limited 1985
Gulf Republic Financial Corporation (GRFC)
Gulf States Utilities Company - Beaumount, Texas
Gulf States Utilities Stock Cert 1960's
Gulf, Florida and Alabama Railway Company 1915 - Florida
Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad Company
Gultex Refining Company - Arizona
Gunsight Mining Company 1883 - Pima County, Arizona
Gustav Stickley The Craftsman Incorporated - 1914
Gyrodyne Helicopter Company of America, Inc. ( Formally Bendix Helicopter )
Gyrotor Corporation 1916 - Nevada
H. J. Heinz Company
H.D. Lee Company, Inc. ( Lee Jeans ) - Salina, Kansas
H.D. Lee Mercantile Company - Famous Lee Jean Company - Kansas
H.J. Heinz Company
H.J. Heinz Company's 1955 "Cook With Ketchup Contest Certificate" Third Place Prize
H.O. Jackson Pump Co., Ltd. 1931 - Reno, Nevada
H.S. Holden Artistic Gas Fixtures 1880's
Hadco Corporation - Pre Sanmina Corporation Merger
Hadley Silver Mining and Tunnel Company 1873 - Utah Territory
Hagerstown Bank Check 1871-1882
Hagerstown Bank Check 1899
Hagerstown Spoke and Bending Company 1908
Haileybury Frontier Mining Company of Canada 1910
Haiwee Pacific Oil Company Stock 1910
Halifax Tonopah Mining Company 1926 - Tonopah, Nevada
Halliburton Company ( Dick Chaney's previous employer)
Haloid Company ( Became Xerox Corporation )
Hamakua and South Kohala Telephone and Telegraph Company - Hawaii
Hamersley Holdings Limited - Mining Company in Australia
Hamilton Carhartt Clothing Company 1910 - Signed by Founder as President
Hamilton Fire Insurance Company
Hammermill Paper Company 1920's
Hand Made American League Perfectos Cigar Label
Hand Made National League Perfectos
Hankey Baking Company ( My-T Fine Bread Vignette )
Hannibal Coca-Cola Bottling Company Stock - 1920's RARE Plus Coke Check
Hannibal, Missouri Bottling Company
Hanover Insurance circa 1976
Hanover Insurance Company
Hanover Sewer Company 1911 - Pennsylvania
Happy Day Mining Company 1906
Happy Day Mining Company, Limited 1899
Harding Memorial Association
Hardison & Stewart Oil Company 1896 - RARE Early Union Oil of Company signed by Founder
Hardy Syndicate Oil and Gas Company 1905 - Muncie, Indiana
Harlem and Spuyten Duyvil Navigation Company 1860's
Harlem Independent Hygeria Ice Company 1899
Harlem River and Portchester Railroad Company 1873
Harley - Davidson, Inc.
Harley - Davidson, Inc.
Harley - Davidson, Inc.
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Harolds Club - Nevada
Harris Safety Company 1902
Harrisburg Steel Corporation
Harrison's Orange Huts, Inc. - Chicago
Hartford and New York Transportation Company 1887 - Steamship Company SCARCE
Hartford Stream Boiler Inspection Insurance Company
Hat Corporation of America 1934
Hatch Storage Battery Company 1899
Hats off all along the line When Freedom's Flag goes by! Post Card
Havana Docks Corporation
Havana Racing Company, Inc 1957
Havana Specials Cigars
Hawaiian Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines, Inc.
Hawaiian Airlines, Inc.
Hawaiian Bell Telephone Company 1880's
Hawaiian Telegraph and Telephone Company 1907 - Hawaii Territory
Hawker Siddeley Aircraft Company Limited 1936
Hay Carriers Patent 1888
Hay-Adams House, Inc. 1931 (Hay-Adams Hotel)
Hayden Hill Consolidated Mining Company 1940's
Hazard Wharf Company of Baltimore City 1901
HealthSouth Corporation - Richard M. Scrushy ( Indicted for fraud ) as Chariman and CEO
Hearst Consolidated Publications, Inc. - William Randolph Hearst as President
Hebrew Free Loan Society of Holyoke - Massachusettes
Hebrew National Kosher Foods, Inc
Heck's, Inc.
Hecla Divide Mining Company - Tonopah, Nevada 1921
Hein - Werner Corporation
Heizer Corporation - Famous Venture Firm
Helen Hayes signed Check - National City Bank of New York 1943
Helena Electric Company 1895 - Montana
Helena Gas Light & Coke Company - Montana Territory
Helena Motor Railway Company - Territory of Montana - 1880's
Helena Power and Light Company - Early Certificate
Helena Steam Power and Lighting Co. 1884 - Helena, Montana Territory
Heli-Coil Corporation
Helio Aircraft Corporation
Helm Resources, Inc.
Helsinki Olympics Savings Bond 1938
Hendler Creamery Company 1914-1922 - Signed by founder L. Manuel Hendler
Hendler Ice Cream Company - Baltimore, Maryland
Hercules Syndicate Mining Company of Tonopah Nevada 1908
Hereford Railway Company 1919
Herman's Sporting Goods, Inc.
Herschell-Spillman Motor Company - Famous Carousel Maker
Hersher Lubricating Oil Company 1902
Hershey Chocolate Corporation (Now Hershey Foods)
Hershey Chocolate Corporation 1951
Hershey Oil Corporation Certificate
Hertz Corporation
Hertz Corporation 1970's
Hess Oil & Chemical Corporation - Leon Hess as Chairman
Hessische Landesbank - German Bond 1954
Hewlett - Packard Company
Hewlett-Packard Company
Hexcel Corporation
Hexcel Corporation
Hi-Press Air Conditioning of America, Inc.
Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett Trust
Hibberd Oil Company 1864 - Vernago County, Pennsylvania
Hibernia Consolidated Mining Company 1881 - Leadville, Lake County, Colorado
Hibernia Fire Insurance Company 1914
Hidden Treasure Mining Company, Limited - Idaho
Hidden Treasure Mining Company 1895
Hidden Treasure Mining Company signed by Freemont Wood as Secretary 1897
High Resolution Scanning Sevice
High School, Eureka, California Postcard
High School, Santa Barbara, California Postcard
High Waves at Vue de L'Eau, Santa Cruz, Calif. Postcard
Highland Park and Fruit Vale Railroad 1891 - Oakland, California
Highland Valley Power Company 1909 - Maine
Highway in the California Mountains Postcard
Hill Pierce Oil & Refining Stock 1919 - 1923
Hilltop - Nevada Mining Company Stock Certificate
Hilo and Hawaii Telephone and Telegraph Company - 191X
Hilo and Hawaii Telephone and Telegraph Company 1910
Hilton Hotels Corporation
Hilton Hotels Corporation
His Britannic Majesty's Consulate - General, New York 1903 signed by Sir Percy Sanderson
Historic "Boss" Tweed Scandal Gang New York City signed check - 1870
Historic 5 Certificate Package of New York Skyline and World Trade Center Vignettes
Historic Europe Common Market Stock 1960's
Historic WWII German Nazi War Bond 1941 -1943 100 Reichsmark
Hoboken Land Association 1852 - RARE
Holbrook Grocery Company Invoice 1915
Holding Heater Company 1905 - Toledo, Ohio
Holiday Inns, Inc.
Holland Water Gas Locomotive Letter 1887 - signed by C. Holland
Hollis Tractor Company 1919
Holly Oil Company - Colorado
Hollywood International Studios
Hollywood Movies 8 Piece Special Package
Hollywood Park Racetrack
Hollywood Playhouse Realty Corporation
Hollywood Social Club Limited 1930
Hollywood-Durant Star Motors, Inc signed by Milton Prell
Hollywood-Durant Star Motors, inc signed by Milton Prell
Holman Locomotive Speeding Truck Company 1896
Holman Locomotive Speeding Truck Company 1896 - Iowa
Holstein Friesian Association of America 1908
Holstein Friesian Association of America 1921
Home Correspondence School - 1920's - Massachusettes
Home Electric Company 1894 - Pennsylvania
Home Fire Security Corporation - New York 1929
Home Insurance Company - Early Fireman Vignette
Home Insurance Company - Early Fireman Vignette
Home of Truth, Alameda, California Postcard
Home Orchards Corporation 1918
Home Stake Gold Mining Company - Montana Terrotory
Home Telephone Company
Homer Brand Sunkist Oranges - Bluejay
Homestake Mining Company - Indian vignette
Homestake Mining Company 1880's - Dakota Territory
Homestake Mining Company signed by Founder - Dakota Territory 1887 - Homestore execs to plead guilty to Fraud
Homoeopathic Mutual Life Insurance Co. 1869 - New York
Honest Gold and Silver Mining Company 1864 - Calaveras County, California
Honest John Mining, Milling and Tunnel Co 1903 - Clear Creek County, Colorado
Honest John Yam Crate Label - Farmer Carrying Yams
Honeywell Inc. 1967
Honolulu Mining Company 1924
Honolulu Stadium, Limited
Hooker Electrochemical Company
Hooker Oak, Chico, California Postcard
Hoosier Air Freight Corporation ( Airborne Cargo Lines ) 1947
Hope Hose and Steam Fire Engine Company 1859
Horizon Healthcare Corporation
Hornby Railway Company - Liverpool 1947
Hornsilver Mining and Miling Company
Hospital Corporation of America
Hospital Corporation of America
Host International, Inc.
Hotel Arcadia 1886 - Santa Monica, California
Hotel Astor Check 1921
Hotel Barbizon - Famous New York Hotel 1940's
Hotel Corporation of America 1958 (Sonesta International Hotels )
Hotel Del Monte, Del Monte, California Postcard
Hotel Harvey 1929 - Gold Bond
Hotel Lucerne Corporation 1929
Hotel McCurdy Building Company - Evansville, Indiana
Hotel Sainte Claire - San Jose, California
Hotels and Recreation
Housatonic Rail Road Company 1837 - Connecticut
House of Fabrics
Household Finance Corporation
Houston & Great Northern Railroad Co., of Texas 1871
Houston's Gusher Syndicate 1923 - Ark
Houston, Tap and Brazoria Railway Company, State of Texas 1860's
Hovermarine Corporation
Hovey Electric Service Co Stock - Unissued
Howard Drug Company - Druggists Invoice 1910 - 1913
Howard Johnson Company
Hub Airlines, Incorporated Fort Wayne, Indiana 1970
Hub, Henry C. Lytton & Company - ( The Hub Store ) - Chicago, Illinois
Hubco Exploration Inc.
Huber Manufacturing Company - Marion, Ohio
Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Company - Hudson River cross sectional vignette
Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co., Limited
Hudson Food Corporation 1928
Hudson Motor Car Company - Michigan
Hughes Electronics - DIRECTV
Hugro Manufacturing Company 1920 - Indiana
Hugro Manufacturing Company 1920's
Humble Pipe Line Company ( Humble Oil Company )
Humboldt Smelting and Reduction Company
Hungarian Fund 1852 - Independent Hungarian Government
Hungry Tiger Inc. - Famous California Restaurant
Hunter Motor Car Company 1920
Huntington Park Mercantile Finance Corporation 1938 - Located South of Los Angeles
Huntsman Citrus Label - Man Shooting Arrow
Huntsville, New Orleans and Western Texas Railway Company 1882
Hupp Motor Car Corporation 1929
Hurst Automatic Switch and Signal Company 1906
Husky Refining Company Stock Certificate
Husted Milling Company Grain & Mill Feed Company Check 1912
Hustler Brand Crate Label
Hyatt International Corporation
Hyatt International Corporation
Hydraulic - Press Brick Company 1891 - St. Louis, Missouri
Hydraulic Steel Company
Hydraulic Steel Company Stock 1920's
Hydro - Electric Company 1923
HydroCarbon Chemicals Stock Certificate
Hydrometals, Inc.
Hydrometals, Inc.
Hydrospace Services, Incorporated ( Acquired by United States Underseas Cable )
I. Magnin & Company 1930 - Made out to Rose Magnin
I/O Devices
Iberian Iron Ore Company, Limited 1894
Ice Cream Company Bond - Washington DC 1928
Idaho Exploration and Development Co. 1902 - Washington State
Idaho Metals Company Gold Bond - 1926
Ideal Basic Industries, Inc. - Colorado
Ideal Demountable Wheel Co, Ltd. 1924 - Quebec, Canada
Ideal Insulator and Electrical Manufacturing Co. 1909
Ideal Tire and Rubber Company 1922 - Ohio
Identcorporation, Inc Stock Certificate - Fingerprint Vignette
Ignacio Rodiguez Mining Company, Mexico 1910
Illinois Central Rail Road Company 1898
Illinois Central Rail-Road Company Construction Bond 1851
Illinois Department of Agriculture Division of State Fair 1890's
Illinois Oil Company - Rock Island
Illinois Pure Aluminum Company 1892 - Early Aluminum Cooking Utensil Company
Imax Corporation ( Large Screen Motion Picture Company )
ImClone Systems Incorporated with Samuel D. Waksal as President - Arrested and Charged
Imperial Bottle Cap and Machine Company - Baltimore City 1901
Imperial Government of Russia 1891 - 3% Gold Bond - St. Petersburg
Imperial Government of Russia 1896
Imperial Government of Russia 1896 - Gold Loan
Imperial Government of Russia 1901 - Consolidated Rente 4% Bond
Imperial Government of Russia 1912 - Peasants' Land Bank
Imperial Government of Russia 4% Gold Loan 1890
Imperial Government of Russia Bond 1894 - Gold Loan
Imperial Government of Russia Bond 1889
Imperial Government of Russia Nicolas Railroad 1869
Imperial Government of Russia Railroad Bond 1889
Imperial Government Russian Bond - Bank for the Nobility 1898
Imperial Oil Limited
Imperial Russian Government $1,000 Bond 1916
Imperial Russian Government Bond 1906 - 5% State Loan
Incorporated Income Fund - Massachusetts
Indenture signed by Frederick Douglass 1884
Independence Indemnity Company
Independent Brand Crate Label - Liberty Bell Image
Independent Pharmaceutical Company 1902
Independent Torpedo Company 1911- Findlay, Ohio
Independent Torpedo Company 1920
Indian Land and Trust Company 1904 - Indian Territory
Indian Motorcycle Incorporated - E. Paul duPont as President
Indian Refining Company - Early Texaco Company
Indian Ridge Coal & Coke Company 18XX - Indian Vignette
Indian Runner Corporation 1923
Indian Stock Certificate 1890's
Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company - RARE Indian Chief Vignette
Indian Territory Minerial and Mining Company 1898
Indiana Bell Telephone Company, Inc. (Ameritech)
Indiana Bell Telephone Company, Incorporated
Indiana Federal Corporation
Indiana Gas Company, Inc. 1979 ( Now Vectren Corporation )
Indiana Southern Railway Signed By Samuel Tilden 1866 - Disputed 1876 Presidential Election
Indiana, Illinois and Iowa Railroad Company 1900 - Gold Bond
Indianapolis Power & Light Company 1938
Indianapolis Union Railway Company
Indianapolis Union Railway Company 1932
Indianapolis Union Railway Company Annual Report
Industrial Development Authority of the City of Kansas City, Missouri - Muni Bond
Industrial Instruments, Inc. (Beckman Instruments)
Industrial Securities Company 1919
Industrie De La Soie ( Silk Company) Calamata, Greece - 1931 - Silk Moth Vignette
Industrielle De La Houille Bleue 1927 - ( Blue Coal Power Plant )
Inflight Motion Pictures 1973
Inflight Services, Inc. - Early Airline Reel to Reel Entertainment System
InfoSpace, Inc
Inktomi Corporation ( Acquired by Yahoo )
Inland States Service Company 1929 - Convertible Gold Bond
Inmuebles e Inversiones B.M.
Inns of New England, Inc. 1923
Inside Quality Citrus Fruit Label - Old Mammy
Insider Trading Package - ImClone and Martha Stewart ( Samuel D. Waksal as President )
Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Instinet Group Incorporated ( Securities Broker )
Insull Utility Investment, Inc. 1930's
Insull Utility Investment, Inc. 1930's - hand signed by Samuel Insull Jr.
Insull Utility Investments, Inc. 1930 - Power Industry Fraud
Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania 1796 - 1797
Insurance Securities Company, Inc. 1930
Insurance Securities Company, Inc. of Louisiana 1930
Insurance Securities Company, Inc. of New Orleans - 1925
IntelCom Group, Inc. (ICG Communications)
Inter Ocean Mining Company Eureka District, Colorado 1870's
Inter-Mountain Mining and Industrial Association 1908 - Territory of Arizona
Intercity Radio Telegraph Company 1921 - Famous Legal Court Case
Intercontinent Petroleum Stock Cert 1931
Intercontinents Power Company 1936
Interior Mining and Trust Company Arizona Territory 1907
Interior, Memorial Chruch - Stanford University
Interlake, Inc. - Delaware 1981
Interlocking Cord Tire and Belt Company, Ltd. 1921
Intermark, Inc.
Intermedia Communications of Florida, Inc. - RARE Pre IPO Shares (Now WorldCom Company)
Internal Revenue Brewer Certificate 1873 - 1884
International Agricultural Corporation ( Early IMC Global Inc )
International Ballot Company 1897 - Signed by John McTammany Player Piano Inventor RARE
International Battery Company, Inc. 1925
International Burglar Immunity Company 1903
International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
International Business Machines Corporation - IBM
International Button Hole Sewing Machine Company
International Exhibition Company 1881
International Fire Engine Company 1903
International Gold Producers, Inc. - Colorado
International Gordon Bennett Race - Chicago 1912
International Gradolph Electric Company 1914 - Arizona
International Harvester Company
International Harvester Company
International Harvester Credit Corporation
International House University of California, Berkeley
International Lamp Corporation - Chicago
International Manufacturing Corporation 1913
International Mercantile Marine 1920's - White Star Titanic Ship Owners
International Mercantile Marine Stock Titanic dated 1916
International Mercantile Marine Stock Titanic Owners
International Minerals and Chemical Stock
International Money Machine Company 1917 - Terre Haute, Indiana
International Money Machine Company 1920
International Mortgage and Investment Corporation 1928 - Amsterdam, Holland - 500 Guilders
International Mortgage Investment Corporation 1926
International Nickel Company 1917
International Oil Company of New Orleans 1901
International Paper and Power Company
International Paper and Power Company ( Early International Paper Company )
International Plastics, Inc.
International Press Bureau 1917
International Products Company
International Products Company
International Proprietaries, Incorporated - Early Medicine Company
International Pulp Company 1890's (Early Asbestos Company)
International Pulp Company 1893 - Mother and Children Vignette
International Railway Tie Company 1885
International Research Labratory, Inc. ( Now Dianostic Health Services )
International Resistance Company Stock 1963 (TRW Inc. )
International Robomation / Intelligence
International Rotary Motors Company 1910
International Safety Razor Corporation
International Sewage Disposal Company 1901
International Shelters, Inc. - Texas Star Logo
International Silver Company
International Standard Electric Bond
International Steam Pump Company
International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation 1970's
International Telephone and Telegraph Stock 1940's
International Telephone and Telegraph Stock 1950's
International Video Corporation 1974 - Classic TV Cameraman Vignette
Internet Capital Group Corporation
Interstate Cellular Telecommunications Incorporated
Interstate Power Company
Intertherm, Inc.
Intranet Computing Corporation
Intuit, Inc ( Makers of Quicken, Quick Books and Turbo Tax )
Investment and Securities Company of Florida
Investment Corporation of Williamsburg
Investment Trust Company 1893 - Colorado
Investors Overseas Services (I.O.S.) - Huge 1960's Fraud - Bernie Cornfeld and Robert Vesco
Investors Overseas Services Management Limited - Large International Fraud
Invisible Man Corporation
Iomega Corporation
Iona Brand Peas Label
Iowa Homestead Company
Iowa Power and Light Company 1928 ( Now MidAmerican Energy )
Irish - American Advocate Co. 1902
Iroquois - Kirkland Mines Corporation - Ontario, Canada
Irving Bank Columbia Trust Company 1923
Isaacs Brand Early June Peas Label
Isabella Gold Mining of Cripple Creek, Colorado 1897 - 1901
Island Oil and Transport Corporation
Islas Del Guadalquivir S.A. 1926 - Southern Spain
Israel Semiconductor Corp.
Italian Labor Publishing Company 1913
Italian Oven Restaurant
Itel Corporation
Itonia Gramophones Limited 1929 - Issued
Ivy Microcomputer Corporation 1984
J. E. Thayer and Bro. (Pre Kidder Peabody) 1864 - Phila, Wilmington, and Balt. Railroad - Issued During Civil War
J. Paul Getty's Oil Company with J. Paul Getty as President
J.I. Case Company
J.I. Case Company Eagle "Old Abe" Vignette - Famous Old Farming Machine Maker
J.I. Case Threshing Machine Company 1912
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
J.W. Mays, Inc. ( Famous New York Department Store )
Jack and Jill Crate Label
Jack in the Box Inc - Drive Through Restaurant
Jack in the Box Inc.
Jack-In-The-Box, Inc.
Jackson 5 Autographed Picture ( Includes Michael Jackson )
Jackson Water Company 1903 - Ohio
Jacksonville Tampa and Key West Railway Company 1890
Jacob Ruppert Brewery
Jaguar Brand Louisiana Porto Rican Yams
James B. Clow Company BillHead 1887
Jamestown, Franklin, and Clearfield Railroad Company 1909
Jan Bell Marketing, Inc. (Now Mayor's Jewelers Inc)
Jantzen Inc. - Famous Swimsuit Company
Japan Synthetic Rubber Company (JSR)
Japanese Occupation War Currency 1942 - WWII 7 Piece Set
Jardine Mining Company 1930's - Montana
JC Penney Company 25,000 Bond Certificate
JDS Uniphase Corporation
Jefferson and Warren Telephone Company 1901 - Ohio
Jefferson Bancorp, Inc.
Jefferson Mercantile Company - Early Marketing Piece
Jeffersonville Railroad Company 1850's - Indiana
Jeffrey Korn, LTD.
Jennings Day and Night Safe Deposit Company 1906
Jerome Verde Development Company 1922
Jerry Brand Crate Label - Image of a Boy and his Dog
Jerry O'Mahony Inc. - Famous Diner Maker 1950's
Jess Tomberlin Smackover Syndicate No. 2
Jessop Steel Company - Washington, Pennsylvania
Jewett Typewriter Company 1902 -1903 - Drake University
Jewish National Workers' Alliance of America 1934 - New York
Jim Butler Mining Company
Jim Walter Corporation
Jimmie Allen Flying Club
Joe Dandy Mining Company
Joesph Dixon Crucible Company (Dixon Ticonderoga Pencil Company)
John Berry & Sons, Inc. - Arizona
John Blair & Company
John Carver Cigar label
John Cooper Engine Manufacturing Company 1872 - Mount Vernon, Ohio
John Deere Credit Company - Famous Tractor Company
John J. Cisco & Son, Bankers 1879 - Edwards Pierrepont
John Labatt Limited - Famous Beer Company
John Morrell & Co. - Famous Food Company
John Warren Watson Company ( Makers of the Watson Stabilator in Old Cars )
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. - Famous Publisher
Johns - Manville Corporation
Johnson Nickel Mining Company 1908 - Minnesota
Johnson, Stephens and Shinkle Shoe Company - Missouri
Johnstone Tire and Rubber Company 1919 - 1921
Jolly Roger Crate Label
Jones Oil Engine Corporation - 1921
Jonesport Brand Mackerel Label
Jordan Carburetor Company 1919
Jordan Motor Car Company, Inc. 1930
Joseph Dixon Crucible Co. 1890 - Famous Pencil Maker
Joseph Dixon Crucible Company - 1880's
Joseph Dixon Crucible Company 1958 ( Now Dixon Ticonderoga Company )
Joseph Horne Company
Joske Bros. Company 1927 - Texas ( Famous Retail Stores )
Jouet, Inc. - Woman and Lion Vignette
Journal Publishing Company 1898
Journal Publishing Company 1930 - Florida
Joy Rice Milling Company of Arkansas 1918
Judge Computer Corporation
Judson Manufacturing Company 1887 - Oakland, California - Signed by Egbert Judson ( Giant Powder Dynamite Inventor )
Jules Podell's Copacabana card signed by Nat King Cole
Julius Kayser & Co. (Early Gulf & Western Company)
July 4 Boy Shooting Off Fireworks Postcard
July 4 Postcard
July 4th Postcard
July 4th Postcard
July 4th Postcard
July Fourth Greetings Liberty Forever
Jumbo Fraction Mining Company - 1906
Jumbo Postcard from Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, California
Jumbo Postcard from Chinatown, San Francisco, California
Jumbo Postcard from CIty Hall, Los Angeles, California
Jumbo Postcard from Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, California
Jumbo Postcard from Griffith Observatory and Planetarium, Los Angeles, California
Jumbo Postcard from Hollywood Boulevard - Chinese Theatre
Jumbo Postcard from Los Angeles County Hospital, California
Jumbo Postcard from MacArthur Park and Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California
Jumbo Postcard from Market Street, San Francisco, California
Jumbo Postcard from Olivera Street, Los Angeles, California
Jumbo Postcard from Pasadena, California
Jumbo Postcard from the Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles, California
Jumbo Postcard from the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California
Jumbo Postcard from the Half Dome from Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park, California
Jumbo Postcard from the Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, California
Jumbo Postcard from the Los Angeles Union Station, California
Jumbo Postcard from the Mission Dolores, San Francisco, California
Jumbo Postcard from the Mission San Gabriel Archangel
Jumbo Postcard from the North Windmill, Golden Gate Park, California
Jumbo Postcard from the Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco, California
Jumbo Postcard from the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, California
Jumbo Postcard from the Portals of the Past, Golden Gate Park, California
Jumbo Postcard from the State Beach, Santa Monica, California
Jumbo Postcard from Warner Brothers Studio, Burbank, California
Jumbo Postcard from Yosmite Falls, Yosimite National Park, California
Jumbo Postcard of a California Street Cable Car
Jumbo Postcard of the Heavily Laden Orange Trees and Lofty Snow Covered Mountains, Los Angeles County, California
Jumbo Postcard of the Powell Street Cable Car and Turntable, California
Jumbo Postcard of the San Francisco Skyline, California
Jumbo Postcard of the Seal Rocks, San Francisco, California
Jumbo Postcard of the Wawona Tunnel Tree, Yosemite National Park, California
Jumbo Postcard of West Seventh Street, Los Angeles, California
Jumper Californian Gold Mines 1910
Junior American Mechanics Building Association - 1890's
Junior College, Modesto, California Postcard
K - N Banks, Brokers, Exchanges
K - N Utilities
Kahn Kid Komedies 1924
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation
Kaiser Frazer with 1954 Underprint on 1945 - 1950 Certificate
Kaiser Frazer Automobile Corporation, Nevada circa 1945 -1948
Kaiser Frazer Corporation with 1949 Overprint
Kaisertech Limited
Kakabeka Falls Land & Electric Co. 1895 - Ontario
Kalamazoo Stove & Furnace Company
Kaman Aircraft Corporation
Kamm & Schellinger Brewing Company of Mishawaka, Indiana
Kanawha & Michigan Railway Company 1890 - Gold Bond
Kanawha Improvement Co. 1888 - West Virginia
Kankakee Daily Journal Company
Kansas City Stadium Bond 1952
Kansas City Times Newspaper Company 1890 - RARE
Kansas Electric Power Company
Kansas Electric Power Company ( Early Western Resouces Inc Company )
Kansas Electric Power Company 1935
Kansas Rolling Mill Company 1879 - Signed by Dan Parmelee Eells
Kardar Canadian Oils Limited
Kaufman and Broad, Inc.
Keely Motor Company 1883 ( Perpetual motion machine FRAUD )
Keirstead & Mersereau Fox and Fur Company - Saint John N.B.
Keirstead and Mersereau Fox and Fur Company of Canada
Keith Haring Original Lithograph from first solo show - 1984
Keller Industries, Inc.
Keller-Dorian Cinematography - Societe Francaise De Cinematographie et de Photographie 1928 - 1929
Kellogg Company
Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Company - Chicago, Illinois
Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Company - Illinois
Kemper Radio Corporation, LTD 1930
Kendall Company
Kendall Machine Company 1881
Kennedy & Cohen Inc. - Famous Bankruptcy Case
Kensington National Bank - Philadelphia 1870
Kentucky and Great Eastern Railway Company 1872
Kentucky Bourbon Company 1865 - New York
Kentucky Fuel Company 1890 - Classic Little Girl Vignette
Kentucky Harness Racing Association, Inc 1959
Kentucky Harness Racing Association, Inc. 1956
Kentucky Racing and Breeding Association 1903
Kentucky Union Land Company 1890
Kentucky Utilities Company
Kentucky Utilities Company
Kentucky Utilities Company
Kentucky Utilities Company (LG&E Energy )
Kentucky Wagon Manufacturing Company 1909
Kern County Consolidated Gold Mines 1907 - California
Kerr - McGee Corporation
Keystone Hotel Company 1867
Keystone Ranger Developong Oil Company 1922-1924
Kidder Peabody Acceptance Corporation 1931
Kidder, Peabody, & Co 1870
Kilomoto Mines - Congo 1940
Kimberly - Clark Corporation
Kimmins Environmental Service Corp.
Kinemacolor Company of America 1917 - Early Color Pictures
King Brand Sweet Potatoes Label
King Edward Silver Mines 1907
King Mining Company
King of Pine Creek Mining Company 1941- Wallace, Idaho
King Petroleum Corporation
King World Productions, Incorporated
Kingston Gas Company - Oklahoma 1930's
Kinsey (Whiskey) Distilling Company 1930's
Kirby's Limited
Kirkland Consolidated Mines Limited 1934
Kismet Oil Syndicate 1924 - Texas
Kissimmee River Railway - Florida
Kline-Drummond Mercantile Company 1903 - Missouri
Klondike Big Inch Land Company ( 1950's Quaker Oats Marketing Scam )
Kmart Corporation - Charles C. Conaway as Chairman
Knight - Ridder Newspapers, Inc.
Knowles Loom Works - Worcester, Massachusettes - 1884
Knoxville Electric Company 1900 - Electric light vignette
Koger Properties, Inc. ( Business Park Pioneer )
Kokomo City Hall Building - Municipal Refunding Bond
Kolster Radio Corporation 1920's
Kona-Kau Telephone and Telegraph Company of Holualoa, Hawaii 1890's
Kong Chow Temple, Chinatown - San Francisco, California
Kootenay-Cariboo Mining and Investment Company 1897 - British Columbia
Kopitzsch Soap Company 1892 - Schulykill, Pennsylvania
Krakauer Brothers Pianos Trade Card - Women riding Old Bicycle - 1890's
Kreuger & Toll - Famous Fraud - 1928
Kreuger & Toll - Famous Swedish Match Company Bankruptcy - 1928
Kroger Co.
Kroger Grocery & Baking Company 1942 - Cincinnati , Ohio
Kutztown Improvement Company - 1890's (Pennsylvania)
Kutztown Improvement Company 1890's
Kyokla Oil Company - 1920
L'Hippodrome 1898
L. H. Hershfield and Brother Banking House Check 1881 - Imprinted revenue stamp
L.G. Priest's Menard County, Texas Well and 2,540 Acres and Van Zandt County, Texas Well and 300 Acers
L.W. Marks Company - New York
La Abeja de Hilados y Boneteria 1922 - Mexico
La Blanca Mining Company, Mexico 1922
La Ciudad de Mexico - F. Manual Sucs
La Crosse Gold Mining Company 1896 - Colorado
La Fortuna Sociedad de Credito Territorial 1868 - Montevideo
La Maquinista Maritima Spain 1948
La Mina Henrietta Company 1902 - New Jersey
La Salle Wines and Champagne, Inc.
La Soie de Compiegne (Silk Company) 1927
La Suisse Cinema - 1919
Labbe Manufacturing Company 1930's - Colorado
Lac Minerals Ltd. ( Now Barrick Gold Corporation )
Laclede Gas Company
Laclede Gas Light Company - Original Dow Company
Laclede Gas Light Company 1890's - Original Dow Average Company
Laclede-Christy Clay Products Company
Laclede-Christy Clay Products Company
Lafanette Bank Check 1867
Lagoon Plantation Company 1913
Laguna Company
Laguna Honda Home, San Francisco, California
Lahontan Mines Company - Nevada
Lake Copper Company signed William Paine (Paine Webber founder) 1920's
Lake Erie, Evansville and South Western 1872 - Gold Bond
Lake Eustis Orange Grove Company 1903 RARE - Florida
Lake Merritt Wildfowl Sanctuary - Oakland, California
Lake Placid Company
Lake Placid Company
Lake Placid Hotel Company 1880's
Lake Shore and Michigan Railway Gold Bond - 1897
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway Company Gold Bond 1903
Lake Sub-Marine Company 1911 signed by Simon Lake ( Father of the Modern Submarine )
Lake Superior District Power Company - Wisconsin ( Now Northern States Power )
Lake Tahoe Postcard
Lancaster and Clarion River Oil Company 1865 - Lancaster City, Pennsylvania
Lancaster Colony Corporation
Land Deed from Duluth, Minnesota 1884 - Chester A. Arthur
Land deed written in Latin 1636
Lang Homes, LTD.
Langendorf United Bakeries
Larvex Corporation
Las Vegans' Vegas World Corporation 1987 - ( Now Stratosphere Hotel )
Lasker Real Estate Association 1888
Lassen Electric Company ( California ) 1921 - Abe Lincoln Vignette
Late Republic of Texas 1854
Latin America
Laurence Frost Memorial Amphitheatre at Stanford University
Lawrence Stern and Company
Lawrence Stern and Company
Lawrenceburgh & Indianapolis Rail-Road Company 1830's
Lawyers Mortgage Company 1930 - American Title Insurance
LC Smith & Corona Typewriters Inc.
LCC International, Inc.
Le Moteur Laviator 1911 - Early Airplane Vignettes
Le Nouveau Monde - California Gold Mining Stock 1850
Le Petit Troyen 1907 (The Little Trojan)
Leap Wireless International, Inc.
Lear Jet Corporation Bond Certificate 1966
Leaseholders, Ltd. 1929 - Las Vegas, Nevada
Leather Manufacturer's Bank 1850's - Slave Insurance Bank w/Dog Vignette
Leather Manufacturers' Bank Check 1850 (Slave Insurance Bank)
Lebanon Springs Rail Road Company - 1867 signed by Horace Francis Clark
Lebanon Springs Railroad Company 1881 - New York
LeBoeuf Fountain Pen Company 1929
Lecomte Intensified Gas Light Corporation - 1901
Lectro computer Leasing Stock - Abacus Vignette
Lee Enterprises, Incorporated ( Newspaper and Media Company )
Leeds & Lippincott Company 1921
Leeds Mountain Gold & Silver Mining Company 1880's - Colorado
Lehigh and Lake Erie Railroad Company Gold Bond - 1907
Lehigh Coal & Navigation Company 1872
Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company
Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company 1867
Lehigh Valley Harbor Terminal Railway Company 5% Gold bond - 1924
Lehigh Valley Railroad Company - Gold Bond
Lehigh Valley Railway Company 1890 - $1,000 Gold Bond
Lehigh Valley Terminal Railway Company 1891
Lehigh Valley Transit Company 1914
Leica Camera AG ( Famous Camera Maker )
Leight & Company 1928 - Gold Note
Lena Horne Beauty Products Inc.
Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products - Company had speech impediment- SEC Files Fraud Charges
Les Messageries Fluviales 1927 - France River Vignette
Leslie Salt Co.
Let the People Rule - William Jennings Bryan - 1908
Letter by William F. Koelsch - President, New Netherland Bank (Chase ) 1921
Letter from C.C. Conn Ltd. 1921 - Musical Instruments
Letter of Attorney signed by James A. Roosevelt 1888 ( FDR's Father )
Letter signed by Eddie Rickenbacker as President of Eastern Air Lines 1943
Letter Signed by President Grover Cleveland 1908
Letter signed by the President of Princeton University
Letter signed by the President of Princeton University 1922
Letter Written by Albert D. Lasker - United States Shipping Board 1921
Letter Written by Horace Greeley
Letter Written by Royal C. Haines-Prohibition Commissoner 1922
Letter Written by Spalding-1889
Letter Written by the British Ambassador in Washington-1922 - Sir Auckland Geddes
Letter Written by the President of Princeton University-1920
Letter Written by the President of Princeton University-1922
Letter Written by the Under Secretary of State Sumner Wells -1939
Level 3 Communications
Levi Strauss & Co.
Levon Brand Crate label - Fierce Lion Image
Lewis American Airways, Inc. 1935
Lewiston Gas Light Company (Northern Utilities)
Lewiston Turnpike Company 1870's California
Lexington (Massachusettes) Gas Light Company 1898 - Gold Note
Lexington Telephone Company - Illinois 1911
Libbey-Owens Securities Corporation
Liberal News Co. 1910 - Watertown, New York
Liberator Permanent Building & Investment Society 1885
Liberty Bell 4th of July Postcard
Liberty Bell 4th of July Postcard
Liberty Loan Corporation
Liberty Loan Corporation (LLC )
Liberty Media Corporation
Liberty Park Mutual Homestead Association 1885 - New Jersey
Liberty Park Mutual Homestead Association 1885 - New Jersey
Liberty Radio Chain Stores Stock Certificate
Liberty Starters Corporation 1919 - Made Starters for Ford (famous law case)
Liberty Steel Corporation 1919 - New Jersey
Lick Run and Sugar Creek Oil Company 1865 - Venango, Pennsylvania
Life Brand Bartlett Pears Crate Label
Life Energy & Technology Holdings Inc.
Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company
Liggett and Meyers (L&M) Cigarette Company
Lighthouse Check Vignette - 1858
Lima Cord Sole and Heel Company ( Gro-Cord Rubber Company )
LIN Broadcasting Corporation - Purchased by McCaw Cellular
Lincoln American Corporation 1972 - 1980 (American General )
Lincoln Brand Sunkist Citrus Label - Abe Lincoln Image
Lincoln Farm Association 1907 - ( William H Taft, Horace Porter, Mark Twain )
Lincoln Grammar School, Madera, California Postcard
Lincoln Mining Company
Lincoln Motor Company signed by Henry Leland and Nash 1920
Lincoln National Bank of Bath 1865
Lincoln Printing Company 1949 - Delaware ( Now Elpeeko )
Lindbergh 75th Anniversary Flight - flown and signed by Lindbergh - Rare Opportunity
Lindsay Newspapers, Inc. ( Sarasota Herald-Tribune ) - Florida
Link Oil Corporation
Linwood Building Loan Association
Lion Country Safari, Inc. - Lions, Tigers and Cars, oh my....
Lion Match Company Stock Certificate
Lion Oil Company ( Early Monsanto Company ) - Lion Vignette
Lionel Century Club
Lionel Corporation 1951 - Early Vignette
Lionel Corporation Stock Certificate
Liquid Air Refrigeration and Power Stock 1899
Liquor License New York City 1792 signed by Mayor, Richard Varwick
Lisbon Valley of Colorado Uranium Co Stock
Lister Antiseptics & Dressings Company 1944 - Listerine
Lit Brothers - Famous Philadelphia Department Store signed by Samuel and Jacob Lit 1925
Little Giant Oil & Gas Company 1919 - Little Rock, Arkansas
Little Joe Gold Mining Company of Manhattan
Little Long Lac Extension Syndicate - Toronto, Canada
Little Miami Railroad 1944 - 1948
Little Miami Railroad Company 1860's- Civil War / Reconstruction Era
Little Motor Kar Company 1919
Little Rock Oil & Gas Co. - Oklahoma 1917
Live Pine Consolidated Mining Company 1894 - Utah Territory
Loan of the City of Philadelphia 1859
Loan of the City of Philadelphia 1880's - Free From Taxes
Lockport and Niagara Falls Railroad Company 1838 signed by Washington Hunt as President
Loddon Deep Leads (Victoria) Limited 1907
Lodi Extension Mining Company - Nevada 1907
Loew's Boston Theatres 1929
Loew's Boston Theatres Co. 1927
Loew's Boston Theatres Co. 1930
Loews Corporation 1973
Loews Theatres Stock Certificate - L. Tisch
Loft Candy Corporation - ( Loft became Pepsi Cola )
Loma Prieta Mines Company Stock 1917
London & County Banking Company - Hanover Square Branch 1912
Long Drug Stores, Inc.
Long Island Consolidated Gold and Mining Company 1888
Long Island Lighting Company $5,000 Bond ( Now Long Island Power Authority ) - New York
Long Island Lighting Company Bond 1953
Long Island Rail Road Company Annual Report - 1945
Long Island Rail Road Company Annual Report 1936
Long Island Underground Telegraph Co. 1888 - Brooklyn, New York
Longfellow Statue Association 1888 - Portland, Maine
Longs Drug Stores, Inc. - California
Longwood Plantation's Pure Syrup Label
Loomis Corporation - Security Company 1968
Loral Corporation 1977
Loral Space & Communications
Lord Simcoe Hotel - Toronto
Lorelei Amusement and Realty Company 1914
Los Angeles Improvement Co. 1880's
Los Angeles Sharks, Inc. 1971
Los Angeles, Pasadena and Glendale Railway Company 1889
Los Bandos Del Mar, Santa Barbara Cal. Postcard
Lost River Mining Corporation, Limited - Ontario, Canada
Louisiana and Missouri River Railroad Company 1871 - Missouri
Louisiana Consolidated Mining, Nevada 1921
Louisiana Electric Light Company 1892
Louisiana Land Offshore Exploration Company - Convertible Debenture
Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company 1903
Louisville (Electric) Railway Company 1898
Louisville Base Ball Company 1919
Louisville Bridge Company 1898 - Triple Vignette
Louisville Bridge Company 1906 - Bridge Vignette
Louisville Gas and Electric Company
Louisville Gas and Electric Company
Louisville Paper Mill Company 1893 signed by Biderman du Pont - Kentucky
Louisville Railway Company 1893 - Kentucky
Lowe's Companies, Inc.
Loyalsock Telephone Company
Loyalsock Telephone Company 1912
LTV Aerospace Corporation
LTV Corporation (Ling-Temco-Vought) - Pre Bankruptcy
Lubrifiants Massilia-Avion 1927 - Bi Plane Underprint
Lucent Technologies Inc.
Lucky Bill Cigar Label
Lucky Stores
Lucky Stores, Inc. - Famous California Super Market Chain
Lum's, Inc. ( Company Name Changed to Caesars World )
Luxembourg Mill & Mining Company 188_
Lytton's, Henry C. Lytton & Company - Illinois
M and Y Reduction Company 1914 - Arizona
M-V All - Weather Train Controller Company 1922
M. Paulhan in High Flight - Early Bi Plane
Mac Namara Mining & Milling Company - Nye. Tonopah
MacFrugal's, Incorporated 1992 - Delaware ( Became Consolidated Stores )
Mack Truck Corporation Bond Certificate
Mackay Companies 1923
Macy Department Store
Mad River Asbestos and Talc Company 1904
Mad River Valley Branch Check 1850
Madison & Kedzie State Bank 1922 - Illinois
Madison City Railway Company 1903 - Wisconsin
Madison Farmers' Elevator Company 1934
Madison Fund, Inc.
Madison Hotel - New York
Madison Square Garden Corporation Stock
Mae West Signed Check
Magazine Repeating Razor Company - Early Schick Razors - Now Warner-Lambert / Pfizer
Magnavox Company (Philips Consumer Electronics) - Early Radio Horn Speaker Logo
Magnetic Consolidated Iron Company 1882 - New Jersey
Magnolia Radio Corporation Texas
Magnum Communications Corporation 1970
Maibohm Motors Company 1920
Maid of Orleans, Oil, Chemical, Mine and Developing Company 1901 - New Orleans
Maine Central Railroad Company
Maine Central Railroad Company 1896
Maine Central Railroad Company 1915
Mais Oui (May We) Louisiana Brand Yams Label
Majestic Radio & Television Corporation 1947
Major Realty Corporation
Malibu Grand Prix
Mallinckrodt, Inc.
Mammoth Pear Postcard from 1910
Manassas Mining Company 1853 - Virginia ( Famous Civil War Battle Location )
Manchester United Football Club Limited
Mancos Canyon Gold Inc - Colorado
Mancos Gold Mining Company -Colorado
Manganese Bullfrog Gold Mining Company 1906
Manhattan - Carson Mining & Milling Company 1906 - Carson City, Nevada
Manhattan Bull's Eye Mining Company 1906
Manhattan Company ( Became Chase Manhattan Bank )
Manhattan Consolidated Petroleum Company 1921 - Texas
Manhattan Cowboy Mining Company 1907 - Territory of Arizona
Manhattan Giant Mining Company of Tonopah, Nevada 1906
Manhattan Gold King Mining Company 1906 - Nevada
Manhattan Life Insuance Co. of New York 1862
Manhattan Life Insurance Company 1866
Manhattan Nevada Gold Mines Co. 1906
Manhattan Russ Mining Company 1906 - Territory of Arizona
Manischewitz Company signed by Bernard Manischewitz
Mann's Boudoir Car Company 1886 - Gold Bond
Mannegold & Holden Artistic Gas Fixture 1888
Manning, Maxwell & Moore Incorporated
Manufactured Rubber Company 1933
Manufacturers Investment Company
Manufacturers National Bank 1877
Manufacturers National Bank 1893
Manufacturers National Bank 1893 - Massachusetts
Manufacturers National Bank of Newark 1878
Manufacturing A - B
Manufacturing and Misc.
Manufacturing C - D
Manufacturing E - I
Manufacturing J - M
Manufacturing N - R
Manufacturing S - Z
Maple Leaf Consolidated Gold Mines Company 1905 - Colorado signed by Governor Orman
Maple Leaf Consolidated Gold Mines Company 6 % Gold Bond 1904 signed by Governor
Maple Leaf Gardens, Limited
Maple Shade Oil Company 1866 - Venango County, Pennsylvania
Maracaibo Oil Exploration Corporation
Marathon Enterprises, Inc. - House O' Weenies Vignette (Sabrett Hot Dogs)
Marcas Especiales, S.A.
March Gold, Inc.
Marchant Calculators, Inc. - California
Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company 1913
Maremont Corporation
Marieta & Cincinnati Rail Road Company 1879
Marietta & Cincinnati Rail Road Company 1879
Marietta Mining and Milling Company 1936 - Washington State
Marion Central Bank 1920's
Marion Forged Products Company 1924 - Marion, Indiana
Marion Lumber Company 1908 - 1911
Maritime Company of the Seine River 1899
Maritime Fruit Carriers Company Limited 1972 - Incorporated in Israel
Maritime Motor Car Company 1931 - British Columbia
Mark Computer Systems, Inc.
Mark Hopkins Hotel 1930 - San Francisco, California signed by George D. Smith as President
Market Fire Insurance Company 1868-1871 - New York
Marketing Associates, Inc. - CBS Affiliate
Marlin Arms Corporation
Marlin-Rockwell Corporation (Marlin Rifle Company and TRW Company) - 1922
Marriott - Hot Shoppes ( Now Host Marriott Corporation )
Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.
Marsh Mines Consolidated 1916 - Washington
Marsh Supermarkets, Inc. - Indiana
Marshall Field & Company
Marshfield Theatre Company 1912 signed by O. T. Crawford
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc.
Martha Stewart was FRAMED
Martin Johnson African Expedition (Famous Husband & Wife Explorers / Movie Producers) - 1920's
Martin Marietta Corporation (Lockheed Martin)
Marvel Entertainment - Owners of Spider-Man, X-Men and Incredible Hulk
Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. ( Pre Bankruptcy )
Maryland Brewing Company 1899
Maryland Brewing Company 1899
Maryland Casualty Company
Maryland Casualty Company
Maryland State Fair and Agricultural Society of Baltimore County, MD 1906
Maryland Telecommunications, Inc.
Maryland Trust Company Stock 1901
Masey - Ferguson Limited - Farm Equipment
Mason & Hamlin Organ Company 1878
Mason & Hamlin Organ Company Certificate 1880
Mason City Hotel Company 1922
Mason Multiple Plate Washer Company 1908
Masonic Building Association of Middletown 1920's
Massachusetts Agricultural College Alumni Club of Massachusetts 1891 ( University of Massachusetts )
Massachusetts and New Mexico Consolidated Mining Company 1881
Massachusetts Health and Educational Facilities Authority - Municipal Bond
Massachusetts Historical Society 1860 signed by Robert Charles Winthrop
Massachusetts Industrial Finance Agency - Municipal Revenue Bond
Massachusetts Investors Growth Stock Fund, Inc.
Massachusetts Investors Growth Stock Fund, Inc.
Massachusetts Power and Light Associates
Massachusetts Power and Light Associates ( Early New England Electric System Company )
Massey Ferguson Farm Equipment Company
Mastick School, Alameda, California Postcard
Matador Oil Corporation 1928 - 1928
Mather Field - Sacramento, California
Matson Navigation Company 1913 signed by Founder, William Matson
Mattel Toy Company
Mattel Toy Company - Colorful Vignette
Mattel, Inc.
Mattel. Inc. Toy Company Stock Certificate 1971
Maui Telephone Company 190_
Maul Technology Corporation (L-G-M Corp) 1980
Maule Industries Inc.
Maverick Production Company Stock Certificate
May Company Department Store 1930's - 1950's
May Day Mining & Milling Co. 1916 - Tintic Minig District, Utah
Maybelline, Inc.
Mayfair Oil Company 1920
Mayflower Hotel, Washington DC 1920's - Hotel Vignette
Mays Mining Company 1905 - Incorporated in the Territory of Arizona
Maytag Guarantee Bond 1927
MCA Inc. ( Universal Studios )
McCaw Cellular Communications, Inc.
McCormick Reapers - 1870's
McCrory Stores Corporation
McDonald's Corporation
McDonalds Corporation ( Ray Kroc as Chairman ) - 1978
McDonnell Douglas Corporation
McGraw - Hill Publishing Company
McGraw - Hill Publishing Company, Inc.
McGraw-Hill, Inc.
MCI Communications Corporation Bond ( Pre Worldcom Merger )
McKesson & Robbins Incorporated
McKinley National Memorial Association 1902
McKinley National Memorial Association 1902
McMillan Gold Mines, Limited
McMillan Gold Mines, Limited 1936 - Sudbury Mining Division, Ontario Canada
McPhail's Chocolates, Inc. - Florida 1930
McSherrystown and Hanover Turnpike Company 1882 - Pennsylvania
McTernen Rubber Co. 1909 - Boston, Massachusettes
Mead Corporation
Mead Corporation
Mead Fibre Company ( Now MeadWestvaco Corporation )
Mechanical Rubber Company 1890s - New Jersey
Mechanics Bank of Lancaster, Pennsylvania - 1870
Medex Inc. - Hilliard, Ohio
Medi Card Inc Stock Certificate
Media General Inc. - Virginia
Media One Group ( Became ATT now Comcast )
Mediscience Technology Corp.
Mediterranean Electric Telegraph Company - 1853
Meek's Bay and Rubicon Peaks, Lake Tahoe Postcard
Membership Certificate to the Telephone Pioneers of America 1938
Memorial Church - Stanford University
Memorial Church Thru Arcade at Stanford University
Memphis and Gulf Railroad Company 1907 Gold Bond
Memphis Paint and Glass Company 1906
Memphis Pros ( American Basketball Association )
Menominee Motor Truck Company 1929 - Moose Vignette
Menotomy Trust Company - Arlington, Mass 1940 - Indian Vignette
Menthol Products Company 1920
Mercantile Investment Trust Limited
Mercantile Library Company 1850 - Philadelphia
Mercantile Library Company 1871 signed by Thomas Morris Perot - Philadelphia
Mercantile Library Company 1898 - Philadelphia
Mercantile Library Company 1912 - Philadelphia
Mercantile Library Company of Philadelphia 1866
Mercantile Library Company of Philadelphia 1890 signed by Morris Perot
Mercantile Security Company 1912 - Delaware
Merchants and Miners Transportation Company 1917 - 1921
Merchants and Planters Bank 1902 - South Carolina
Merchants Dispatch Transportation Company 1871
Merchants Distilling Corporation 1936 - Terre Haute, Indiana
Merchants Exchange of St. Louis 1880's - Early Commodity market - Eads Bridge Vignette
Merchants National Bank 1866 signed by famous publisher Joel Munsell
Merchants National Bank Check 1874 - East Saginaw
Merchants Storage and Warehouse Company 1885 - New York
Merchants Union Express Co. 1867 - Early American Express Company
Merchants Union Express Co. 1868 - Early American Express Company
Mercury & Chemicals Corporation 1956
Mercury Aviation Company ( First Commercial Scheduled Airlines ) signed by Cecil B. DeMille 1920
Mercury Export Corporation ( Cecil B. DeMille Productions ) 1922
Mergenthaler - Horton Basket Machine Company 1905 - Fraud
Mergenthaler Linotype Company 1896
Merger Pictures, Inc 1928
Meridith Corporation
Merrick and Jamaica Plank Road 1852 - signed John Alsop King
Merrill Lynch & Co. 1976 - Manhattan Skyline Vignette including WTC
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith - Rated 'Strong Buy' - Analyze This
Mesa Petroleum - T. Boone Pickens as President
Mesa Petroleum - T. Boone Pickens Company
Mesa Petroleum Co.
Mesa Petroleum Co. - T. Boone Pickens as President
Mesta Machine Company - West Homestead, Pennsylvania
Metal Box Company Limited
Methodist Episcopal Church, Pacific Grove, California Postcard
Metro-Tel Corporation
Metrocall Paging Company
MetroGolf Incorporated
Metromedia Fiber Network - Metromedia under Investigation by SEC
Metropolitan Bank Check 1850's - New York
Metropolitan Bank Check 1863 - Washington Civil War Era Tax Stamp
Metropolitan Chain Stores, Inc.
Metropolitan Credit Corporation 1919 - 1922
Metropolitan Edison (Three Mile Island Owner)
Metropolitan Edison Company ( Early GPU Company )- Pennsylvania
Metropolitan Paving Company - Illinois
Metropolitan Sound Studios, Inc.
Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph circa 1912 - 6% Gold Bonds
Metropolitan Trust Company 1924
Metropolitan Trust Company of California 1931
Metropolitan Wharf and Storage Company 1914 - Massachusettes
Mex - Rio Brand Crate Label
Mexia Royalty and Producing Syndicate 1922 - Mexia, Texas
Mexican Crude Rubber Company 1927
Mexican Exploration and Development Company 1903 - Territory of Arizona
Mexican Gulf Sulphur Company
Mexican Mining Company 1912 - Mexico
Mexican Northern Power Company 1911
Mexican Northern Power Company, Limited 1911
Mexican Seaboard Oil Company ( Early Seaboard Oil and Texico Company )
Mexican Telephone Company Stock Certificate - 1890's
Mexican Timber Field Company 1906
Mexico Gold Fields Company 1912
Mexico Silver Mines Company - Arizona
Mexico-American Mining Corporation - Arizona
Meyer-Blanke Company - St. Louis, Missouri
MFS Communications Company Inc.
MFS Communications Company Inc. ( Acquired by WorldCom )
MGM - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.
Mi-24 Hind Attack Helicopter postcard
Mi-24 Hind Attack Helicopter postcard
Miami Bond and Mortgage Company 1926 - Gold Bond
Miami Shores Estates, Inc.
Michigan Central Railroad Bond circa 1854
Michigan Central Railroad Company
Michigan Central Railroad Company 1907
Michigan Central Railroad Company 1909 - Secured by Grand River Valley Railroad
Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Rail-Road Company 1859
Michigan Sugar Company - Covered Wagon Vignette
Mickey Mouse Club
Micro - Phonographes Bettini 1901 signed by Gianni Bettini ( Horn Cylinder Player Vignette )
Micro-Metals Corporation
Microsoft - Bill Gates as Chairman
Microsoft Corporation
MicroStrategy Incorporated
Microterra, Inc.
Mid - West States Utilities Company 1931 - Early General Telephone Company
Mid-Colombia Oil and Development Company
Mid-Continent Utilities Corporation 1931
Mid-Continental Bridge Company, Inc. 1931
Midas-Lode Corporation - Nevada
Middle East
Middle States Coal and Iron Mines Company 1906 - Gold Bond
Middle States Petroleum Corporation (Tennessee Gas Transmission Company )
Middle States Petroleum Corporation 1930 ( Now El Paso Natural Gas )
Middle West Utilities Company 1931
Middlesex Electric Light Company 1883
MiddleSex Electric Light Company, Portland, Maine 1883
Middleton & Tonge Cotton Mill Company, Ltd. 1875
Middletown Improvement Company 1892
Middletown NY Check 1867
Middletown Silver & Lead Mining & Manufacturing Company 1854
Midlan-Mining, Milling & Transportation Company 1923 - Colorado
Midland Mortgage Investors Trust ( Now Centennial Group, Inc. )
Midland Mortgage Investors Trust - Massachusettes
Midland Natural Gas Company 1930
Midland Natural Gas Company 1930
Midland Oil Company 1921
Midland Operating Company 1909 - Territory of Arizona
Midland United Company 1931
Midwest and Gulf Oil Corporation
Midwest Texas Oil Company 1923
Midwestern Oil Refining Company - Prop used in Movies at Christie Film Company
Mike Henry Oil Company 1920's
Mildred Consolidated Mining Company 1924 - Arizona
Miles Laboratories, Inc.
Miles Laboratories, Inc.
Miley Petroleum Exploration Company
Military Aviation Postcards
Military Land Warrant 1855 - Fort Des Moines, Iowa
Millbrae Tonopah Mining Company 1900
Miller Train Control Corporation 1911 - 1913
Miller=Closman Company
Milliken Company
Mills College - Oakland, California Postcard
Milltown Mining Company - Goldfield, Nevada signed by George Wingfield
Millville Stock Building Association 1892 - New Jersey
Milton Bradley Company
Miner Boy Mining Company 1881 - Lake. Leadville, Colorado
Mineral Development Company 1906 - 1909
Mineral Springs Manufacturing and Investment Company - Denver Colorado - 1880's
Minerals Equipment Company 1928
Miners Savings Bank and Trust Company
Miners' Savings Bank and Trust Co. 1914 - Butte, Montana
Minerva Motors - 1910
Mines De Norte Dame - 1922
Mines de Oro y Plata La Preciosa - Mexico 1911
Mines de Thakhek (Laos - Indochina) 1928
Mining Companies
Mining Companies beginning with the letters A - B
Mining Companies beginning with the letters C - D
Mining Companies beginning with the letters N - R
Mining Companies beginning with the letters S - Z
Mining Stock Companies beginning with the letters E - I
Mining Stock Companies beginning with the letters J - M
Minneapolis Gas Company ( Now Reliant Energy Minnegasco )
Minneapolis Theatre Company 1936
Minnesota Gas Company
Minnesota Gas Company
Minnesota Land Deed 1884 Signed Chester A. Arthur
Minnesota Soap Company 188X
Minnie Moore Mine Development Company
Minnie Moore Mine Development Company
Minter Homes Company 1920
Minutes of Meeting of the Board of Directors of Desilu Productions, Inc. signed by Lucille Ball 1963
Mirage Resorts, Inc. - Las Vegas Hotel Company - Stephen Wynn as Chairman
Mirth-Makers Film Company - 1916
Misc Postcards
Mission Orange Inc. 1928 - 1932 - Nevada
Mission San Carlos Del Carmelo, California Postcard
Mission San Juan Bautista, California Postcard
Mission San Miguel, California Postcard
Mississippi & Missouri Rail Road Company signed by John Dix
Mississippi and Missouri Railroad Company 1863 - Issued during Civil War
Mississippi Central Rail-Road Company 1863 - Confederate Railroad
Mississippi Glass Company - New York
Mississippi River Corporation ( Now Union Pacific )
Mississippi River Fuel Corporation
Mississippi Valley, South America and Orient Steamship Company 1911
Missouri Metals Corporation 1917-18 - Mine La Motte
Missouri Pacific Railroad Company - Train Vignette
Missouri Pacific Railroad Company 1922 - 1931
Missouri Pacific Railroad Corporation
Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Company 1880 signed by Jay Gould as President
Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Company 1881 - Signed by Robber Baron Jay Gould
Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Company 1886
Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Company 1893
Missouri-Kansas Pipe Line Company ( Early Duke Energy Company)
Mitsubishi Electric Certificate in German
Mitten Bank Securities Corporation 1927-1938
Mobile Alabama Exchange Check 1845
Mobile and Birmingham Railroad Company 1899
Mobile and Ohio Rail Road Company 1868 - 1870
Mobile and Ohio Rail Road Company 1879
Mobile Jackson and Kansas City Railroad Company 1904
Mobile Light and Railroad Company 1902 - Alabama
Modern Burglar and Fire Alarm Company 1905
Modern Data Techniques, Inc. - Old Punch Card Vignette
Modern Refrigerator Company 1920's
Modern Scandal Package - 8 Certificates
Modern Woodmen of America 1920's - Jack Nicholson Plays Woodmen Actuary
Modesto High School, Modesto, California Postcard
Modine Manufacturing Company
Modine Manufacturing Company - Wisconsin
Mohasco Corporation
Mohawk & Hudson Railroad 1839
Mohawk and Malone Railway Company Gold Bond 1892 - Indian Vignette
Mohawk and Malone Railway Company Gold Bond 1902
Mohawk Annex Mining Company - Goldfield Nevada - 1907
Mohawk Extension Mining Company - Goldfield, Nevada 1907
Mohawk Valley Bank 1848 signed by Francis E. Spinner
Mohican Club 1907 - Vermont
Mohican Copper Company 1918 - Plomosa District, Yuma County, Arizona
Mohican Pulp and Paper Company 1911
Mojave Tungsen Company 1916 - California
Mojave Tungsten Company 1916 - San Bernardino, Califonnia
MoKo Company Check and Letterhead - Nice Vignettes
Molle Typewriter Company 1920 - Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Monarch Industries, Inc.
Money /Checks / Billheads/ Movie Money
Monitor Mining Company
Monitor Mining Company 1887 - Deadwood, Dakota Territory - Wild Bill Hickok killed in Saloon
Monmouth Park Jockey Club
Monmouth Park Jockey Club - Issued to David A. Werblin
Monmouth Park Jockey Club issued to Leon Hess - New York Jets / Amerada Hess Oil
Mono - Ford Aircraft Corporation 1930
Monongahela Gas Coal Company 1874
Monongahela Power and Railway Company 1922
Monopoly Railroad Set - 4 Certificates from the Monopoly Game
Monsanto Company
Monsanto Company 9 1/2 Percent Bond Certificate with Famous Logo as Vignette
Mont' Elisa Beauty Brand Grapes Label
Montague Paper Company 1903 - Turners Falls, Massachusettes
Montana Fire Clay Company 1880's
Montana Silver Queen Mining Company - Washington State
Montana Summit Mining Co, Ltd. 1901
Montana Tonopah Company Reorganized
Monte Christo Consolidated Mining and Development Company, Ltd. 1898
Monte Cristo Gold & Copper Company 1904
Monte Cristo Mining Co. 1878 - Sierra County, California
Monte Cristo Mining Company 1875 Sierra County, California
Monte Video Telephone Company 1915 - 1917
Montecito Oil Producers Company - Santa Barbara, California
Monterey Chemical Manufacturing Company - 1897
Montex Corporation 1925 - Fort Worth, Texas
Montgomery and Erie Railway Company 1867-1881
Montgomery County Colored Fair Association 1909 - Kentucky
Montgomery Ward Credit Corporation
Moody's Capital Fund, Inc. 1968
Moon Motor Car Company 1920's
Moore Motor Vehicle Company 1917
Moran Company - State of Washington
Moreland Motor Truck Company 1935 ( Fire and Hauling Truck Manufacturer )
Morelia and Tacambaro Railway Company 1907 - New Jersey
Moreno Valley Gold Gravel Mining Company 1887 - New Mexico
Morgan Great Valley Corporation
Morgan Stanley Fund, Inc.
Morrhistinol Manufacturing Company 1903
Morris and Essex Rail Road Company
Morris and Essex Railroad Company
Morris Canal and Banking Company of 1844
Morris Transport Service of India 1942 with nice vignette
Morrison Hotel Corporation - Famous Chicago Hotel
Morro Bay, California, San luis Obispo County Postcard
Mortgage Guarantee Company 1928 - Pennsylvania
Mortgage Securities Company - December 1929
Mortgage Security Building and Loan Association 1935 - Pennsylvania
Morton Salt Company
Mother Lode Coalition Mines Company 1920's
Motient Corporation - Satellite / Terrestrial Communications ( Was American Mobile Satellite )
Moto - Vita Corporation 1931
Motobile Products Company 1925 - Ohio
Motolina Consolidated Mining Company 1892 - Pittsburgh, Pa
Motor Mileage Corporation 1929
Motor Vehicle Speed Alarm Company
Motorola, Inc.
Moulton Mining Company 1905 - Washington State
Moulton Mining Company of Montana 1887-1902 - Montana Territory
Moulton Mining Company signed by Senator Clark - Territory of Utah 1880's
Mount Auburn Cemetery Company 1886
Mount Carmel Gas Light Company 1910 - Pennsylvania
Mount Elliot Consolidated Mines Company Territory of Arizona 1909
Mount Olive Coal Company 1889 Washington Vignette
Mount Rainier Mining Company 1920's
Mountain Fuel Supply Company - Utah
Mountain States Life Insurance Company
Mountain States Resources Corporation ( Became Micro-Media Solutions )
Movie Prop Money - Five Dollars
Movie Prop Money - Lincoln Five Dollars
Movie Prop Money - Twenty Dollars
Movie Prop Money One Hundred Dollars ( Internet music company )
MPO Videotronics, Inc. 1960 - 1961
Mt. San Antonio, "Old Baldy," California Postcard
Mt. Shasta, California Postcard
Muddy Creek Oil Company 1917 - Wyoming
Muehlhausen Spring Corporation - Indiana
Muhammad Ali Stock Certificate
Munckton Gold & Silver Mining Company 187X - Mono County, California
Municipal Assistance Corporation for the City of New York - Series JJ Bond
Municipal Assistance Corporation for the City of New York 1979
Municipal Bonds
Municipal Swimming Pool - Pacific Grove, California
Municipal Telephone and Utilities Company 1930 - 6% Convertible Gold bond
Municipal Utilities Company - 1914
Municipiul Bucuresti (Muni Bond from Romania) 1912
Muntz TV - Founded by Earl "Madman" Muntz
Muraoka Land Co., Ltd. Hawaii
Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company ( Famous Toy Company )
Music Master Corporation 1926
Music Master Corporation 1926 - Famous Radio Maker
Mustang Crate Label
Mustang Extension Mining Company of Manhattan 1912 - Tonapah, Nevada
Mutual Bank and Trust Company 1920 - Hartford, Connecticut
Mutual Benefit Fire Insurance Company 1869 - Boston, Massachusettes
Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company 1865 - New Jersey
Mutual Life Insurance Company 1868 - 1870
Mutual Oil Company
Mutual Telephone Company - Honolulu, Hawaii 1880's
Mutual Telephone Company 1886 - Honolulu, Hawaii
Mutual Telephone Company 1890's - Honolulu, Hawaii
Mutual Telephone Company of Honolulu, Hawaii 1909 - Issued
Mutual Union Brewing Company 1908
My Big Fat 105 Year Old Greek Bond with Aphrodite, Apollo, Athena and Hypocrites
Mystery Gold Mining Comany - Silverton, Colorado
Mystery Gold Mining Company - Colorado
Mystic Steamship Company 1924 - Massachusettes
N.A. Wimer Garage Company 1917 - Colorado
Nanometrics, Inc.
Nanticoke Oil Company 1901
Narragansett Electric Lighting Company 1886 - Rhode Island
Narragansett Mills Fall River, Massachusettes 1920's
Narragansett Racing Association, Inc.
Nashville Electronics, Inc.
Nathan's Famous , Inc. - Famous Coney Island Hot Dog Maker
National Airlines postcard Boeing 727
National Airlines postcard Boeing 727
National Airlines postcard Boeing 727
National Airlines postcard Boeing 747
National Airlines postcard Commander 1121
National Airlines postcard Douglas DC-10
National Airlines postcard Douglas DC-7
National Airlines postcard Douglas DC-8
National Airlines postcard Douglas DC-8
National Airlines postcard Lockheed L-188
National Airlines Postcards
National Airlines Stock Certificate
National Airlines Stock Certificate -NICE 1960's
National Airlines, Inc 1945 - George Baker -SCARCE
National Alfalfa Dehydrating Company
National Aniline & Chemical Company, Inc. 1918
National Automatic Fire Alarm Company - New Orleans 1892
National Aviation Corporation
National Bank of Catasauqua - 1868 Civil War Tax Stamp
National Bank of Cooperstown, New York 1880's - Baseball Hall of Fame
National Bank of Herndon 1910 - Virginia
National Bank of Lynwood 1931 - Lynwood, California
National Bank of Oxford Stock Certificate
National Bank of Washington DC Stock
National Beverage Corp.
National Biscuit Company 1930 ( Early Nabisco )
National Brush Company
National Can Corporation 1942 - Delaware
National Candy Company - V.L. Price as President
National Car Rental System, Inc.
National Cash Credit Association 1930
National Cash Register Company - NCR Computers
National Chewing Gum Company 1915
National City Bank Check signed by Edwards Pierrepont 1874
National Clay Company 1912
National Computer Analysts, Inc. (M Tech New England Corp) 1974
National Conduit Cable Company, Inc. 1922 - New York
National Consolidated Oil Company 1902
National Consolidated Wire and Cable 1906
National Deposit & Security Company - 1930's Washington -Statue of Liberty Vignette
National Distillers and Chemical Corp Bond
National Dye and Printing Company
National Dyeing and Printing Company
National Egg Carrier Company 1903
National Electric Power Company 1928 - Maine
National Family Stores Stock - Depression Era
National Film Corporation 1917
National Flying Services Limited 1929
National Fuel Gas Company
National Funding Corporation - California
National Gas & Electric Corporation
National Glass Company 1899
National Hydraulic Mining Company 1901 - Cariboo District, British Columbia
National Hydraulic Mining Company 1901 - Cariboo District, British Columbia
National Lead Company Dutch Boy Vignette - Company was in 1896 Original Dow Average
National Life & Accident Insurance Company (American General)
National Light and Storage Battery Company 1899
National Marine Bank of Baltimore 1911
National Metropolitan Bank 1877 - District of Columbia
National Metropolitan Bank 1897 - Washington DC
National Mine Service Company
National Mortgage Company - Ohio
National Motor Cab Company 1910 - Great Old Cab Vignette - England
National Oil Products Company 1941 - 1944
National Patent Development Corporation
National Properties Company American Railways 1916 - Gold Bond
National Provincial Bank Limited
National Radiator Corporation 1929
National Railways of Mexico (Ferrocarriles Nacionales De Mexico) 1907
National Rifle Association Membership Certificate 1949
National Rubber Company 1917 - 1918
National Safe & Lock Company 1928 - Cleveland, Ohio
National School of Aviation 1911 - France - Early Airplane Images
National Securities Corporation of California
National Semiconductor Corporation ( Early Stock ) with Charlie Sporck as president 1970
National Soap and Chemical Company, Inc. - 1930
National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Membership Certificate 1916
National Society Sons of the American Revolution
National Steel Corporation
National Street Indicator and Advertising Company, Inc. 1912 - Arizona
National Sweepstakes Corporation Stock Certificate
National Tank Car Company 1922 - $1,000 Gold Debenture - Illinois
National Tea Co.
National Tea Company
National Tea Company Stock Certificate 1935
National Tel-Tronics Corporation 1962
National Telegraphone Company 1903 - Distrtict of Columbia
National Telephone Company, Limited 1897
National Terminals Corporation - Chicago North Pier Terminal Owner
National Text-Book Company 1910
National Times Savings Bank 1884 - Father Time Vignette
National Tube Works Company BillHead 1888
National Underground Electric Company 1883 - Camden, New Jersey
National Union Bank of Boston 1894 - Massachusettes
National Valve and Manufacturing Company 1979 ( NAVCO )
National Water Works Company 1887 - New York
National Wool Growers Association Certificate of Membership 1907
Nationalist Government Lottery Loan of China 1926
Nations Bank Corporation
Nations Bank Corporation
Native Sons Hall Association of Sacramento - Sutter Creek
Native Sons Hall Association of Sacramento - Sutter Creek
Native Sons' Monument, San Francisco, California Postcard
Natomas Company of California 1915 ( Gold dredging Operator )
Naugatuck Water Company 1889 - Gold gilded printing - Connecticut
Navajo Consolidated Mining Company 1901 - Cripple Creek Mining District
Navajo Petroleum Corporation 1933
Navigation on Danube Stock 1921
Nazareno Mining Company Bond 1910
Neale Biplane and Submarine Flotilla Litho postcard
Nebraska Amusement Co. 1914
Nehi Corporation 1946
Neiman Marcus Group, Inc.
Nekoosa-Edwards Paper Company
Nelson Holding Company 1920's
Nelson Iron Works, Inc. - Seattle, Washington
Neotec Corporation (NIRSystems )
Neptune Line of Screw Steamers Between New York & Providence 1865
Neptune Twine Mill - National Bank of New England 1875
Netcentives - Dot Com Bankruptcy --- Issued September 11, 2001
NetGravity ( Now DoubleClick )
Nevada & Mountain Lakes Ice Company - 1870
Nevada ( Las Vegas) Power Company Stock Certificate
Nevada - Utah Mines and Smelters Corporation
Nevada Agricultural, Mining and Mechanical Society
Nevada Boy Goldfield Mining Company - signed by Tasker Oddie (Nevada Governer and Senator)
Nevada Exploration Syndicate 1902
Nevada Goldfield Reduction Company 1910
Nevada Motion Picture Corporation 1916
Nevada Printing and Stationery Company 1907-Reno, Nevada
Nevada State Controllers Warrant 1884 - Carson City
Nevada Treasure Mining Co. 1909
Nevada-Utah Mines and Smelters Corporation 1908
New Albany and Salem Railroad Company - Income Bond 1855
New Bath House, Santa Barbara, California
New Bedford Railroad Company 1876
New Brunswick Apple Exchange Limited
New Century Casualty Company - Illinois
New Century Exploration and Investment Company 1906
New Cornelia Copper Company 1926
New England Cold Storage Company 1913 - Polar Bear Vignette
New England Electric System ( Now National Grid USA )
New England Fuel Oil Company of Massachusetts
New England Gas and Electric Association
New England Heat, Light & Power Company 1884
New England Lime Company
New England Telephone and Telegraph Bond (Pre NYNEX)
New England Venezuela Company 1936
New Goldfield Simerone Mining Company 1915
New Grahame White Military Biplane with Gun Photo Postcard
New Granada Company 1852 (Panama and Colombia)
New Jersey Consolidated Mines Company 1928
New Jersey Economic Development Authority - Municipal Bond
New Jersey Junction Railroad $1,000 Bond signed by J.P. Morgan 1886
New Jersey Worsted Spinning Company
New London Marine Iron Works Company 1917 - Lighthouse Vignette
New London Ship and Engine Company signed by Frank Cable
New Monte Cristo Mining Company - Death Valley, Leadfield signed by Swindler C. C. Julian
New Orleans Board of Trade - 1903
New Orleans Credit Men's Assocation 1932
New Orleans Great Northern Railway Company 1933
New Orleans Gulf Steamship Company 1911
New Orleans Lightering & Wrecking Company 1867
New Orleans Public Service Inc. 1922
New Pennsylvania Petroleum Company 1913
New Post Office, Santa Rosa, California Postcard
New Process Cork Company
New World Pictures, Ltd.
New York & New England Airways 1933 signed by Clarence D. Chamberlain as President
New York & Oswego Midland Rail Road 1868
New York - Mexican Oil Company
New York and Boston Silver Lead Company 1865
New York and Harlem Rail Road Company 1843 signed by Jacob Little, Inventor of the Short Sale
New York and Harlem Rail Road Company 1831
New York and Harlem Railroad Company 1974 - Annual Report
New York and New Jersey Bridge Company 1892
New York Auto-Telegraph Company Stock - 1885 Signed by Cornell
New York Bottling Company 1927
New York Bottling Company, Inc. 1921 - Early Coke Bottling Company
New York Building Postcards by Marcus A. Van Der Hope 1940's - 7 card set
New York Business Buildings Corporation
New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Company 1912
New York Central and Hudson River 100 Year Gold Bond 1897 - Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr. Vignette
New York Central and Hudson River Railroad $5,000 bond signed by Chancey Depew
New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company 1895 - Gold Bond
New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company 1897 signed by Chauncey Depew
New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company 1913
New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company 1913 - 100 Year $10,000 Bond
New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company Gold Bond 1898
New York Central and Hudson River Railroad GOLD Bond 1898
New York Central Railroad 1913 - 4% 85 Year Gold Bond
New York Central Railroad Company - Cornelius Vanderbilt Vignette
New York Central Railroad Company 100 Year Bond - 1913 Grand Central Station Vignette
New York Central Railroad Company 100 Year Bond 1921 - Grand Central Station Vignette
New York City Payroll Listing of Employees approved and signed by William "Boss" Tweed 1863
New York Connecting Railroad Company 1945 - Hell Gate Bridge Vignette
New York Consolidated Railroad 1912 ( Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company )
New York County Treasurer Check signed by William "Boss" Tweed and Gang 1867
New York Governor and Mayor John T. Hoffman Signed Check 1868
New York Horse Show Association First Annual Show award to W.K. Vanderbilt 1899
New York Job Development Authority
New York Job Development Authority - Municipal Bond
New York Law Institute 1850
New York Magic City of Light Multi View Folding Postcard - 1940's
New York Railways Corporation 1920's -1930's - Early Trolley Vignette
New York Railways Corporation 1927
New York Railways Participation Corporation 1926
New York Regional Rail Corporation
New York Southern Society 1899
New York State Stock 1841 - Delaware and Hudson Canal Company
New York Telephone Company - 1958
New York Telephone Company 1954
New York Telephone Company Bond Certificate
New York to Paris Telegraph Cable Company - 1879
New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad Company
New York, Ontario and Western Railroad Gold Bond 1905
New York, Ontarion and Western Railway 1931
New York, Pennsylvania & Ohio Railroad Company 1880
New York, Pennsylvania & Ohio Railroad Company 1880
New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio Rail-Road Company 1881
New York, Rio & Buenos Aires Line (NYBRA) - Early Pan American Airline Company 1931
New York-Mexican Oil Company
Newark International Baseball Club - New York Yankees Farm Club - RARE
Newark Ohio Water Works Company 1885
Newark, Ohio Water Works Company 1885 - Gold Bond
Newbridge Networks Corporation ( Now Alcatel )
Newcor, Inc.
Newmont Mining Corporation
Newmont Mining Corporation
Newport Company (Newport Industries)
Newport Electric Company Preferred Stock Certificate 1931
Newport Mining and Leasing Company 1920's - Spokane, Washington
Newport News and Mississippi Valley Company - Huntington Printed Signature
Newport News and Mississippi Valley Company 1886 signed by Collis Porter Huntington
Nextel Communications, Inc.
Nextel Partners Inc.
Nexxus Technologies, Inc.
Niagara Meter Company 1890's - New York
Niagara Mining and Smelting Company 1890 - Territory of Utah - Silver Dollar Corporate Seal
Niagara Mining and Smelting Company 1892 - Territory of Utah
Niagara Share Corporation of Maryland
Niagara Share Corporation of Maryland
Niagara Share Corporation of Maryland
Niagara Sprayer Company - Rare Vignette of Apple Surrounding Niagara Falls
Niagara, Lockport and Ontario Power Company
Nicholson File Company (Cooper Industries) 1907 - 1908 signed by Nicholson
Nickel Plate New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad Company
Nielsen Brewers' Supply Company 1911
Night Rider Crate Label - Cowboy Riding Horse at Night
Niles - Bement - Pond Company ( Became Colt Industries )
Nimson Forge & Axle Company 1875
Nineteen Hundred Corporation
Nintah-Wyoming Oil & Gas Company
Nippon Electric Company, Limited (NEC) 1969
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Nitzsche & Guillumette 1911
NLT Corporation ( Now American General )
NLT Corporation (American General Corporation )
NLT Corporation 1969
No Hassle Return Policy
Noblitt-Sparks Industries, Incorporated ( Now ArvinMeritor, Inc)
Noiseless Typewriter Company - Middletown, Connecticut
Noisy River Telephone Co. 1915 - Creemore, Ontario
Non - Inflammable Film Company 1927
Noonday Creek Drainage Bond - Georgia 1920
NOPCO Chemical Company 1950's (Diamond Shamrock)
Norfolk & Petersburg Rail Road Company 1857
Norfolk and Western Railroad Company 1880's
Norfolk and Western Railway Company 1902 - Virginia
Norfolk and Western Railway Company 1912
Norma - Hoffmann Bearings Corporation
Nortel Networks Corporation
North & Judd Manufacturing Company 1916 (Early Gulf and Western Company)
North American Aviation
North American Aviation, Inc. 1946
North American Co - Original Dow Average 1896
North American Company 1934
North American Edison Company 1920's - 1930
North American Edison Company 1925 - Early Certificate
North American Edison Company 1930's
North American Edison Company 1930's
North American Film Corporation 1915
North American Light and Power Company - 1920's Preferred Stock
North American Light and Power Company 1916 - signed by Clement Studebaker
North American Light and Power Company 1929 - 1935
North American Light and Power Stock 1930s-1940s - Forced to Liquidate by Government
North American Lloyd Aircraft Corporation 1929
North American Lumber Company
North American Mining & Smelting Corporation Nevada 1928 - Gold Debenture
North American Pulp and Paper Companies
North American Refractories Company 1930's - Indian Chief Vignette
North American Rockwell Corporation Stock
North American Rockwell Overseas Corporation Bond
North American Utility Securities Corporation
North and West Branch Railway Company 1891
North Belle Isle Mining Company 1891 - Elko County, Nevada
North Butte Extension Development Company 1915
North Butte Mining Company Stock Certificate 1907 - 1 916
North Carolina Telephone Stock Certificate 1955 (ALLTEL and Sprint)
North Central Republic Airlines Stock
North Continent Utilities Corporation
North Continent Utilities Corporation
North Country Mining Company Limited - Gloria Mine - British Columbia 1930
North Devon Railway and Dock Company 1852 - Early English Railroad
North Horn Silver Mining Company 1881 - Frisco, Utah
North Horn Silver Mining Company 1881 - Utah
North River Steam Boat Company 1816 - New York - Early Steam Boat Company
North Saskatchewan Land Company Limited 1911 - Montreal, Dominion of Canada
North Star Company 1905 - New York
North Star Mining Company 1881
North Star Sultan Mining Company - Colorado
North Star Sulton Mining Company
North Utah Mining Company 1907
North Utah Mining Company of Bingham 1906
North West Utilities Company
North West Utilities Company
North West Utilities Company
North Whitney Gold Syndicate Limited
North Whitney Mines, Limited
Northeast Bancorp, Inc. - Now First Union
Northern Central Railway Company
Northern Central Railway Company
Northern Central Trust Company of Philadelphia 1930
Northern Constructon Company of Elkhart, Indiana 1926 - Gold Bond
Northern Illinois Corporation ( Finance Company )
Northern Insurance Company 1897 - Indian Vignette - New York
Northern Railroad Company 1899 ( Early Erie Railroad )
Northern Railroad Company of New Jersey 1920's
Northern States Bancorporation, Inc.
Northern States Power Company ( Now Xcel Energy )
Northern Water and Power Company 1906 - California
Northfield Bank 1863
Northfield National Bank 1866
Northumberland Shipbuilding Company Limited 1919
Northwest Airlines Corporation
Northwest Airlines, Inc.
Northwest Airlines, Inc. hand signed by President 1972
Northwest Engineering Company ( Now Terex )
Northwest Piggly Wiggly Company 1926 - Colorado
Northwestern Bell Telephone Company - Iowa
Northwestern Public Service Company ( Now NorthWestern Corporation )
Northwestern Steamship Company
Northwestern Steel and Wire Company
Norton Company 1920 - Massachusettes
Norwalk Tire and Rubber Company 1943
Norwich and New York Transportation Company 1892
Norwich Pharmacal Company ( Now Procter & Gamble Company )
Nova Scotia Land and Gold Crushing and Amalgamating Company 1863
Novametrix Medical Systems Inc.
Novelty Rubber Company 1880's - New Brunswick, New Jersey
Novelty Stock Certificate - Personalized
Novelty Stocks
Nuclear Research Associates, Inc.
Nuclear Solutions, Inc - Nevada
Nuveen Bond Fund
Nynex Corporation
O - S Banks, Brokers, Exchanges
O - T Utilities
O'Sullivan Rubber Company 1910
O.E. Williams Aeroplane Company 1914
OAK Industries Inc. - Early Cable TV Converter and Subscription "On TV" Company
Oak Manufacturing Company ( Early Cable Converter Maker )
Oakite Products, Inc.
Oakland City Hall - Oakland, California
Oakland Postcards
Oatman United Gold Mining Company - Arizona 1929
Occidental Petroleum Corporation - Armmand Hammer as Chairman
Ocean City Railroad Company 1899 - 1901
Ocean Oil Company 1871
Oceanography Mariculture Industries - Pompano fish farm in the Dominican Republic
Odd - Fellows' Hall Association 1875 - Stockton, California
Odd Fellows Hall Association of Malden, Massachusettes 1928 - Three Link Logo
Office Board of Police 1861 - City of Baltimore - Civil War Era
Office of the County Clerk Starr County, Texas
Office of the Delaware and Raritan Canal Company 1868
Office of The Singer Manufacturing Company Letter 1868
Official BOB.COM Pen - Perfect Gift for Bob
Official Bulletin of the Screen Actors Guild 1938
Official Films International
Official Films, Inc (Official Industries)
Official Music Company
Official Television, Inc
Offshore Company
Offshore Company
Oh! Mama Brand Crate Label
Ohio & California Refining Oil Company 1903
Ohio & Indiana Railroad Company 1853
Ohio & Missouri Mining Co. 1847
Ohio & Pennsylvania Railroad Company 1855
Ohio - Tonopah Mining Company 1907 - Tonopah, Nevada
Ohio - Yaqui Mining Company 1907 - Territory of Arizona
Ohio and Indiana Railroad Company Stock Certificate 1852 - 1854
Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad Company 1853
Ohio Edison Company
Ohio Edison Company
Ohio Edison Company ( Now FirstEnergy Corp. )
Ohio Gold Mining Company 1902 - Cleveland, Ohio
Ohio Mining and Exploration Company 1906 - Nogales, Arizona - Territory of Arizona
Ohio Power Company Stock Certificate
Ohio Public Service Company ( Now Ohio Edison )
Ohio Public Service Company ( Now Ohio Edison )
Ohio Turnpike Domestic Loan 1843 - signed by Civil War Governor John Brough
Oil , Gas and Chemicals
Oil Cars at Shipping Station, Bakersfield California Postcard
Oil City and Petroleum Bridge Company 1907
Oil Creek and Allegheny River Railway Company 1874 - 1875
Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company ( OGE Energy )
Oklahoma Oil Company 1918
Oklahoma Oil Corporation Signed as by J. PAUL GETTY 1922
Okonite Company
Old California Postcards
Old Checks
Old Colony and Fall River Railroad Co. 1863
Old Colony Rail Road Corporation 1846
Old Colony Railroad Company 1870's
Old Colony Steamboat Company signed by Frederick L. Ames 1881
Old Dominion Garment Company
Old English Malted Milk Company, Inc. 1929
Old Gold Mines Company 1901 - Wyoming
Old Jumbo Color Postcards From California 1949
Old New York Postcards
Old Oregon Postcards
Old Paper Money
Old Republic International Corporation
Old Republic International Corporation
Old Trade Cards
Old Washington State Postcards
Oldham Works Check 1853
Olson Aircraft Corporation 1965 - Wilmington, North Carolina
Olympia Brewing Co. 1915
Olympia Brewing Company 1933 - Issued when prohibition was repealed - Washington
Olympia Brewing Company 1951
Olympia Mining and Milling Co. 1899 - St. Louis, Missouri
Olympias S.A. des Entreprises Forestieres - Greece 1935
Omaha and Council Bluffs Street Railway Company 1905-1907
Omaha Wholeshale Produce Market House Company 1904
Omark Industries - Blount International Stock Certificate
Omni Spectra, Inc. ( Merged into M/A-Com )
Omnium Francais Du Film - Early French Film Company - Art Deco - 1928
One William Street Fund, Inc. - Leham Brothers
Onieda , Inc ( Famous Silverware Company )
Option Mining Company 1926 - Idaho
Oquossoc Light and Power Company 1918
Oracle Corporation
ORANGE Amercian Banknote Company Stock WWII
Orange Crush Bottling Company 1923
Orange-co, Inc.
Orbital Sciences Corporation
Orbital Sciences Corporation
Oregon & Transcontinential Co $1000 Bond 1882
Oregon and Trancontinental Company 1881 signed by Henry Villard as President
Oregon and Transcontinental Company 1882 - E. H. Harriman
Oregon and Transcontinental Company 1888 - signed by Sidney Dillon
Oregon Iron-Ore Development Corporation 1927
Orient Gold Placer Mining Company 1887 - North San Juan, Nevada County, California
Oriental Bank Corporation 1851 - 1852
Oriental Bank Corporation 1866
Oriental Copper Company of Arizona 1907
Oriental Exposition Company 1902 - St. Louis Worlds Fair Exhibitor
Oriental Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California Postcard
Original Buckskin Mining Company 1906 - Terrotory of Arizona
Original Colgate - Palmolive - Peet Company 1913 signed by Founder
Oro Grande Placer Mining Company 1900
Orphan Boy Mining and Milling Company 1892 - Colorado
Orpheum Theatres 1924 - Lion Vignette
Osage Oil & Refining Company - South Dakota
Oscar Crate Label - Acadamy Award Image
Oscar Creek Consolidated Mining Company 1900 - Grant's Pass, Oregon
Oscar Mayer & Co 1980
Oscar Mayer & Company, Inc (Famous Hot Dog Company)
Oshkosh B'Gosh - Famous Clothing Maker
Osterreiche Boden Credit Austalt - Austria 1906
Osterreiche Boden Credit Austalt 1910 - Austria
Oswego Railroad Bridge Co. 1870's - New York
Other State Postcards
Otis Elevator Company 1971 - 1972
Otter Tail Power Company
Otter Tail Power Company
Our Publishing Company 1894 - Atlanta, Georgia - Signed by Thomas E. Watson
Outboard Marine Corporation 1977 $10,000 Bond - Pre Bankruptcy
Overbrook Arms Corporation 1939
Overland Company 1900
Overland Telegraph Company 1901
Overseas Securities Co., Inc. 1929 - 1931
Owens Corning Fiberglas Bond Certificate
Owens Lake Soda Syndicate, Inc. 1926
Owensboro Water Works Company 1889
Owenwood Oil Company 1921
Owenwood Oil Corporation 1921 - Bi Plane Vignette - Fort Worth, Texas
Owners Automobile Insurance Company, Inc. 1927 - Louisiana
Oxford Linen Mills 1909
Oxoco - California
OZ Entertainment Company
Ozark White Lime Co. 1902 - Fayetteville, Arkansas
P. Lorillard Company Tobacco 1914
P. W. and B. Railroad Co. ( J. E. Thayer Agent ) 1864 signed by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
P.H. Hanes Knitting Company ( Now Sara Lee Corporation )
P3 AEW&C postcard
Pabst Brewing Company 1912 signed by Fred and Gustave Pabst
Pabst Brewing Company 1910
Pabst Brewing Company 1918 signed by Gustave Pabst
Pacesetter Corporation
Pacific Alaska Airways Lockheed Lodestar 1950's
Pacific American Fisheries, Inc. 1928 - Puget Sound / Alaska
Pacific Bank 1887 - California
Pacific Coast Company
Pacific Coast Properties - Delaware 1978
Pacific Door and Sash Company 1928 - California
Pacific Gas and Electric - 1957 Famous California Utility Bankruptcy
Pacific Gas and Electric Company - California 1947 - Huge California Bankruptcy
Pacific Gas Transmission Company
Pacific Highway Bridge Over the Shasta River, California Postcard
Pacific Highway, Sacramento River Canyon, California Postcard
Pacific Mail Steamship Company
Pacific National Bank of Los Angeles 1920's
Pacific Northwest Bell Company 1970's ( U.S. West Company ---> Became Qwest )
Pacific Oil Company 1904
Pacific Oil Tool Company, Ltd October 1929
Pacific Packing and Navigation Company 1901 (Pacific American Fisheries)
Pacific Physician Services, Inc.
Pacific Power & Light Company
Pacific Smelting and Mining Company 1916
Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard Boeing 727
Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard Boeing 727
Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard Boeing 727
Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard Boeing 727
Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard DC-4
Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard DC-9
Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard DC-9
Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard Lockheed L-1011
Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard Lockheed L-1011
Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard Lockheed L-188
Pacific States Life Insurance Company
Pacific States Mines - Medford, Oregon
Pacific Straw Paper and Board Company signed Charles F. Schuab
Pacific Telephone and Telegraph $1,000 Bond
Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company 1909 - 30 Year Gold Bond
Pacific Telesis Group
Pacific Wrecking and Salvage Company 1899 - Seattle, Washington
Packages and Certificate of the Month
Packages, Annual Reports and More
Packard Motor Car Company - Professionally Framed
Packard Motor Car Company Stock 1940's
Packard Motor Car Company Stock Certificate
Pacolet Manufacturing Company 1880's
Page & Shaw Incorporated - Famous Candies and Chocolates
Pages, Inc - 1971
Palatine Motor Transportation & Industrial Corporation 1921
Palestine Economic Corporation (PEC Israel Economic Corporation )
Palestine Posts and Telegraphs
Palestine Posts and Telegraphs
Palisades of the Potomac Land Company 1893 - Signed by founder of Washington Post, Stilson Hutchins
Palm Beach Guaranty Company
Palm Beach Guaranty Company - Guaranty Building Vignette
Palm, Inc.
Palmer Union Oil Company 1913 - California
Palmer's Shipbuilding and Iron Company, Limited 1930
Palmers Shipbuilding and Iron Company, Limited 1907
Pan (Pacific) American Airways Company 1938
Pan Am Airlines Postcard of 747 in 1973
Pan Am Airways postcard Boeing 314
Pan Am Airways postcard Boeing 314
Pan Am Airways postcard Boeing 707-321
Pan Am Airways postcard Boeing 727-121
Pan Am Airways postcard DC7
Pan Am Airways postcard Douglas DC6B
Pan Am Airways postcard of DC7 in 1950's
Pan Am Corporation 1986
Pan Am Stock during four decades 50's - 80's
Pan American Airlines Clipper Photo Postcard
Pan American Airways 1947 ps/Trippe
Pan American Airways Boeing 707
Pan American Airways China Clippper 1930's
Pan American Airways Convair 340 - 1950's
Pan American Airways Corporation 1930's - Early Pan Am Plus Postcard
Pan American Airways DC4
Pan American Airways Fairchild FC-71 1930's
Pan American Airways postcard DC3 1940's
Pan American Airways Postcard DC4 - 1946 Image
Pan American Airways postcard DC7B 1950's
Pan American Airways Postcards
Pan American Debenture Corporation 1922- Virginia
Pan American Eastern Petroleum Corporation
Pan American Exposition Company Stock 1901
Pan American Expostion Company 1901 - Signed John Milburn ( Pres. McKinley Died in Milburn's home)
Pan American Sulphur Company Stock
Pan American World Airways
Pan American World Airways - Issued during WWll - Early Vignette
Pan American World Airways - Pre Bankruptcy
Pan American World Airways circa 1950's - Juan Trippe PLUS Postcard
Pan Motor Company - Famous Fraud - 1919
Panama Rail Road Co. 1865
Panavision - Motion Picture Camera Maker - Camera Vignette
Panavision Inc. - Famous Hollywood Camera Company
Panda Productions 1950's
Pandick Press, Inc. - Famous IPO Printer
Panificadora Popular Madrilena 1916
Paoli Lithia Springs Hotel Company 1922 - Paoli, Indiana
Papantla Royalties Corporation
Paraffine Companies Inc. ( Pre Fibreboard Corporation )
Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation
Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation - New York
Paramount Pictures Corporation $500 Prop Money
Paramount Pictures Corporation Prop Money - Indian Vignette
Paramount Pictures Corporation Stock w/vignette - 1960s
Paramount Royalty Syndicate 1923
Paris Colored Photo postcard of Bi Plane and Zeppelin
Paris Gas Company 1855
Paris International Films Stock Certificate 1927 - Silent Movies
Parisian Cycles and Cars 1929
Park - Lexington Company 1937 - New York
Park Place Entertainment ( Caesars, Bally’s, Flamingo, Grand Casinos,Hilton and Paris)
Park Street, Alameda, California Postcard
Park-Ohio Industries, Inc.
Parke, Davis and Company 1960s NICE Vignette
Parker Drilling Company
Parker Pen Company
Parker Pen Company
Parksley Base Ball Association, Inc. Virgina's Eastern Shore 1922
Parrot Silver and Copper Company - 1900
Parrott Silver and Copper Company 1907 - Montana
Pascall Energy Corporation
Pasiga Timber Company - Illinois
Passaic Worsted Spinning Company 1912 - New Jersey
Patapsco Steam Boat Company 1897
Patent Box Opener Company 1864 - Civil War Era Invention
Patent Cereals Company
Paterson Bridge Company 1922 - New Jersey
Pathe Baby Company - 1923 - Famous Rooster Vignette
Pathe Freres Phonograph Stock 1912
Pathe Industries,Inc. - Red Rooster Vignette
Pathe Phone Exploitation - 1910
Patino Mines and Enterprises Consolidated
Patriotic Civil War Letter Head - Hemp for traitors
Patriotic Civil War Letterhead - Be Just Fear Not
Patriotic Civil War Letterhead Union and Liberty! One Evermore!
Patriotic Postcards - Printed prior to 1910
Patterson - Sargent Company ( Famous Paint company )
Patterson - Sargent Company - Ohio ( Famous Paint Company )
Pavonia Building Corporation
Pavonia Building Corporation - New York
Pay Toilet Lock Company 1922 - Connecticut Corporation
Paypal - Acquired by EBAY
Peabody Mills 1888 - Newburyport, Massachusettes
Peace River Mining and Milling Company 1933 - British Columbia, Canada
Peak Technologies Group, Inc.
Pearl Silver Mining Company 1888
Pecos Valley Power & Light Company
Peerless Motor Car Corporation 1926
Peerless Oil Company - West Virginia
Peerless Press, Incorporated 1920
Peerless Shoe Company 1899 - New York
Peet Bros. Manufacturing Company 1910 -( Early Colgate Company ) KC, Missouri
Peet Brothers Soap Company ( Original Colgate - Palmolive - Peet Company ) 1925
Peggy O'Neal Cigar Corporation 1932
Peirce Wire Recorder Corporation (Early IBM Company)
Pejepscot National Bank - Brunswick, Maine 1887
Pelican Petroleum Company - Washington
Peninsula Highway, U.S. 101 "El Camino Real" Postcard
Penn Central Company post Bankruptcy
Penn Central Corporation 1979
Penn Central Railway Company - Pre Bankruptcy
Penn-Texas Corporation ( Early Coltec Industries )
Penn-Yan Mining Company
Pennroad Corporation ( Became Madison Fund )
Pennsalt (ATOFINA )Chemical Corporation Stock Certificate
Pennsylvania Canal Company 1870
Pennsylvania Crude Oil Company 1923
Pennsylvania Electric Company
Pennsylvania Electric Company
Pennsylvania Gasoline Company 1917
Pennsylvania Imperial Oil Company 1865 - Venango County, Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Land Deed Issued to George Eddy 1795
Pennsylvania Land Deed Issued to Johnathon Seeley
Pennsylvania Railroad - Annual Report 1948 and Horseshoe Curve Stock Certificate
Pennsylvania Railroad - Annual Report 1952 and Horseshoe Curve Stock Certificate
Pennsylvania Railroad Annual Report 1960 and Horseshoe Curve Stock Certificate
Pennsylvania Railroad Company 3 1/8% Gold Bond -1945
Pennsylvania Railroad - Annual Report 1962 and Horseshoe Curve Stock Certificate
Pennsylvania Railroad Annual Report 1956 and Horseshoe Curve Stock Certificate
Pennsylvania Railroad Company - Stock Certificate and Annual Report 1940's
Pennsylvania Railroad Company 1931
Pennsylvania Railroad Company 1940's
Pennsylvania Railroad Company 1954 - Netherland's Tax Stamp
Pennsylvania Railroad Company Annual Report 1957
Pennsylvania Railroad Company Meeting Minutes upon the Announcement of George Wood's Death
Pennsylvania Railroad Company Ninety-ninth Annual Report 1945
Pennsylvania Railroad Company Stock
Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Company 1877
Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Company 1888 - Quaker Business
Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Company 1932
Pennsylvania Sugar Company
Pennsylvania unissued Certificate of Death
Pennsylvania Water & Power Company ( Pennsylvania Power & Light )
Pennsylvania Water & Power Company ( Pennsylvania Power & Light )
Pennsylvania, Poughkeepsie and Boston Railroad Company 1889 signed by General James W. Husted
Pennsylvania, Poughkeepsie and Boston Railroad Company 1896
Pennzoil Corporation $1,000 Bond Certificate
Penobscot & Kennebec Railroad Company 1856
Penobscot and Kennebec Railroad 1856
People Soft, Inc
People's Light and Power Company 1896 - 1897 (Power to the People)
People's National Bank of Waterville 1869
People's Press - South Dakota - 1929
Peoples Bank -Pennsylvania circa 1902
Peoples Cold Storage and Warehouse Company 1888 - New York
Peoples Fire Insurance Company 1932 - Maryland
Peoples Gas & Oil Development Company
Peoples Life Insurance Company - Washington, DC
Peoples Mutual Telephone Company 1898 - San Francisco, California
PeopLoungers, Inc. 1985 - Challenger Spce Shuttle Underprint
Peoria & Bureau Valley Railroad Company 1899
Peoria and Eastern Railway Company
Peoria Mutual Benevolent Association 1868
Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway Company 1880's
PEPI, Inc Common Stock Certificate
Pepper Crate Label - Waverly, Florida
Pepsi Americas, Inc.
Pepsi Challenge Combo Pak - Coke Check 1930's PLUS Pepsi Stock Certificate
Pepsi Cola Bond Certificate
Percheron Society of America 1911
Peregrine, Inc - Delisted and Under Investigation
Perfect Photo Inc Stock Certificate
Perfection Legal Blank Company 1908 - Early Legal Forms Company
Perkin - Elmer Corporation
Permanent Railway-Tie Corporation
Permutit Company 1935 - Water Purification
Perot Systems Corporation - Ross Perot as President
Peruvian Copper & Smelting Company 1921 - Delaware
Pet Incorporated circa 1970s
Pet Incorporated Stock Certificate
Pet Milk Company
Peterborough Railroad 1880 - Nashua, Maine
Peterson Lake Silver Cobalt Mining Company 1915
Petit Journal 1896 - Famous French Newspaper
Petoong Java Rubber Estates, Limited 1910
Petro-Lewis Corporation ( Now part of Sunoco )
Petro-Well Production Company, LTD
Petrol Petroleum Corporation - Quebec
Petrole (Oil) Trust - 1924
Petroleum Conversion Corporation 1938
Petroleum Derivatives Incorporated of Maine
Petroleum Oil Trust Ltd. 1893
Petrov Magic Pump Company
Pfizer Inc.
Pfizer, Inc. - Viagra Maker
Phelps Dodge Copper Mining Company
Philadelphia & West Chester Turnpike Road Company - Conostoga Wagon Vignette 1852
Philadelphia and Baltimore Central Railroad Company 1850's
Philadelphia and Boston Petroleum Company 1869 -1870
Philadelphia and Gulf Steamship Company 1910
Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike Road 1795 with Vignette
Philadelphia and West Chester Traction Company 1895
Philadelphia Bourse - 1895 ( Old Stock Exchange in Philadelphia )
Philadelphia Bourse 1890's
Philadelphia City Passanger Rail Way Company
Philadelphia City Passenger Railroad 1890's - Horse drawn street car vignette
Philadelphia City Passenger Railway Company
Philadelphia City Passenger Railway Company 1874
Philadelphia Company - Pennsylvania
Philadelphia Company 1918
Philadelphia Company for Guaranteeing Mortgages
Philadelphia Company for Guaranteeing Mortgages
Philadelphia Dairy Products Company, Inc. ( Early McKesson Company )
Philadelphia Dairy Products Company, Inc. (Early McKesson Company)
Philadelphia Electric Company
Philadelphia Fairfax Corporation
Philadelphia Land Deed 1810
Philadelphia National Corporation
Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company 1920's - Double decker bus vignette
Philadelphia Reading and New England Railroad Company 1892
Philadelphia Traction Company 1905 - signed by George Widener as President ( Lost on Titanic )
Philadelphia Transportation Company - 1943
Philadelphia Transportation Company Scrip Certificate 1940
Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad Company - Gold Bond 1920's
Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington Railroad Company
Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad Company 1860's - Pre Kidder Peabody
Philco Corporation
Philco Radio Corporation Stock Certificate
Philip Morris Credit Corporation
Philippine Long Distance Company
Phillip Best Brewing Company 187X
Phillips Petroleum Oil Company 1970's (Pre Conoco Merger)
Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation
Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation circa 1960s
Philmore Yellowknife Gold Mines Limited
Phoenix Insurance Company 1860's - Travelers / Citigroup
Phoenix Gold Mining Company 1904
Phoenix Mining Company - Wallace, Idaho 1908
Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Note - 1863-1873
Phoenix Reclamation Company, Inc.
Phoenix Steel Corporation ( Became Citisteel Corporation )
Phonautograph Company 1901 - New Jersey, Inc
Phoney Mazuma Movie Money - Ellis Mercantile
Phonographes & Cinematographes "LUX" 1906
Phonola Company of Canada signed by Arthur Pollock 1917
Photo Postcard Paris Panorama
Photo Postcard WWII - On patrol near France
Physicians Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.
Physicians' Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.
Picher Undertaking Company, Inc. 1920's
Pickrel Walnut Company - Missouri
Pickwick Corporation 1928 - California
Pickwick Corporation 1930 - Early Greyhound Bus, Hotel and Aviation Company
Picture Machine Service Corporation 1922
Picture of the Month, Inc.
Piedmont Cable Company 1889 - Oakland, Alameda County, California
Pierce Oil Corporation 1920
Pierce Oil Corporation 1928 issued to Samual Untermyer
Pierce Wrapping Machine Company
Pigeon Point Light House, Coast of California Postcard
Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store 1926
Piggly Wiggly Montana Company 1925
Piggy Pear Crate Label
Pillsbury Company
Pillsbury Company
Pinal Development - Arizona
Pinch or Pound, Inc.
Pioche Mines Consolidated, Inc. - Pioche Nevada, Lincoln County
Pioneer Bancorp - Fullerton, California - Closed by State Banking Commission
Pioneer Steamship Company 1916 - Ohio
Pitney - Bowes Inc.
Pitney Bowes Inc.
Pittsburg Traction Company 1890's
Pittsburg, Youngstown, and Ashtabula Railway Company
Pittsburgh & West End Passenger Railway Company 1880's
Pittsburgh & West End Passenger Railway Company 1891
Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad 1950's
Pittsburgh Bullfrog Mining Corporation Limited 1906 - Nye Bullfrog, Nevada
Pittsburgh Forgings Company ( Now Ampco Pittsburgh Corp)
Pittsburgh Investment Building Co. Gold Bond signed by John S. Hershey 1930
Pittsburgh Railways Company
Pittsburgh Screw and Bolt Corporation
Pittsburgh United Corporation 1933
Pittsburgh, Allegheny and Manchester Traction Company 1890's
Pittsburgh, Allegheny and Manchester Traction Company 1892
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad Company 1925
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad Company Gold Bond 1920
Pittston Company
Pittston Company
Pittston Company ( Brink's Home Security )
Pixar ( Produced Toy Story , A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Inc )
Pizarro Gold and Silver Mining Company 1881 - Giplin County, Colorado
Pizza Hut, Inc. ( Pre PepsiCo Merger)
Placentia Bay ( Newfounland ) Lead Company 1864 - New York
Planes, Trains, Automobiles and a Dot Com - 4 Certificate Package
Planet Hollywood International, Inc. 1996 - Autographed by Demi Moore and Bruce Willis - Pre Bankruptcy and pre divorce
Planet Hollywood Stock Certificate s/Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sylvester Stallone
Planet Hollywood with Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone
Plano Packing House Co. 1911 - California
Plantations D' Imperie - Ivory Coast - 1928
Plantations de l' Equatoriale 1927
Planters Bank of Tennessee 1860 - Pre Civil War - Nashville
Plasmine Corporation
Plastic Material Package Company 1906 - San Francisco, California
Platt Music Company 1928 - California
Playboy Enterprises, Inc. ( Willy Rey in vignette )
Playboy Enterprises, Inc. - WTC in Vignette
Playgirl Industries Corporation - Nevada
Plaza Art Galleries, Inc.
Pleasurama 1983
Plough, Inc (Now Schering - Plough )
Ply Gem Industries, Inc.
Plymouth Citrus Growers Association - Plymouth, Florida
Plymouth Lead Mines Company 1927
Plymouth Rock Mining Company 1880
Plymouth Rock Oil Company 1917 - Wyoming
Pneumatic Rubber Heel Company 1919
Pneumo Corporation
Pocahontas Consolidated Collieries Company 1907 - 1912
Pocahontas Fuel Company Incorporated, Inc - Washington
Polaroid Corporation
Polaroid Corporation
Polaroid Corporation ( Bankrupt ) issued September 12, 2001 - Overcome by Digital Photography
Polaroid Corporation - Edwin H. Land as President
Polaroid Corporation - Pre Bankruptcy
Pollution Control Industries, Inc.
Polly Brand Peeled Tomatoes Label
Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation
Polyastics Corporation
Polymers Systems Incorporated
Ponderosa Industries, Inc.
Pop Wines, Inc.
Pope Manufacturing Company ( Famous early bicycle maker ) Hartford, Connecticut
Popeil Brothers, Inc. - Veg-O-Matic Maker
Popular, Inc. - San Juan, Puerto Rico
Porcupine - Crown Mines 1934
Porcupine United Gold Mines, Inc.
Port Royal & St. Andrew's Copper Mining Company of Jamaica 1853
Portec, Inc.
Portland Exposition Association 1914
Portland National Bank 1889
Portola Festival Postcard - Celebrate recovery from 1906 San Francisco earthquake
Portrait of Helena Rubinstein by Salvador Dali signed by Helena Rubinstein circa 1943
Post Office Square Company 1937 - Massachusettes
Postal Instant Press, Inc. ( PIP Printing )
Postal Telegraph and Cable Corporation 1934
Postcard from a Catholic Church, Stockton, California
Postcard from a pumpkin field in California
Postcard from a Rose Cottage near Santa Barbara, California
Postcard from Automobile Road, PT. Definance Park Tacoma, Washington
Postcard from Bay Terrace, Vallejo, California
Postcard from Beach Drive, Santa Cruz, California
Postcard from Burke's Sanatorium near Santa Rosa, California
Postcard from Butano Grove, Pescadero, San Mateo County
Postcard from Casper's Gator Jungle, St. Augustine, Florida
Postcard from Christ Episcopal Church, Alameda, California
Postcard from Cowan Park, Seattle, Washington 1920's
Postcard from Elk's Home, Alameda, California
Postcard from Everett High School, Washington 1910
Postcard from Gray's Harbor, Washington of Harpoon Gun used in shooting Whales
Postcard from Hell Gate, Rogue River, Oregon
Postcard from Hewitt Avenue Everett, Washington
Postcard from Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara, California
Postcard from Hotel Del Monte, Del Monte, California
Postcard from Kern Caynon, California
Postcard from Kinnear Park Seattle, Washington
Postcard from Kinnear Park Seattle, Washington (Gazebo) 1915
Postcard from Latourelle Falls, Columbia River
Postcard from McKinley Park Tacoma, Washington 1920's
Postcard from Mt. Hood, Oregon
Postcard from Mt. Jefferson, Oregon
Postcard from Mt. McLaughlin (Mt. Pitt), Southern Oregon
Postcard from Mt. Tacoma Tacoma, Washington
Postcard from Pacific Coast Head Office Building, San Francisco, California; Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York
Postcard from Pierce County Court House Tacoma, Washington
Postcard from San Luis Rey Mission, California
Postcard from Shasta Dam, California
Postcard from Soldier's Monument Olympia, Washington 1910
Postcard from St. James Cathedral Seattle, Washington 1915
Postcard from St. Joesph's Hospital Bellingham, Washington 1910
Postcard from St. Mary's Catholic Church, Eugene, Oregon
Postcard from St. Mary's Church, Santa Maria, California
Postcard from St. Patrick's Church Tacoma, Washington 1910
Postcard from Stanford University 1909
Postcard from Tacoma, Washington, The Gateway to Rainier National Park 1910
Postcard from the Annie Wright Seminary Tacoma, Washington 1910
Postcard from the beautiful Snake River, Oregon
Postcard from the Cascades, Shasta Springs, California
Postcard from the Chapel Monastery of the Precious Blood, Montavilla, Portland, Oregon
Postcard from the Chimney Rock Section, Western North Carolina - Bat Cave
Postcard from the Court House Martinez, California
Postcard from the Court House, Martinez, California
Postcard from the Cressy Residence, Modesto, California
Postcard from the Custom House, Fort Townsend, Washington
Postcard from the Dancing Pavilion, Sequoia Gardens, Near Santa Cruz, California
Postcard from the Donahue Monument, San Francisco, California 1910
Postcard from the East School, Ashland, Oregon
Postcard from the Federal Building Tacoma, Washington 1920's
Postcard from the First Methodist Church, Alameda, California
Postcard from the First Presbyterian Church, Alameda, California 1910
Postcard from the Forestry Building, University of Washington, Seattle 1910
Postcard from the Galen Clark School, Merced, California
Postcard from the Great Northern Passenger Depot Bellingham, Washington
Postcard from the Great Northern Railway Depot Everett, Washington 1910
Postcard from the Home of Truth, Alameda, California
Postcard from the Kentucky Dam, Western Kentucky
Postcard from the Kraft Memorial Library, Red Bluff, California
Postcard from the Lift Bridge in Tacoma, Washington 1920's
Postcard from the Lottie Grunsky Grammar School, Stockton, California
Postcard from the Lower Falls, Shasta Springs, California
Postcard from the Mastick School, Alameda, California
Postcard from the Methodist Episcopal Church, Pacific Groove, California
Postcard from the Municipal Swimming Pool, Pacific Grove, California
Postcard from the Officers' Club, Presido of Monterey, California
Postcard from the Oregon Yacht Club, "The Oaks", Portland, Oregon
Postcard from the Permanent Exhibit Building, Ashland, Oregon
Postcard from the Portland Hotel, Portland, Oregon
Postcard from the Post Office Building, Berkeley, California
Postcard from the Primary School, Watsonville, California
Postcard from the Public Library, Monterey, California
Postcard from the Residence District Tacoma, Washington
Postcard from the Roeder School Bellingham, Washington 1910
Postcard from the Sacred Heart Academy, Salem, Oregon
Postcard from the San Diego de Alcala, California
Postcard from the Santa Barbara Mission, California
Postcard from the Santa Rosa Bank, Santa Rosa, California
Postcard from the Seattle Labor Temple Seattle, Washington 1910
Postcard from the Southern Pacific Depot, Santa Barbara, California. Coast Line S.P.R.R.
Postcard from the Sprekels Sugar Beet Refinery, Near Salinas, California
Postcard from the State Normal School Bellingham, Washington (Western Washington College )
Postcard from the State Normal School, Ashland, Oregon
Postcard from the Thurston County Court House and City Hall Olympia, Washington
Postcard from the View of Harbor - Everett, Washington 1910
Postcard from the Water Carnival, Healdsburg, California, Northwestern Pacific R.R.
Postcard from the Williamette River and Steel Bridge, Albany, Oregon
Postcard from Union High School, Red Bluff, California
Postcard from University of California, Berkeley
Postcard from Ursline College, Santa Rosa, California
Postcard from Wahington High School Olympia, Washington
Postcard from Woodland Park Seattle, Washington
Postcard from Wright's Park Tacoma, Washington
Postcard of a father and son standing in a corn field in the Great Northwest 1910
Postcard of a beautiful home in Claremont, Berekeley, California
Postcard of a Bunch of Roses, Portland, Oregon
Postcard of a California Hop Field, Road of a Thousand Wonders, Southern Pacific 1910
Postcard of a Giant Grape Vine, San Gabriel Mission, California
Postcard of a sunset on the Pacific Ocean
Postcard of an Oil Truck Struck by Lightning
Postcard of Apple Blossoms
Postcard of Early German Airplane Print - 1909
Postcard of Hydrangeas growing profusely in Tacoma, Washington
Postcard of Loading Wheat with an Automatic Conveyor, Portland, Oregon
Postcard of Long Horns of the Ole Southwest
Postcard of oil cars at Shipping Station, Bakersfield, California
Postcard of Placer Mining Scars at Dutch Flat, California
Postcard of shipping on the Humboldt Bay, Eureka, California
Postcard of the "Black Gold" oil gusher in Odessa Oil Field
Postcard of the High School, Ashland, Oregon
Postcard of the Koshare Indian Dancers of Colorado at La Junta
Postcard of the New Post Office, Santa Rosa, California
Postcard of the Park Hill Inn Lawn, Hendersonville, N.C.
Postcard of the Union Stock Yards, Portland, Oregon
Postcard of the view of Water Front in Everett, Washington 1915
Postcard of the Wine Cellars, Italian-Swiss Colony, Asti, California
Postcard of the Y.W.C.A. and the Y.M.C.A. buildings, Portland, Oregon
Postcard Signed by Billy Carter brother of Jimmy Carter
Postcard with a Bird's-Eye View of the Residence Section Capitol Hill Seattle, Washington
Postcard with a General view of Bellingham, Washington 1915
Postcard with a Hello from Casper, Wyoming
Postcard with a Night Scene of the Electric Star on Mill Mountain, Roanoke, Va
Postcard with a night view of the Belleville Memorial Fountain and Public Square, Belleville, Illinois
Postcard with a view of North Yakima Avenue Tacoma, Washington
Postcard with Greetings from Alpine, Texas
Postcard with Greetings from Lamesa, Texas "Land of the Modern Pioneer"
Postcard with Greetings from Sheridan, Wyoming
Postcard with Greetings from Van Horn, Texas
Postcard with harvesting scene, San Joaquin County near Stockton, California
Postcard Y.M.C.A. Seattle, Washington
Potomac Edison Company 1946
Potomac Live Stock Company 188X - Colorado Springs
Poughkeepsie, Hartford, and Boston Railroad Company 1875 - Convertible Bond
Power Authority of the State of New York
Power Specialty Company 1919 ( Original Foster Wheeler Company )
Powhatan Brand Apple Sauce Label
Pratt & Lambert - Inc. ( Paint Company )
Pratt & Lambert Inc.
Pratt & Whitney Company 1890's signed by Francis Pratt SCARCE
Pratt & Whitney Company Signed by Amos Whitney SCARCE
Pratt & Whitney Company signed by Francis A. Pratt - ISSUED
Precision Optics, Inc.
Premier Mines Company - California
Premier Oil Corporation 1924
Premier Old Fashioned French Style Green Beans Label
Prentice - Hall, Inc. 1930's - Founder Richard Prentice Ettinger as President
President Garfield Monument Fund - Cleveland, Ohio
President Hotel Company 1930 - New Jersey
President Hotel Corporation 1927
President of Our Country and Commandants of the Great Lakes Naval Training Station
President Wilson's Inaugural Address - Photo Postcard 1917
Pride of the West Silver Mining Company 1860's Mokelumne District, Amador County - California
Prima Company - Illinois
Primaria Orasuli - Bucuresti, Romania 100 Lei 1921
Primary School, Watsonville, California Postcard
Prime Minister Cigar Company
Prime Minister Cigar Company
Prince John Mining Company 1923
Prince of Wales Brand Citrus Label
Prince of Wales Hotel Company, Southport. Ltd.
Principal Financial Group, Inc.
Printing Crafts Realty Corporation
Private Brands, Inc.
Private Telephone Line Agreement signed by George Westinghouse - 1897
Pro Ag - Professional Agricultural Management
PRO AG - Professional Agricultural Management, Inc.
Process Systems, Inc. - New Jersey
Procter & Gamble Company - Moon and Stars Vignette
Prodigy Communications Corporation
Product Pricing Policies
Production and Trade of Currants - Founders Share 1905 (KORINTHIAN RAISINS)
Project 7, Inc.
Proof of Publication signed by President Warren G. Harding 1900
Prospectus for Cleveland Indians 1998
Prosper Gold Mining & Milling Company - Territory of New Mexico 1902
Protective Life Insurance Company - Alabama
Providence and Worcester Railroad 1840's
Providence and Worcester Railroad 1900 - 1909
Providence and Worcester Railroad 1911
Providence Canyon Land Company - Utah
Providence Canyon Land Company 1906 - Utah
Providence Water Works Company 1907 - Utah
Provisional Government of Venice, Italy 1849 - Bond
Prudence Corporation 1928 - California
Prudential Financial, Inc.
PSA Airlines (Pacific Southwest Airlines)
PSA postcard picturing an L10113
PSA, Inc.
PSI - Programming and Systems, Inc. - Trade School FRAUD
Public Fire Insurance Company 1929 - New Jersey
Public Life Insurance Company 1920's
Public Life Insurance Company 1920's
Public Service Company of Indiana 1979 ( PSI Energy )
Public Service Company of Oklahoma
Public Utilities Company 1918 - Georgia
Public Utility Associates, Inc.
Public Utility Holding Corporation of America 1929
Public Utility Holding Corporation of America 1930
Public Utility Holding Corporation of America dated October 29, 1929 - Day of Market Crash (Black Tuesday)
Publishing Computer Service, Inc.
Publishing Computer Services, Inc (PCS) - Old Computer Vignette
Pueblo International, Inc. - Puerto Rico
Puget Sound Copper Company 1921
Puget Sound Power & Light Company 1950 - Seattle, Washington
Pulitzer Publishing Company
Pullman Company 1926 - Famous sleeper train car manufacturer
Pullman Southern Car Company signed by Pullman 1876
Pullman's Palace Car Company 1869 - Signed by Pullman
Pullman's Palace Car Company 1880's - Signed by Union General Horace Porter
Purex Corporation
Purex Corporation
Puritan Mining Company, Idaho circa 1906-1929
Purity Bakeries Corporation
Purity Bakeries Corporation (American Bakeries)
Purity Bottling Works Limited 1919 - New Brunswick, Canada
Putnam Income Fund, Inc.
Pyramid Bond Mortgage and Securities Corporation 1930
Quaker City Industries, Inc.
Quaker Oats Company
Quaker State Oil Refining Corporation - Delaware
Qualcomm Incorporated
Queen Anne's Ferry and Equipment Company 1902, Incorporated
Quesnelle Hydraulic Gold Mining Company 1910
Questar Corporation
Quinby Oil Corporation 1927
Quincy Mining Company 1862 - Civil War Michigan
Quinta Corporation
Qwest Communications - Joseph P. Nacchio as Chairman
R.H. Macy & Company, Inc. - New York 1977
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
Racine and Mississippi Railroad Company 1875 Convertible Bond
Radio Engineering Corporation 1922
Radio Television Industries Corporation 1934 (Early Television Company)
Radiurgic Corporation
Rae Electric System Co. 1887 - San Francisco
Railroad Bond signed by William K. Vanderbilt - 1885
Railroad Holding Company Stock Company signed by financier Henry Villard 1882
Railroad Postcard - Buy individually
Railroad Postcards
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Railroads, Trolleys and Street Cars
Railway - Highway Devices Corporation 1930
Rainbow - Smackover Production Company 1923
Rainbow Oil & Gas Company of Texas 1919
Rainier Anthracite Coal Company 1906 - Washington State
Rainy River and Ontario Exploration Company Limited 1898
Ralston Purina Company
Ralston Purina Company - Who let the dogs out?
Ramada Inns, Inc.
Ramada Inns, Inc.
Ramada Inns, Inc. with founder Marion W. Isbell as President
Rambus, Inc
Rand Information Systems, Inc.
Rand Information Systems, Inc.
Rapid Deployment Parachute Corporation
Rare and Scarce Stocks
RARE DeLorean Motor Company 1977
RARE Founders shares from the Canal Interoceanique de Panama date 1880
RARE Kamm and Schellinger Brewing Company 1895 - Signed by Kamm and Schellinger
RARE Original Remington Arms Company Patent 1894
Raritan River Railroad
Rawhide Mining Company 1911 - Rawhide, Nevada
Rawlings Sporting Goods
Ray Hercules Mines, Inc. 1922
Rayette - Faberge Stock Certificate 100 shares
Rayonier Incorporated - Famous Forest Products Company
Rayonier Incorporated - Timber / Logging Company
Raytheon Company 1970's
Raytheon Manufacturing Company
Raytheon Manufacturing Company
Raytheon Manufacturing Company 1950's
Raytheon Manufacturing Company 1960's
Razorfish, Inc. - Internet Dot Com Roller Coaster
RC Nehi Beverage Company Checks (RC Cola)
RCA International Development Corporation
Reading Company - Jersey Central Collateral - 1908 - Gold Bond
Reading Fair Company Stock with unusual vignette of 3 Cows 1916
Reading Railroad Company 1960's - Monopoly Game Railroad
Ready - to - Go Framed Selections
Real Eight Company, Inc. (Treasure Hunters)
Real Movie Money - Grab Bag Bonanza - 15 Pieces
Real Networks -RealJukebox and RealPlayer software company
Realty and Security Refinance Corporation 1933 - Gold Debenture Bond
Realty Syndicate 1897 - San Francisco, California
Rebecca Gold Mining of Colorado 1895
Receipt form E.D. Hurlbut & Co. for Ship Hugnenot in 1846
Receipt from John Griswold & Co. for Ship Mediator 1846
Receipt from Ship Mary Harrington for transporting 175 Alien Passengers to New York 1846
Reconstruction Gold Loan of The Republic of China 1940 - WWII
Reconstruction Gold Loan of The Republic of China 1940 - WWII Era
Record Bond Cigar Label
Recordgraph Corporation 1940
Red Bell Brewing Company
Red Cap Service Company 1933
Red Fish Boat Company
Red Hat, Inc - Microsoft Windows Operating System Competitor
Red River Sugar Company
Red River Sugar Company
Red Tips Cigars
Red Top Extension Mining Company - Arizona Territory
Red Wagon Brand - Boy riding wagon
Redman Extension Mining Company - Arizona 1908
Redman Industries, Inc.
Redman Stockholders Corporation 1912 Arizona Mines, McCabe, Arizona (Yapavai County)
Reelcraft Pictures Corporation 1920 signed by R. C. Cropper
Reeperbahn Genuß-Schein - Erotic Comic Certificate from Germany
Regency Cruises Inc. 1986
Regina Brewing Company 1915 Saskatchewan, Canada, Inc.
Reliance Life Insurance Company of Pittsburgh
Rellimeo Film Syndicate - Silent Movie Production Company - 1923 California
Remington Typewriter Company
Remington Typewriter Company
Renfrew Gold Mining and Crushing Co. 1865 - Massachusettes
Reno Flour Mill Company 1903 - Nevada
Reno Stock and Mining Exchange Cetificate of Incorporation 1925
Rent - A - Wreck of America, Inc. ( Car Rental Company )
Reo Motor Car Company 1916
Reo Motor Car Company 1916 founded by R. E. Olds
Reo Motor Car Company 1916 signed by Ransom Eli Olds
Reo Motors, Inc.
Reo Motors, Inc.
Repetition Apples Crate Label
Replica of Early Egyptian Shrine at Rosicrucian Park - San Jose, California
Republic Aviation Corporation 1943
Republic Aviation Corporation P-47 Thunderbolt Maker - Acquired by Fairchild
Republic Mill and Mining Company 1870's - Eureka Mining District,, California
Republic New York Corporation ( Now HSBC Holdings )
Republic of China (Taiwan) Nationalist Government Lottery Loan 1926
Republic of China 1927 - Dr. Sun Yat-sen Vignette - Historic (Early Taiwan)
Republic of China Bond for Lung-Tsing-U-Hai Railway - 1923
Republic Oil & Gas Corporation
Republic Oil & Gas Corporation
Republic Petroleum Company
Republic Petroleum Company - Early Phillips Petroleum Company
Republic Steel Corporation
Republica Mexicana 1862
Republica Peruana Cincuenla Soles Plata 1894
Republican Institution signed by Gen. Henry Dearborn as President 1821 - Boston
Residence Street Petaluma, California Postcard
Residences, Napa, California
Restaurant & Waldorf Associates, Inc.
Restaurant Associates Industries, Inc.
Restaurant Associates Industries, Inc.
Retail, Textile and Clothing
Reuters Holdings PLC
Revere Copper and Brass ( Revere Ware) 1950's - A Flash in the Pan
Revlon, Inc.
Revolutionary War Bill of Exchange signed by Francis Hopkinson signer of Declaration of Independence 1780
Revolutionary War Payment 1789 signed by Oliver Wolcott (Secretary of the Treasury under Washington )
Rex Stove & Burner Company 1896
Rexall Drug and Chemical Company Stock - Angelic Vignette
Reynolds Metals Company 1930 - R.S. Reynolds as President
Rheem Manufacturing Company
Rhinelander Brewing Co. 1933
Rhinelander Brewing Co. 1933 - Certificate #1
Rhodes, Inc. - Georgia, Hotel
Rice - Stix Dry Goods Company 1920's
Rich Silk Company 1930
Richard Thomas Productions, Inc - 1926
Richfield Oil Company of California ( Atlantic Richfield ) 1934
Richman Brothers Company ( Famous Clothing Company ) - Ohio
Richmond - Washington Company Annual Report 1952
Richmond Iron Works Corporation 1910
Richmond National Bank 1865
Richmond Water Company 1886
Richmond Waterfront Realty Corporation 1935
Richmond-Washington Company
Richmond-Washington Company 1925
Richter Electric Light Company 1884
Rickenbacker Motor Company 1926
Rickenbacker Motor Company 1927
Riddle Airlines, Inc.
Ridge Avenue Passenger Railway Company (Philadelphia) - 1872
Ridge Cast Products Company 1925 - Ohio
Ridgefield Music Publishing Company
Riggs National Bank - Washington D.C. - 1900 - 1920 - Famous Bank Vignette
Riggs National Bank Stock Certificate - Washington DC
Riker & Hegeman Co. ( Early Drug Store Company ) - New York
Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey RED - 1969
Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus
Rio Grande Valley Gas Company
Rio Grande Valley Gas Company of Texas (Southern Union Company )
Rio Verde Canal Company - Paradise Valley, Arizona - 1892
Rio Virgin Oil Company 1926 - Virgin, Utah - Gold Debenture
Ritchie Mineral Resin and Oil Company of West Virginia 1869
Rite Aid Corporation
Ritter Dental Manufacturing Company 1893
Ritz Carlton Hotel Company of Boston 1927
River Brand Rice Mills, Inc. 1950's (Riviana Foods )
River-City Press, Inc. 1921 St. Louis, Missouri
Rivers of the America in Frontierland, Walt Disney World Pilot's Certificate
Riverside Cement Company - California Company
Riverside Cement Company - Riverside, California
Riverside Improvement Company 1870 - Illinois
Riviana Foods, Inc.
RJR Nabisco - Pre Buyout
RJR Nabisco Holdings Corp. - Louis V. Gerstner as Chairman
RJR Nabisco Holdings Group, Inc. - Louis V. Gerstner as Chairman
RJR Nabisco KKR buyout Converting Debenture
RKO Pictures Corporation
RKO Theatres Corporation
RMI.NET, Inc. ( Internet Commerce & Communications )
RMS Titanic, Inc. - Picture of Sunken Titanic on Certificate
Road Breaking Company 1897 - England
Roadway Express, Inc.
Roan Antelope Copper Mines
Roanoke Machine Works 1888
Roanoke Mining Company
Robert Half International
Robeson Industries Corporation
Robinson Foster Electric Railway Motor Co. 1889 ( Monorail in Vignette )
Rochdale Property & General Finance Company 1865
Rochester Telephone Corporation
Rochester Water Company Tax Free Gold Bond 1888 - Beaver County
Rock Island Southern Railroad Company Gold Bond 1907
Rocket Jet Engineering Company
Rocket Jet Engineering Corporation - Rocket vignette
Rockwell B-1B Lancer postcard
Rockwell Manufacturing Company - Willard F. Rockwell, Jr as President
Rockwell Manufacturing Company 1947
Rockwell Spring and Axel Company ( Now Rockwell International )
Rocor International
Rogers and Company - Famous Silverware Company 1920's
Rogue River Hydraulic Mining Company 1878
Rohm & Haas Company - Chemicals
Rohn Industries, Inc.
Rolar Mines Limited 1946
Rollins International, Inc (Rollins Truck Leasing)
Rolls Royce Stock Certificate
Rolls-Royce, Limited - ADR Shares 1970
Rolm Corporation - California 1979
Roman Brothers Silver Mining Company 1866 - Nevada Territory
Roman Meal Corporation
Romanian Azuga Beer Factory Bond Certificate 1923
Romanian Bee Bank Bond Certificate 1922
Romanian Glass Transilvanian Factory 1941
Romanian Government WWII Loan Bond 1941
Romanian Hotel 1906 - Wonderful Graphics
Romanian Radio Station 1928
Romanian Star Oil Company Stock Certificate
Romanian Steel Industry of Resista
Romanian Swiss Bank 1923
Romanian Telephone Stock with coupons 1938
Rome City Street Railway Company 1880s - New York - Horse Trolley Vignette
Rome Mill Company, Limited - Old Factory Vignette
Romola, Inc. of Nevada - 1930
Ronson Art Metal Works, Inc. (Ronson Lighter Company)
Ronson Corporation (Famous Lighter Company)
Roosevelt Hospital - University of California, Berkeley
Roosevelt Memorial Association
Roper & Company Invoice 1931
Ropner Shipbuilding and Repairing Company 1923
Rorer-Amchem, Inc.
Rosarita Mexican Foods, Inc. ( Early Beatrice Foods Company )
Roscoe Stock Company 189X - Territory of Utah
Rosedale Water Company 1931 - California
Ross Gear and Tool Company ( Now TRW )
Rossia Insurance Company of America - Connecticut ( Became Northeastern Insurance Company )
Rossmoor Corporation ( Leisure World ) - California
Rossville Commercial Alcohol Corporation (Rossville Union Distillers)
Rotary Gas Engine Company 1913 - California
Rotary Steamboat and Carriage Company 1866 - Kentucky
Rotogravure Publishing Company, Inc.
Round Mountain Mining Company 1920 Goldfield, Nevada
Rowan Companies, Inc.
Roxie Amusement Company 1939
Roxy Theatres Corporation Stock 1930's
Royal Arcanum Benefit Certificate 1892
Royal Arms Brand Crate Labels
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
Royal Crown Cola Check (RC Cola)
Royal Dutch Petroleum Company
Royal Dutch Petroleum Company Stock
Royal Philips Electronics ( PolyGram, Magnavox, GTE Sylvania, Westinghouse ) - Netherlands
Royal Piece Dye Works, Inc.
Royal Typewriter Company
Rubicon Point, Lake Tahoe Postcard
Ruby Citrus Fruit Label
Ruff's Brewing Company 1882 - Quincy, Illinois
Rugby Provident Permanent Benefit Building Society 1864
Rural Service Company Patronage Stock 1930's
Russel Sage Signed Letter - 1861
Russian 5% Bond to Fidelity Deposit Company of Maryland in 1917
Russian Bond 1913 - Pre Revolution
Russian Bond 1915 - Pre Revolution
Russian Hill Skyline, Mt. Tamalpais in Background - San Francisco, California
Russian Money 10 Rubles - 1909
Russian Money 1898 - 1 Ruble
Russian Money 1905 - 3 Rubles - Pre Revolution
Russian Money 5 Ruble Note from Russia dated 1909
Russian War Bond - 1944
Russian War Bond 1945
Rutland Marble Company 1864 - Civil War Era
Rutland Street Railway Company 1903 - Vermont
Rutland Trust Company 18XX
Rutland, Vermont Board of Trade - 1889
Rutley's, Incorporated - Maryland
Ryder Systems, Inc. (Truck Rental)
S. Hurok Amusement Corporation signed by Sol Hurok - 1925
S. Klein Department Stores, Inc. ( Became McCrory Corporation )
S. Klein Department Stores, Inc. - New York
S. Ulmer and Sons, Incorporated - Ohio
S. W. Straus Investing Corporation 1930
S.D. Warfield Company - Baltimore, Maryland 1892 signed by Solomon Davies Warfield
Sabre - Pinon Corporation 1957 ( Oscar look alike Vignette )
Sacra Familia Gold Mining Company
Sacramento Postcards
Sacramento Valley Colony Gold Bond
Safe Hit Texas Vegetable Crate Label
Safety Devices Corporation 1931
Safeway Stores, Incorporated
Sagamore Mines Company 1917 - Indiana County, Pennsylvania
Saginaw Broadcasting Company
Saint Joseph Union Depot Company 1923
Saint Petersburg Joint Stock Commercial Bank Specimen
Salon Media Group
Salt Creek Producers Association, Incorporated
Salt Lake and Los Angeles Railway Company 189X
Samoset - Chocolates - Co. - Massachusettes
Samuel Adams Boston Lager The Boston Beer Company, Inc.
Samuel Stores
San Antonio Land and Irrigation Company, Limited 1912
San Clemente Savings and Loan Association 1978
San Diego Fruit Company 1902
San Diego Gas & Electric Company - California
San Diego Land and Town Company 1892 (Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad Company)
San Francisco and San Joaquin Valley Railway Company 1895
San Francisco Land Association 1858 RARE
San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco, California
San Francisco Postcards
San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge Bond - 1935 California
San Jacinto Oil Company 1901 Beaumont, Texas
San Jose Pacific Company, Ltd.
San Jose Postcards
San Jose Water Works
San Jose Water Works ( Now San Jose Water Company)
San Juan Pacific Railway Company 1908 - California
San Juan Racing Association 1979 - 1980
San Lorenzo Sugar Company 1900 - 1909
San Pedro Rubber Plantation Company 1901 signed by Gov George W. Peck (Peck's Bad Boy)
Sanitation Engineering Corporation
Santa Ana Mining Company - Territory of Arizona 1898 - Founders Share - Black Diamond District
Santa Barbara
Santa Clara County Court House - San Jose, California
Santa Clara Valley Mill & Lumber Company - 1870's
Santa Cruz (California) County National Bank
Santa Fe Springs Oil Company - 1928
Santa Fe Trail Transportation Company 1938
Santa Fe Transportation Company
Santa Fe, Raton, and Des Moines Railroad Company - Territory of New Mexico 1906
Santa Paula Walnut Association 1922
Santa Rosa Bank, Santa Rosa, Claifornia Postcard
Santo Domingo Silver Mining Company 1870s
Santo Rubber Company 1914 - Niagara Falls, New York
Sarah Jane Mining Company - Territory of New Mexico - 1891
Saratoga & Almaden Railroad Company 1885 - California
Sargent - Welch Scientific Company - Illinois
Sather Gate - University of California, Berkeley
Saugerties White Lead & Paint Company 1856 - New York
Savannah Electric and Power Company (Southern Company )
Savannah Gas Light Company 1871 - Georgia with CSA Major General Jeremy Francis Gilmer as president
Savannah Sugar Refining Corporation 1919 - 1920
Savin Corporation
Scam Instrument Corporation
SCARCE Early Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, Inc. 1920's signed by George L. Hartford
Scharf Gearless Motor Car Company 1912
Scheid Vineyards in Monterey County, California
Schellhas Brewing Company 1890's
Schering - Plough Corporation Stock Certificate
Schick Electric
Schick Electric Inc. ( Famous Electric Razor )
SCHINE Chain Theatres Stock 1928 - Famous Surpreme Court Anti Trust Decision
Schlumberger Limited
Schooner Lemons Crate Label
Schuykill Transportation Company 1930 - Old Bus Vignette
Schuylkill Navigation Company 1830's
Scientific American Inc.
Scioto Valley and New England Railroad Company 1889
Scott Paper Company Stock Certificate
Scottish Inns
Scranton Axle Works 1893 - Pennsylvania
Screamingmedia Inc.
Screen Gems, Inc. ( First Hollywood Studio TV Company )
Screw and Bolt Corporation of America ( SABCOA ) - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Scripophily Laminated Bookmarks - New York Central Railroad
Scullin Steel Company 1937 - St. Louis
Sea Haven Improvement Company Bond 1883 - New Jersey
Sea Haven Improvement Company of New Jersey, 1881
Sea View Hotel Company of Atlantic City 1869
Seaboard Air Line Railway Company
Seaboard Air Line Railway Company ( Dillion Read & Co )
Seaboard Company
Seacoast Canning Company 1914 - Maine
Seafirst Corporation ( Now Bank of America ) - Seattle, Washington
Seafirst Corporation (Seafirst Bank) 1976 - Seattle Harbor Vignette
Seagram Company - Edgar M. Bronfman as Chairman ( Now Vivendi Universal )
Seal Fleet, Inc. (Leap Technology Inc) 1990's
Seal Heard on "Seal Rocks" near Cliff House - San Francisco, California
Seal Rocks, San Francisco, California Postcard
Sealed Air Corporation
Sealed Air Corporation
Searight Cattle Company 1880's - Territory of Wyoming
Sears and Nichols Corporation 1927 - Cleveland, Ohio
Sears Roebuck and Company Certificate of Guaranty
Sears Roebuck and Company Certificate of Guaranty
Sears, Roebuck and Co.
Sears, Roebuck and Co. 1898
Sears, Roebuck and Co. 1920 - Gold Bond
Sears, Roebuck, and Company Profit Sharing Certificate ps/R.W. Sears
Seatrain Lines, Inc.
Seatrain Lines, Inc. - Early Certificates 1948
Seatrain Lines, Inc. 1932
Seattle and Rainier Valley Railway Company Bond 1916 - SCARCE
Seattle Gas Company 1935 - Lake Union Plant Vignette
Seattle Lighting Company - 1920 ( Early Puget Sound Energy Company )
Seattle Renton and Southern Railway Company 1911 - Washington
Seaview Golf Club 1920 - New Jersey
SECLYD 1927 - Air Ship, Bi Plane and Old Car Vignette
Second & Third Street Passenger (Horse Drawn) Railway Company 1859
Second National Bank of Detroit Check 1864
Seconn Holding Company - Connecticut
Securities Investment Company of St. Louis ( Early NationsBank Company ) - SIC Vignette
Securities Shares Management Corporation
Security Brewing Company of New Orleans 1890's
Security Manufacturing and Contracting Company - Burlington, Wisconsin
Security Oil Company 1921
Security Pacific National Bank Corporation - Famous California Bank 1989
Seggos Industries Inc.
Seguranza Mining Company 1910 (San Luis Potosi)
Selma Base Ball & Athletic Association, Inc 1927
Seminole Gold & Silver Mining Company 1878 - Territory of Wyoming
Seminole Kraft Corporation ( Now Stone Container )
Seminole Land & Investment Company 1909 - St. Cloud , Florida
Seminole Petroleum Company 1928
Semler Milling Company of Hamilton, Ohio - 1897
Sentanel Remedies Company 1916
Sentinel Oil Company, Territory of Arizona 1902
Sentinel Radio Corporation
Sergeant at Arms House of Representatives, U.S. Blank Check
Serono S.A. ( Biotechnology company )
Service Motor Truck Company 1917 - Wabash, Indiana
Service Motor Truck Company 1922 - Wabash, Indiana
Set of 25 WWII Original WOMEN'S ARMY CORPS (WAC) - WWII Original Postcards
Sethman Electric & Manufacturing Company
Seven - Up Company
Seven Metals Mining Company - Colorado 1919
Seventeenth St. School, Modesto, California Postcard
Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll Package
Shamrock Oil and Gas Corporation ( Diamond Shamrock )
Shanghai Waterworks Company 1930's
Shares in the South, Inc.
Sharon Steel Corporation - Pennsylvania
Sharper Image Corporation
Shasta City, California Postcard
Shasta Lake, California Postcard
Shaw Aircraft Company
Shawmut Bank Investment Trust
Shawnee Pottery Company
Shawnee Pottery Company 1937
Shea's Winnipeg Brewery Limited
Shearson Lehman CMO Inc.
Sheffield Improvement Co. 1891
Shelby County Municipal Revenue Bond - Tennessee
Shell Oil Company - $10,000 Bond
Shell Oil Company Bond 1970's
Shenandoah Slate Company 1904 - West Virginia
Sherman - Williams Company - Ohio 1917
Sherman and Barnsdall Oil Company - 1865
Sherman Lead Company
Sherwood Copper Company 1919 - Arizona
Shiitake Gourmet Mushrooms Limitable
Ship Salvage Corporation Limited 1920
Shipping / Hotels / Food / Tobacco
Shipping Receipt from Edward K. Collins & Co. 1846 - Packet Ship Siddons
Shipping Receipt from Taylor & Merrill, Agents 1846 - Ship "Sea"
Shipping Services and Costs
Ships, Cruise Lines, Navigation, Bridges and Canals
Shoshoni Power and Irrigation Company 1912
Shoup Voting Machine Corporation
Shubert Advanced Vaudeville, Inc. RARE - 1922 signed by Jacob and Lee Shubert
Shubert Theatre Corporation
Shubert Theatre Corporation - Lee Shubert as President
Shulton, Inc - Old Spice Maker
Sidework Flower Stands - San Francisco, California
Sieber Products Manufacturing Company 1923 - Missouri
Siebert Financial Corp.
Siemens Electric Business Inc- 1901-1913
Sierra Blanca Silver Mining Company - California 1865
Sierra Blanca Silver Mining Company Letter 1866
Sierra Madre and Antelope Valley Toll Road Company 1896 - Early Los Angeles
Sierra Madre Development Company 1908
Sierra Oil Company 1908 - California
Sierra Railroad Company $1,000 Bond
Signal Oil and Gas Company Stock Certificate
Signed John DeLorean Document Famous ( Back to the Future ) Car Company
Signed Letter Written by B. F. Yoakum -1922
Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI)
Siltec Corporation - California ( Salem Electric )
Silver Bow Electric Light Company 1896 - Montana RARE
Silver Chief Mining Company 1880's
Silver Chieftain Company
Silver Star Mines, Ltd. 1937 British Columbia
Silver Tip California Grapes Label
Simca Automobile Company 1959
Simmons Bed Company Stock
Simon and Schuster, Inc. 1967
Simonds Rolling Machine Co. 1895 - Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Sims Malt - O - Wheat Company 1919 - Minnesota
Sin Jin Technology, Inc.
Sinaloa Exploration Company 1902 - Delaware
Sinclair Oil Company Stock Certificate
Sinclair Oil Corporation
Singer Sewing Maching Company
Sioux Falls Plowshoe Company 1933
Sirius Satelite Radio - Car Radio via Satellite
Sisson & Chapman Banking Office Check 1853 - Lyons, New York
Sisson and Chapman Banking Office 1851
Siwash Gold Mining and Leasing Company 1902
Six Eagles Mining Company 1901 - Washington State
Six Flags, Inc. - Famous Theme Park Company
Sixteenth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers' Association 1906
Skowhegan and Athens Railroad Company 1880's - Maine
SKY French Cordless Telephone Construction Company 1931
Skyline Oil Company - Salt Lake City
Skyline Recreational Vehicles Corporation - Indiana 1979
Slide Mining Company 1893 Ouray, Colorado - Signed by Maryland Governor
Smith & Wesson Firearms Company ( Special 150 Year Anniversary Certificate )
Smith -Thacher Quarry Company - 1906 signed A. Q. Thacher and Gus F. Smith
Smith Corona Corporation
Smith Kline & French Laboratories
Snapple Beverage Corp.
Snohomish Valley Railway Company 1906 - Washington State
Snow Owl Pears Crate Label
Snow Shipyards Inc. 1943 - Maine
Soapine - Kendall Manufacturing Trade Card 1900
Social Telephone Company 1928 Hecla, South Dakota
Societe Agricole & Finance D' Algerie (Algeria) 1928
Societe Agricole du Song-Ray 1927 Saigon
Societe Anonyme D'Applications Industrielles Du Bois 1919 (Bi Plane Vignette)
Societe Anonyme Les Fruits Coloniaux (Colonial Fruits ) 1930
Societe Anonyme Ottomane des Mines de Balia - Karaidin Turkey 1923
Societe Anonyme Par Actions Aeroplane Plovdiv - 1912
Societe Commerciale Des Colons Algeriens (Algeria) 1924
Societe Cooperative de Consommation des Fonctionnaires du Govenrnment (Egyptian) 1910
Societe Cotonniere Russo-Francaise 1910
Societe D' Electricite D' Odessa, Russia1913
Societe des Mines BELGIAN CONGO Certificate
Societe des Mines de Malabau 1916
Societe Des Rizeries Parisiennes 1915
Societe Francaise Des Telegraphes and Telephones Sans Fil 1901
Societe Francaise Des Telegraphes andTelephones Sans Fil 1903
Societe Franco - Russe DE Produits chimiques & d'explosifs (Franco - Russian Society oF Chemicals & Explosives) 1910
Societe Les Affreteurs Reunis - United Shippers 1919 -1921
Societe Lyonnaise de Credit 1898
Societe Metallurgique de L'Oural-Volga 1896
Societe Miniere & Fonciere du Bandama - 1912 - Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
Societe Miniere et Chimique Alaguir 1896 - St. Petersburg, Russia
Societe Nationale Des Chemins De Fer Francais ( SNCF ) - French Railroad
Societe Navale De L'Ouest (Navy Society of the West) 1921 - 1923
Societe Nouvelle des Sultanats du Haut-Oubangui 1927 - Congo
Societe Royale De Zoolocie D Horticulture Et d' Agrement - Belgium 1878
Society Corporation - Ohio ( now KeyCorp )
Society of Fine Liqueurs of Hygienic Wines 1922 - French
Society of United States Miltary Telegraph Company - Samuel Morse Vignette
Socony - Vacuum Corporation 1931 ( Early Mobil Oil Company )
Socony - Vacuum Oil Company of Canada Limited
Socony Bow Oil Company
Socony Development Company of Columbia
Socony Mobil Oil Bond 1963 (Now Exxon Mobil)
Socorro Mine Company 1902
Socorro Uranium Corporation 1955
Solar Furnace and Power Co. 1903 - Territory of Arizona - Early Solar Power
Solar Shelter, Inc.
Soledad Mining & By-Products Corporation - California
Solutia Inc. ( Was Monsanto Chemicals )
Sonora Aviation, Inc. 1963 - Arizona
Sonora Mining and Milling Company - 1920's
Sonotone Corporation
Sorg Paper Company ( Now Wausau-Mosinee )
Sotheby Parke Bernet Group - Famous Auction House ( Now Sotheby's )
Sotheby's Holdings, Inc. Specimen
Sound One Corporation / Liberty Livewire Corporation
Soundview Technology Group, Inc.
South American Promoting Syndicate 1897 - West Virginia
South Carolina Electric & Gas Company
South Carolina Electric & Gas Company ( SCANA )
South Central Consolidated Gold Mining and Milling Company 1895
South Dakota & Wyoming Town Site Company 1893 - Omaha, Nebraska
South Devon Iron & General Mining Company 1859
South Gate National Bank 1930 - California
South Gila Canal Company 1892 - Yuma, Arizona - Gold Bond
South Keora Mines, Limited
South Mountain Iron Company 1869 - Pennsylvania
South Puerto Rico Sugar Company - Old Farm Scene Vignette
South Salem Land Company 1890 - Salem, Virginia
South Salem Land Company 1890 - Salem, Virginia
South Utah Mines and Smelters Stock Certificate 1909 - 1914
South Western Rail Road Company 1860's - Civil War Era Revenue Stamp
South Western Rail Road Company 1883
South Western Steel Post Company 1891 - Illinois
Southeast Missouri Lead Company 1906 - 1907
Southern Art Exhibition Company 18XX
Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph 1939 ( Early Bell South )
Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company
Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company 1887
Southern California Edison Company - Early Vignette
Southern California Edison Company Ltd. 1931 - California
Southern California Oil and Refining Company 1895 - Los Angeles
Southern California Water Company
Southern Cotton Protecting Company 1908 - Oklahoma Territory
Southern Express Company 1861 - $100,000 Confederate Cash Transfer from CSA Treasurer
Southern Express Company Money Envelope 1891
Southern Express Company Receipt 1898
Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Company ( Now Vectren )
Southern Iron and Steel Company 1909 - Gold Bond ( Standard Steel Company )
Southern Kansas Stage Line Company
Southern Life Insurance and Trust Company of Florida Territory 1839 signed by Governor
Southern Mining Company 1907 - Territory of Arizona
Southern Nevada Power Company
Southern Nevada Power Company Stock Certificate
Southern Railway Company - Vignette Slogan "The Southern Serves the South"
Southern San Paulo Railway Company Limited 1928
Southern Standard Press Company 1881 - St, Louis, Missouri
Southern Telegraph Company 1882
Southern Union Company
Southwest Bancshares, Inc.
Southwest Bank Shares Corporation ( Became Mcorp )
Southwest Dairy Products Company ( Became Foremost Dairies )
Southwest Oil Company 1920 - Wyoming
Southwestern Electric Power Company ( SWEPCO )
Southwestern Oil Company 1920
Southwestern Railroad Company 1896 - Georgia
Southwestern Sugar and Land Company 1910 - Territory of Arizona
Souvenir World's Fair Chicago 1893 - Silk
Spanish Belle Mining Company 1876 - San Francisco
Spanish Maid Cigars - Rum Cured Crooks
Special Orders Letter 1865 - New Orleans
Special Studies, Inc ( Spectex Industries, Inc)
Specimen Stocks and Bonds
Speed-O-Print Business Machines Corporation ( Now SBM Industries )
Spellier Electric Time Company 1889
Spellier Electric Time Company 1889 - Electric Clock Vignette
Spelling Entertainment Group Inc.
Spencer Trask Fund, Inc. 1928
Sperry and Hutchinson Company ( S & H Green Stamps )
Sperry and Hutchinson Company ( S & H Green Stamps )
Sperry Corporation - ( Now Unisys )
Sperry Electric Light & Motor Company 18XX
Sperry Rand Corporation - UNIVAC Computer maker
Spic and Span, Inc - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Spice Run Lumber Company 1913 - Charleston, West Virginia
Spice Run Lumber Company 1916 - West Virginia
Spiegel Catalog Corporation (Eddie Bauer) - 1960's
Spies Petroleum Company Limited 1911
Spina=ge Remedy Company 1906
Spinner Blue Label Apples
Spirit Mountain Copper Company - Alaska 1911
Splitdorf - Bethlehem Electrical Company - Charles Edison as President - 1930
Splitdorf - Bethlehem Electrical Company 1920's - Issued to Edward H. Schwab
Splitdorf-Bethlehem Electrical Company signed by Splitdorf
Spokane and Eastern Trust Company
Sports Sciences, Inc.
Spreckels Sugar Corporation 1929
Spring Lake Polo Corporation 1928 - New Jersey
Spring Valley Water Company 1903 - San Francisco, California
Sprint Corporation PCS Group
Squaw Brand Choice Sifted Peas - Indian Woman Image
Squibb Beech - Nut, Inc.
St. Augusta Rural Telephone Company - Candlestick Telephone Vignette - Minnesota 1921
St. Cloud Journal - Press Company 1892 - Minnesota
St. Helens Copper Co. - Vignette of Mt. St. Helens pre Blow Up
St. Joe Consolidated Mines Corp.
St. Joe Consolidated Mines Corp. 1931
St. Joseph Light & Power Company ( Now Aquila )
St. Joseph Loan & Trust Company 1920 - South Bend, Indiana
St. Lawrence Power Company of Massena, New York 1899
St. Louis (Browns ) American League Base Ball Company - Now Baltimore Orioles
St. Louis - San Francisco Railway Co Bond 1950's
St. Louis Bridge Company 1890's - Eads Bridge Vignette
St. Louis Public Service Company
St. Louis Public Service Company ( Early Bus Transportation ) 1928 - Missouri
St. Louis Southwestern Railway Company
St. Louis Southwestern Railway Company 1891 signed by Edwin Gould ( Jay Gould's Son )
St. Louis Vine and Fruit Growers Association 1862
St. Louis, Kansas City & Northern Railroad Company 1873
St. Louis, Kansas City & Northern Railway Company 1870's
St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Corporation Stock Certificate
St. Mary's Church, Santa Maria, California Postcard
St. Nicholas Oil Company 1877 - Venango County, Pennsylvania
Stade-Velodrome Cyclist and Weightlifter Vignettes - 1927
Stadium De Paris Olympic Sports Stadium 1934
Stafford Meadow Coal Iron City Improvement Company 1858
Staley Continental, Inc.
Stammaktie uber 50 Wurste der Munchner
Stan Lee Media, Inc ( Creator of Spiderman )
Standard Aluminum Reduction Company 1898
Standard Brands Incorporated
Standard Butterine Company 1901
Standard Consolidated Mines Company 1907
Standard Cotton Company of America - Cotton Picking Vignette 1920
Standard Lily Extension Mines Company 1929 - Utah
Standard Oil 8 3/8% 30 Year Bond Certificate
Standard Oil Company
Standard Oil Company ( Bahamas ) Limited
Standard Oil Company Bond Women Vignette - 1970's
Standard Oil Company of California 1926
Standard Oil Company of Indiana
Standard Oil Company of New Jersey
Standard Oil Company of New York, Inc.
Standard Products Company - Ohio 1977
Standard Ribbon Machine Company 1914 - Arizona
Standard Silver - Lead Mining Company - Washington State
Standard Silver Lead Mining Company
Standard Tube Company - Michigan ( Now Michigan Seamless Tube )
Standard Water Meter Company 1881 - New York
Standard-Pacific Corp. - California
Stanford University - Home of Former President Herbert Hoover
Stanford University - Stanford Union
Stanford University Library
Stanford University Postcards
Stanley Consolidated Mining and Milling Company
Stanley Works 1929
Star Motors (Star Motor Car Company) 1924
Star Production Co. circa 1923
Starbucks Corporation
Stardust Hotel - Las Vegas, Nevada 1955
Stardust Hotel of Las Vegas, Nevada -Trustees Participation Certificate 1958
Stark Electric Railroad Company - Ohio 1931
Starstream Communications Group, Inc.
State Capitol - Sacramento, California
State Capitol Group and Business District - Sacramento, California
State Controller's Warrant 1880's - Carson City, Nevada
State Fair Association of Arkansas 1925
State Guaranty Corporation
State Guaranty Corporation
State of Connecticut Pay Table Draft 1781 - Revolutionary War
State of Connecticut Pay Table Office Draft 1783 signed by Oliver Wolcott Jr.
State of Conneticut Pay Table Office 1784 - Revolutionary War
State of Hawaii General Obligation Refunding Bond of 1985
State of Illinois Citizenship Certificate for a Free White Person 1866
State of Israel 1973 - Golda Meir as Prime Minister
State of Louisiana Bond 1842 - signed by Governor
State of Louisiana New Consolidated $500 Bond 1892
State of Mississippi 1838 - Famous State Default Bond
State of Missouri Road Bond signed by Govenor - 1930's
State of New York 7% Stock 1815 - signed by Archibald McIntyre
State of New York Comptroller's Office - 1861
State of New York Comptroller's Office 1850's - Stock Bond
State of New York World War l Bonus Bond 1924
State of North Carolina Reconstruction 1868 - Signed by Impeached Governor
State of Ohio Canal Stock 1851
State of Ohio Canal Stock 1875 - Issued to Rothchild Brothers
State of South Carolina 1871 signed by Governor - Reconstruction Bond
State of Tennessee County of Davidson 1870
State Post Cards
State Street Boston Financial Corporation
Staten Island, New York 1870 - Scarce
States Securities Corporation 1916 - 1918
Stationary Engineer's License 1904 - Kansas City, Missouri
Steam Boat Helen Company - 1834
Steamboat Races on the River - Sacramento, California
Steaua Romana Etoile Roumaine - Romanian Oil Company 1926
Steelcraft Corporation of America - National Safe Company
Steinhart Aquarium, Golden Gate Park Postcard
Steinmetz Electric Motor Car Corporation 1921 - Early Electric Car Company
Steinmetz Wireless Manufacturing Company 1922
Steppenwolf Productions, Inc. - Magic Carpet Ride Band
Sterett Rod and Gun Club 1914 - Austin, Texas
Sterghi Bros. Stores, Inc.
Sterling Aluminum Products Inc. ( Now Federal-Mogul Products )
Sterling Debenture Corporation 1906 Convertible Certificate for Telepost Company
Sterling Debenture Corporation 1907
Sterling Iron and Railway Company 1890's
Sterling Precision Corporation
Stetson U.S. Cowboy Hat Company 1935
Steve's Homemade Ice Cream, Inc.
Stevens Duryea Inc. - 1920
Stevenson's Self Generating Motor, Inc. 1916
Stewart - Warner Corporation - 1920's Vignette
Stewart Curtis Packers, Inc.
Stewart Hartshorn Company 1915 signed by Window Shade Inventor, Stewart Hartshorn
Stewart Medicine Company 1884 - Camden, New Jersey
Stewart Mining Company 1916 - Idaho
Stewart-Warner Corporation
Sticktite Fly Paper Company
Stock and Bond Research Service
Stock Exchange of Birmingham 1910 - Alabama
Stokely - Van Camp, Inc.
Stokely - Van Camp, Inc. ( Gatorade )
Storage Technology Corporation ( Now StorageTek )
Storer Broadcasting Company
Storm Buggy Company 1915 - Fostoria, Ohio
Stormont Mining Company of Utah 1885 - Cherubs and gold coins in vignette
STP NASCAR Racing Team Check - Richard and Kyle Petty on check 1981
Strasburg Land and Improvement Company 1892 - Strasburg, Virginia
Stray Dog Manhattan Mining Company 1906 - Goldfield, Nevada
Street Improvement City of New York
Street's Western Stable Car Line - Chicago, Illinois
Stromberg - Carlson Company
Stromberg Carburetor Company of America - New York
Strong & Co., Inc.
Strong & Co., Inc.
Stroudsburg Bank Pennsylvania 1868
Struthers Furnace Company 1922
Struthers Oil & Gas Corp.
Studebaker Corporation 1963
Studebaker Corporation Stock Certificate - First Studebaker Shop Vignette
Studebaker Packard Corporation, Michigan 1950s
Studebaker Packard Stock Certificate
Studebaker Worthington Stock Certificate
Student Loan Marketing Association - Sallie Mae Bonds 1989
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (Firearm Manufacturer)
Submarine Signal Company - Pre Raytheon - Steamer Ship Vignette
Subscription Television Issued to and signed by Jerry Lewis RARE
Subscription Television, Inc.
Subsolul Roman - Romainan Oil Company
Suisun City Hotel Company 1889 - Solano County, California signed by R. D. Robbins and Moses Dinkelspiel
Sullivan County Mica Mining Company - Lions's Head Vignette - 1897
Sulpho - Carbon Foreign Manufacturing Company 1914 - Arizona - Germ killing product
Summit Growth Corporation - 1960's
Sun Distributors L.P. 1991
Sun Microsystems
Sun Oil Company
Sun Publishing Company Limited - British Columbia, Canada
Sunbeam Corporation
Sunbeam Corporation - Early Skyline Vignette
Sunbeam Corporation 1970's - Pre Bankruptcy
Sunday Creek Coal Company 1890's
Sundstrand Corporation
Sunlite Laundry Company of St. Louis - 1917
Sunny Side Water Company 1915 - Los Angeles
Sunnyside Fruit Farm 1924
Sunray Mid Continent Oil Company
Sunray Oil Corporation 1934 ( Now Sun Company )
Sunset Crude Oil Company 1900 - Sunset City, California
Sunset Mining & Development Company Nye, Bullfrog - 1913 - Nevada
Sunset Pacific Oil Company 1930
Sunshine - Jr. Stores, Inc. - Florida
Sunshine Mining Company
Sunshine Mining Company
Super Valu Stores, Inc. 1978
Superior California Farm Lands Company - 1916
Surety Apples Crate Label
Surf Hotel Corporation - Illinois
Susquehannah and Lehigh Turnpike Road 1819
Sutter's Fort St. Francis Church in Background - Sacramento, California
Swan Electric Manufacturing Company 1902 - New York
Swank, Inc.
Swastika Petroleum Corporation 1918 - Little Rock, Arkansas
Swastika Postcard - Good luck symbol prior to Hitler - 1911
Sweet Lue Brand Louisiana Yams
Sweetex Vegetable Label - Cowgirl
Sweetmex Oranges Crate Label
Sycor Inc.
Syndicat General Pour Le Maroc -1920 (General Union For Morocco)
Syracuse Rapid Transit Railway Company 1890's
Syracuse Realty Company
Syracuse Realty Company 1912 - 1921
Syria Holding Corporation - Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm
T - Z Banks, Brokers, Exchanges
T. & O. Lumber Company signed by H. D. Applegate of Applegate, Texas 1906
T. M. Industries, Inc.
Tabard Inn Corporation 1904 Stock Certiifcate - Old Inn Vignette
Tabasco Commercial Company 1903 - Offices in Hartford, Connecticut
Tacoma and Chelan Mining & Milling Company 1903 - Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma and Chelan Mining & Milling Company - Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma Light and Water Company 1887 - Washington ( Now Tacoma Public Utilities TPU )
Takoma Park Ice and Ice Cream Company Bond, Washington D.C. 1928
Talking Clock Manufacturing Co. - Missouri
Talon, Inc. - Pennsylvania
Tamarack & Custer Consolidated Mining Company 1913 - 1918
Tamarack and Chesapeak Mining Company
Tamm Brothers Glue Company 1896 - St. Louis, Missouri
Tampa Shipbuilding & Engineering Company 1919
Tandy Corporation ( Now Radio Shack )
Tanjong Olak Rubber Plantation, Limited 1925 - Territory of Hawaii
Tashota Goldfields, Ltd.
Taunton Branch Rail Road Corporation - 1836
Taxis - Citroen Car Company Certificate 1924
Taylor - Wharton Iron and Steel Company
Technicon Corporation - Lab Equipment - Acquired by Revlon
Technology Building Corporation of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Alumni 1927 ( MIT ) - Massachusettes
Tecopa Consolidated Mining Company 1915 - Tecopa, Inyo. Death Valley , California
Tee - Lee - Comm (Telecom) - Spoof Certificate from Germany - Thomas Edison Picture
Tejon Ranch Company - California
Teledyne, Inc.
Telephone Employee Insurance Company - 1960's
Telephone Rentals Limited 1947
Telephone Rentals, Ltd.
Telepost Company 1908 -1912 - Early 20th Century Hi-Tech messaging service
Telepost Company 1920 - Signed by H. Lee Sellers
Teleprompter Corporation
Television & Electric Corporation of America
Television Industries, Inc Stock Certificate
Telex Corporation
Telex Corporation
Teller Reservoir and Irrigation Company 1909 - Stone City, Colorado
Temperance Pledge and Certificate 1890's
Templar Motors Company 1920
Templar Motors Corporation 1919 - 1920
Temple Beth Israel Portland, Oregon - Destroyed in fire 1923
Temple of Childhood at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition
Tenneco Corporation Subordinated Debenture
Tennessee Brewing Company - 1885
Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company 1898 - Original Dow Industrial Average Company
Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company 1898 signed by George W. Ely
Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company 1899 - Signed by by Wall Street Banker Henry Clews
Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company 1899 signed by J. Malcolm Forbes
Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company 1900 signed by Julius S. Bache
Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company 1906
Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA)
Tennessee Valley Authority
Terre Haute Malleable and Manufacturing Corporation
Territory of Montana 1868 signed by James Tufts
Test Corporation
Teton Petroleum Company
Tex-O-Kan Flour Mills Company ( Burris Mills )
Texaco Oil Company
Texam Oil Corporation
Texas - Louisiana Power Company 1931
Texas Air Corporation 1988
Texas American Syndicate Oil Gift Cert 1929
Texas Graphite Company 1916
Texas Hamid-Younger Company 1921 - Houston, Texas
Texas Instruments Incorporated
Texas Prairie Lands Limited 1913
Texas Publishing Company 1916 - Dallas, Texas
Texas Southern Oil and Gas Stock Certificate
Texas Star Flour Mills of Galveston 18__
Texas-California Oil Company 1902
Textron Incorporated
Thanksgiving Greetings Postcard
The 4th of July Postcard
The 4th of July Postcard
The Baltimore American Insurance Company 1935
The Boston Terminal Company 1897
The Campanile - University of California, Berkeley
The City Bank 1861
The City Hall, Civic Center, San Francisco
The Common Fund Company, Ltd. 1869
The Continental Corporation ( CNA Financial )
The Cuba Company Stock
The Four Wheel Drive Auto Company Early Auto Stock
The Golden Rule Bakery Washington State 1920's
The Goldfield Coming Nation Gold Mines Company - Territory of Arizona
The Gordon Telephone Company of Charleston Gold Bond 1902
The Grand Union Company Stock
The Guaranty Company of Maryland 1927
The Hawker Fury
The Helena Electric Railway Company
The Insurance Finance Corporation - 1928
The Lazard Fund, Inc. 1960
The Lewis Publishing Company 1905
The M.J. Grove Lime Company of Frederick County
The Money Store Inc.
The National Game Postcard - 1910 - Cherub playing baseball
The New York and Harlem Rail Road Company
The Peoples - First National Bank of Hoosick Falls
The Porsche Drivers Club ( UK )
The Porto Rico Telephone Company in 1960's
The Round - Up Cigar Box Top Label
The Squibb Plan Inc - 1929 ( Early Squibb Pharmaceutical - Now Bristol-Myers Squibb )
The Stadium at Stanford University
The Union Corporation
Theatre Royal Cinema 1922 - England - world came to an end on August 15, 2001
Thekemer Realty Company ( Old Bicycles in Vignette ) 1906 - New York, Inc
Theo. Hamm Brewing Co. ( Famous Hamms Beer Company )
Thermopolis Cat Creek Corporation 1921
Thessalian Railways 1882, Inc.
Thiokol Chemical Corp Stock -Famous Rocket Company - Challanger Failure
Third National Bank of Jersey City 1870's
Thomas A. Edison Industries Minutes 1936
Thomas Edison's Dictaphone Ediphone Service Company 1920's - SCARCE
Thomas Industries Inc.
Thomas Laughlin Company 1901
Thomas Laughlin Company 1907 - Ship Fitting Manufacturer - Maine
Thomasson Panhandle Company - Colorado
Thomaston Bank 1868 - Maine - founded by Walter James an active Ghost in Maine
Thomasville Furniture Industries, Inc.
Thompson Brothers Lumber Company - Texas 1919
Thompson Products, Inc (The "T" in TRW)
Thompson Rimloc Wheel Company - 1927
Thompson's Spa, Inc. - Massachusettes
Thor Corporation
Thor Corporation (Allied Paper) 1956
Three Cheers for the Red, White & Blue Postcard
Thrifty Corporation - California
Thunder Cave Corporation 1931 signed John Sears - Famous book about 2 colored boys
Thunder Mountain Free Gold Mining Company 1902
Thunder Mountain Gold Coin Company 1903 - Arizona Territory
Thurston Scaling Card
Tide Water Power Company - North Carolina
Tilden Mining Company 1880 - New York
Time Incorporated
Time Warner Inc.
Time Warner Telecom, Inc.
Time, Incorporated - New York ( Pre Warner Communications and AOL mergers )
Times Mirror Company 1971 ( Now owned by Tribune Group and Cox Communications )
Times Square-46th Street Building 1556 Broadway Corporation 1928 - Gold Bond
Tip Top Gold Mines, Inc.
Tip Top Gold Mines, Inc. 1930's
Titanic Ship Owners 1930's
Title Guarantee and Trust Company 1930 - Nevada
TiVo Inc.
Tobacco , Cigars, Match and Lighter Companies
Tobacco House Coronas Cigars
Tobacco Products Corporation 1920's
Tobin Craft, Inc.
Tod House Company 1920 - Youngstown, Ohio
Toiyabe Silver Mining Company 1870 of Nevada - Reese River District, Lander County
Tokheim Corporation Indiana 1978
Toledo, Columbus, and Cincinnati Railway Company 1903
Toledo, Wabash & St. Louis Railroad 1907
Tombstone Arizona Consolidated Mines Company - $1,000 Gold Bond 1903 signed by E.B. Gage
Tonka Corporation
Tonka Toys Corporation
Tonka Toys, Inc.
Tonopah Extension Mining Company 1906 - Tonopah, Nevada
Tonopah Gold Mountain Mining Company 1905
Tonopah Home Mining Co. 1907 - Tonopah, Nevada
Tonopah Mining Company of Nevada
Topeka Land and Development Company 1887
Topeka Water Company 1896 - Angel and Maidens Swimming vignette
Topper Corporation - Famous Johnny Lightning and Dawn Doll Toy Maker
Topps & Trowsers
Toro Manufacturing Company
Tower Bridge Elevated for Steamer - Sacramento, California
Towle Manufacturing Company 1907 - Famous Silver Company
Toy Town, Inc.
Toys "R" Us
Trad Television Corporation - Early TV
Tramp Consolidated Mining South Dakota 1909
Tramways & Electricite de Constantinople 1916
Tramways de Buenos Ayres 1907
Tramways de Koursk 1895
Trans - Antarctic Expedition - Sir Edmund Hillary
Trans - Lux Corporation - Professional Sport Scoreboards - Oldest AMEX Listing
Trans Empire Oils, Stock 1950's ( CanDel Oil Ltd )
Trans Union Corporation
Trans World Airlines Ambassadors Club 1967
Trans World Airlines, Inc. - Stock Certificate
Trans World Airlines, Inc. 1961 - Pre American Airlines Takeover
Trans-East Air Incorporated 1971
Transamerica Corporation
Transamerica Corporation
Transamerica Corporation
Transamerica Corporation
Transamerica Corporation - Transamerica Building Vignette
Transco Exploration Partners, Ltd.
Transcontinental & Western Air, Inc. 1936 ( Early TWA Company )
Transcontinental Air Transport, Inc. 1929 - Early TWA Company
Transit Investment Corporation 1938-1943
Transtates Petroleum Inc.
TraV-ler Industries, Inc. ( Trav-Ler Radio & Television )
Travelers Inc. ( Famous Insurance Company )
Treasurer of the City of Great Falls - 1928 signed by mayor
Treasurer of the State of Pennsylvania 1850's
Treasury Office 1790
Treasury Warrant for State of Texas 1860 - Signed by Sam Houston as Governor
Treece Lumber Company - Illinois
Trenton and New-Brunswick Turnpike Stock - 1809
Trenton Potteries Company 1902 - New Jersey
Trenton Potteries, Company - New Jersey
Trenton Rock, Oil & Gas Company 1905
Tri - Utilities Corporation Gold Bond 1929
Tri State Oil and Gas Company 1920 - McKeesport, Pa
Tri- State Fair and Racing Association 1923
Tri-County Exhibitors' Association 1932 - North Dakota
Tri-State Gas and Electric Corporation - 1931 - 1932
Triangle Finance Corporation
Triangle Mining and Development Company
Triangle MultiMedia Limited, Inc.
Tribune Oil Corporation Stock Certificate
Trinity Dredging and Hydraulic Gold Mining Company - Trinity Center Mining District, Northern California 1899
Trinity River Authority of Texas Muni Bond
Triplex Corporation of America
Triton Pear Neptune Fruit Crate Label
Trojan Manufacturing Company 1950's
Trojan Manufacturing Company 1950's
Tropical Products Company 1920
Tropicana Products, Inc.
Trow City Directory Company 1873 - Early New York City Business Directory
Troy Gas Company 1915
Troy K. of C. Building Corporation
Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts, Inc.
Trump Taj Mahal Funding, Inc.
Trusthouse Forte plc
TRW Incorporated 1982
Tubize Rayon Corporation
Tubize Rayon Corporation
Tucker Automobile Corporation 1947 - Preston Tucker's Printed Signature on Certificate
Tucker Corporation 1947
Tucson Gas & Electric Company ( Now Southwest Gas Corporation )
Tudor Corporation Gold Bond 1930 - George Washington (Dollar Bill) Vignette
Tuf-Tread Corporation
Tung-Sol Electric Tube Company Stock Certificate
Tung-Sol Lamp Works Inc. 1936
Tunis Gang Flooring Machine Company 1885 - Baltimore City, Maryland
Tunky Mining Company 1915
Tuolumne Copper Mining Company - 1920's
Tuolumne County Water Company - 1856 - Early California Mining Camp
Tupperware Corporation
Turkey Aviation Association
Turner & Newall PLC
Turner Broadcasting System ( Pre Time Warner and AOL Mergers )
Turner Realty Company 1920's - North Carolina
Turney Transportation Company 1919 - Gold Bond
Tuxpam Star Oil Corporation
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation 1978
Twin States Natural Gas Company 1930 - Gold Debenture
Twin States Natural Gas Company 1933 - Convertible Gold Debenture
Twin Tube and Rubber Company 1919
Twistee Treat Corporation - Ice Cream Cone Store Vignette
Tyco International Ltd. - L. Dennis Kozlowski as Chairman
Tyco Toys, Inc.
Tyler Building Gold Bond - New York City 1925
Tymshare, Inc.
Typo Workers Credit Corporation 1920's ( Perfect Gift for someone who can't type )
U - Z Utilities
U.S. Airlines, Inc.
U.S. Airways Group, Inc - Concorde Airplane in Vignette
U.S. Cities Corporation
U.S. Copper Products Corporation
U.S. Copper Products Corporation
U.S. Financial - Major Fraud of the 1970's
U.S. Industries, Inc.
U.S. Natural Resources, Inc.
U.S. Securities Corporation - Sphinx and Pyramid Vignette - Nevada
U.S. Treasury Bond Certificate 1949 - Al Capp
U.S. Vermouth Corporation
U.S. West, Inc.
U.S. West, Inc. - ( Acquired by Qwest )
uBid Online Auction
UBM Group, p.l.c.
UDC - Universal Development L.P.
Ujigawa Electric Power Company 1925 - Empire of Japan
Ulmer Mortgage Company - Ohio
Ultra - Jet Industries, Inc.
Umatilla Belle Label
UN American BOND 1962
Uncle Sam Apples Crate Label
Uncle Sam Oil Company 1913
Uncle Sam Tomatoes Crate Labels
Underwriters Securities Corporation 1907
UniCapital Corporation ( Schlumberger Company )
Union Abstract Company 1907 - Eufaula, Indian Territory
Union Bag & Paper Corporation
Union Bag & Paper Corporation (Camp Manufacturing Company)
Union Bank of Finland Ltd (Unitas Ltd Group )
Union Carbide Bond
Union Carbide $25,000 Bond
Union Consolidated Oil Company 1902
Union Dairymen's Association - 1883 - RARE Watermark 1776 - 1876 Centennial
Union Depot Company
Union Depot Company Annual Report 1954 - Columbus, Ohio
Union Electric Company - Missouri
Union Electric Company - Missouri
Union Fidelity Corporation
Union Fuel Company 1919 - Illinois -- Gold Bond
Union Gas Corporation 1926 - Gold Bond
Union Gas Light Company of the City of New York 1872
Union Gas Utilities, Inc. 1927
Union High School, Red Bluff, California Postcard
Union Land Co., Ltd. 1902 - Territory of Hawaii
Union Leasing and Mining Company 1896 - Leadville, Colorado
Union Line Express 1856 - Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio.
Union Mutual Insurance Company 1866
Union National Bank 1872 - Pennsylvania
Union Oil and Refining Co. 1898
Union Oil Company of California 1911 - Payable in Gold Coin
Union Pacific Corporation Stock and Picture Postcard
Union Pacific Railroad Company Bond 1946
Union Prisoners' Relief Association - Civil War Era
Union Simplex Train Control Company Inc.
Union Square - San Francisco, California
Union Tank Car Company ( Now TransUnion )
Union Tank Car Company ( Now TransUnion )
Union Traction Company of Philadelphia 1914
Union Traction Company of Philadelphia 1928
Union Trust Company 1970 - Now First Union Corporation
Uniroyal, Inc
Unisys Corporation
Unit Drilling and Exploration Company
United Air Lines
United Air Lines
United Aircraft Corporation circa 1977
United Airlines
United Airlines Flight Attendants 50th Anniversary 1980
United American Mining Company - Arizona 1929
United Artists Theatre Circuit Stock
United Bancorporation Alaska, Inc.
United Benefit Life Insurance Company - Omaha
United Board & Carton Corporation
United Board & Carton Corporation (Wheelabrator - Fyre )
United Board & Carton Corporation (Wheelabrator - Fyre) 1963
United Business Publishers, Inc. Gold Bond - 1928
United Cigar - Whelan Stores Corporation 1945
United Financial Corporation of California
United Fish Company 1913 - Massachusettes
United Gas Corporation 1932 (Early Reliant Energy Company)
United Gold Mines 1902 - Colorado Cripple Creek
United Inns Inc. (Bristol Hotels & Resorts)
United Light and Railways Company ( Interurban Electric Lines )
United Merchants and Manufacturers, Inc
United Merchants and Manufacturers, Inc.
United Mine Workers of America - Check 1920's - p/ signed John L. Lewis / Kennedy
United Mine Workers of America 1925 " Eight Hours in Logo"- John L. Lewis as UMWA President
United National Financial Corporation
United Nations Dis-Organization Fabian Enslavement Bond 1962
United New Jersey Rail Road and Canal Company 1907
United New Jersey Railroad and Canal Company 1951 - Power Lines Vignette
United New Jersey Railroad and Canal Company Annual Report 1958
United New Jersey Railroad and Canal Company Annual Report 1958
United New Jersey RR and Canal Co Stock 1924
United Printers and Publishers 1930's - 1940's - Rust Craft Greeting Cards / Ziff Corporation
United Properties Company of California Bond 1911
United Public Service Corporation
United Railways & Electric Company of Baltimore 1899
United Reproducers Corporation 1929
United Sales Company 1906
United Shoe Machinery Corporation 1916
United Smelters, Railway and Copper Company 1909 - Wyoming
United States $25 Savings Bond - WWII War Bond
United States & International Securities Corporation 1930
United States Arsenic Mines 1904
United States Automatic Vending Company 1909
United States Baking Company, Inc.
United States Brake-Shoe Company 1905
United States Building Mutual Loan & Accumulating Fund Association 1894
United States Car Company 1894
United States Carburetor Company 1918 - Omaha, Nebraska
United States Coal Corporation 1932
United States Depositary 1891 - 1903 - Edwin M. Stanton Vignette
United States Electric Power Corporation 1929
United States Electric Power Corporation 1935
United States Electric Power Corporation 1935
United States Guide and Information Company 1896
United States Gypsum Company Delaware 1979
United States Independent Telephone Company 1906 - New Jersey
United States Leather Company 1893 - Original Dow Component
United States Leather Company 1943 - Original Dow Average Component
United States Lines Company 1943 - issued to Vincent Astor
United States Lines Company 1944 signed by Rose Kennedy
United States Lines Stock - 1940's - 1950's
United States Lines, Inc. - Early Ship Vignette
United States Mining Company 1890's
United States Mining Company 1899
United States Mortgage Company 1873
United States Moving Pictures Corporation 1921
United States of America $50 WWII Savings Bond Series E - 1945
United States of America War Savings Bond Series E V - Mail - WWll
United States of Mexico 1865
United States Pharmacal Co.
United States Playing Card Company - Cincinnati, Ohio
United States Printing Company
United States Realty and Improvement Company 1928 - New Jersey
United States Sealed Postal Card Company - New York 18XX
United States Shipbuilding Company 1902
United States Silver Fox Farms 1923
United States Steel Company 1901
United States Steel Corporation 1901
United States Steel Corporation 1901 issued to Andrew Carnegie $100,000 Bond
United States Steel Corporation 1909 - 1929
United States Steel Corporation 1930's - Terrific Vignette
United States Steel Corporation Preferred Stock 1948
United States Sugar Corporation - Delaware
United States Treasury War Finance Committee Disney - Issued on December 7th
United States War Savings Bond $100 - 1943
United States Whip Company 1906
United States Worsted Company 1920
United States Worsted Company 1920
United Talking Machine Company - Nipper Horn Logo
United Technologies Corporation Stock
United Telecommunications, Inc. (Early U. S. Sprint Corporation)
United Telephone Corporation - Early Telephone Vignette
United Telpherage Company 1902 - New Jersey
United Textile Company 1917
United Tonopah & Goldfield Mines 1905
United Traction Company 1900
United Utilities, Incorporated ( Now Sprint )
United Utilities, Incorporated (Early United Telecom and Sprint Company)
United Water Improvement Company 1909
United Water Resources Inc.
United Wireless Telegraph Company 1907 - Early Wireless Radio Company Fraud
Universal - Cyclops Steel Corporation
Universal Aerial Navigation Company - Arizona 1911
Universal American Corporation
Universal Dynamophone Company 1886 - Tennessee
Universal Exposition - Louisiana Purchase 1904
Universal Exposition - Lousiana Purchase Exposition St. Louis 1904
Universal Lace Company 1923 - Maine
Universal Let Off Friction Company 1908 - Rhode Island
Universal Light and Power Company - Made out to E.H. Rollins and Sons
Universal Lock-Tip Company 1927
Universal Match Company (Frank J. Prince - Washington University )
Universal Match Corporation
Universal Oil Burner Company of Missouri 1902
Universal Pictures Company
Universal Pictures Company
Universal Pictures Company, Inc. Letter signed by J. Cheever Cowdin - Universal Pictures Chairman 1936
Universal Trade Association 1896 - Detroit, Michigan
University Computing Company $1,000 Bond
UOP (Universal Oil Products) Inc Stock Certificates
Upjohn Company ( Now Pfizer )
Upper Coos Railroad 1890's
Upper Potomac Steamboat Company 1875
Ursline College Grounds, Santa Rosa, California Postcard
US Web Corporation with Joseph P. Firmage as Chairman
Utah International Finance Corporation
Utah Metal and Tunnel Company 1943
Ute Uranium, Inc 1954 signed by Mayor of Cripple Creek
Utica and Black River Railroad Company 1890
Utica Carriage Company 1890's
Utica Steam and Mohawk Valley Cotton Mills 1904
Utilities & Industries Corp. - New York
Utilities and Energy Power Companies
Utilities Power & Light Corporation 1937
UV Industries, Inc. (previously known as U.S. Smelting, Refining, & Mining Co)
VA Linux Systems
Vacuum Oil Company, Inc. New York
Valley Oil Company - California
Valley Queen Brand Label
Valley Railway Company 1870's - Cleveland, Ohio
Valley Springs Creamery Company 1896
Van Camp Packing Company 1930
Van Nuys - Owensmouth - Marian Growers & Canning Association 1915 - California
Van Sweringen Corporation - Cleveland Real Estate Developers
Vanadium Corporation of America
Vancouver B.C. Development Company Limited 1913
Vandalia Railroad Company
Vanderbilt Newspapers signed by Vanderbilt
Vapor Corporation
Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company
Varity Corporation ( Massey Ferguson )
Varo, Inc. - Garland, Texas 1968
Veeco Instruments Inc.
Veeder - Root Incorporated - Hartford, Connecticut
Vega Mining and Milling Company 1903
Vendo Company
Vendors Investment Corporation
Venezuelan Petroleum Company
Venezuelan Petroleum Company ( Became Sinclair Venezuelan Oil Company )
Ventnor City ( Atlantic City ) Boardwalk Along Beach Vignette 1930's
VeriSign ( Network Solutions Dot Com Domain Name Registry )
Verland Oil & Gas Company 1921 issued to Frank H. Gunther of Gunther Beer Company
Verland Oil & Gas Company 1921 issued to Frank H. Gunther of Gunther Beer Company
Vermont Teddy Bear Co., Inc.
VerticalNet, Inc.
Vertientes - Camaguey Sugar Company of Cuba - Vincent Astor's Certificate 1947
Vertientes-Camaguey Sugar Company of Cuba 1940s - Stolen and Nationalized by Castro
Vestex, Inc. - New York
Victor Page Motors Corporation 1922 - Touring Car Underprint
Victoria Bondholders Corporation Stock Certificate 1943 - 1944
Victoria Gramophones Limited
Victoria Mills Corporation 1895
Victoria Station Incorporated - Famous Restaurant Chain
Victoria Station Incorporated - Famous Train Station Restaurant
Victory for America 1964 - Barry Goldwater Stock Certificate
Victory Park Land and Improvement Company 1925 - New York
Vidler Royalites - Texas 1923
VIEILLE CURE DE CENON - French Wine 1952 - One of the many French Products to Boycott
View From the Nevada Shore, Lake Tahoe Postcard
Viking Resources International, Inc.
Viking Whaling Company Limited - 1930's
Vilar Cork Company 1901 - New Jersey
Villaclara Baseball Company 1921
Village Diner, Inc. 1935
Vincent Price signed check by famous actor 1974
Virginia Hotel Corporation Gold Bond - Nevada 1931
Virginia & Carolina Southern Railroad Company 1913 - Gold Bond
Virginia Airship Company, Inc. 1935 RARE
Virginia Coal and Iron Company
Virginia Coal and Iron Company Stock Certificate 1920's -Roman Goddess Virtus Vignette
Virginia Electric and Power Company ( Early Dominion Resources Company )
Virginia-Ohio Oil Company, Inc 1910
Virgo Films Inc
Vista Del Mar Oil Company 1921 - Los Angeles, California
Vitaphone Company 1916
Vitek Oil & Refining Company 1923 - Union County, Arkansas
Vivendi Universal
VM Software
Volcanic Oil and Coal Company 1895
Volkswagen VW
Volt Information Services, Inc. (VIS) 1970's
Von's Grocery Company ( Now CoreComm )
Vulcan Detinning Company - New Jersey
W. B. Conkey Company - Hammond, Indiana
W.A.C. Postcard "And i thought I knew something about business"
W.A.C. Postcard "And I use to enjoy doing this with the radio"
W.A.C. Postcard "Don't worry...I'm keeping well under cover!"
W.A.C. Postcard "Don't worry...Uncle Sam is keeping us in line"
W.A.C. Postcard "I knew XXX well I'd like this job!"
W.A.C. Postcard "I used to worry about styles...This will suit me now on."
W.A.C. Postcard "I'm getting a big bang out of this army life"
W.A.C. Postcard "I'm in fine condition for the shape i'm in"
W.A.C. Postcard "JEEPERS...This is where our women driving comes in handy"
W.A.C. Postcard "Just Looking!"
W.A.C. Postcard "Look who's guarding who"
W.A.C. Postcard "There is nothing like a uniform to attract attention"
W.A.C. Postcard "You'll Never Know Me Now"
W.D. Smith Ordnance Company 1917
W.J. Hilton Shoe Company 1906 - Brooklyn, New York
W.P. Williams Oil Corporation 1919
W.T. Grant Company - Famous Department Store
W.T. Grant Company 1922
W.T. Grant Company Preferred Stock signed by Grant
W.W. Kimball Piano Company 1908 - 1910
WAC Postcard "Just Give Me a Hairpin and I Can Fix Anything"
WAC Postcard "Our country did it before and we are going to help do it again" (Anti Hitler) WWII
WAC Postcard "And I Was the One That Couldn't Even Change a Tire!"
WAC Postcard "Hurry up and write...I'm all ears"
WAC Postcard "I'm having a hot time"
WAC Postcard "Just showing (Hitler) there's a big kick in this outfit"
WAC Postcard "My how the times have changed"
WAC Postcard "My XXX dogs are sure barkin' "
WAC Postcard "Never a Dull Moment Here"
WAC Postcard "this is the only 'cutting up' I've done"
WAC Postcard "We're giving 'em (Hitler) a big WAC"
WAC Postcard "We're sure giving the boys a ride!"
Wachovia Corporation
Wacker Corporation
Wagner Ale Brewing Company 1933
Wagner Electric Corporation - Knight Vignette
Wagner Palace Car Company 1880's
Wagner Palace Car Company Check 1898
Waldorf Systems Incorporated - Famous Waldorf Lunch Apple logo
Wallace - Murray Corporation
Wallichs Music & Entertainment Company, Inc. - Famous Hollywood Landmark Wallich's Music City
Walt Disney Company - Disney Character Vignette
Walt Disney Internet Group - Go,com
Walt Disney Productions
Walter Amusements, Inc.
Walter E. Heller International Corporation
Walter Kidde & Company - Fire and Safety Products Company 1978
Walter Winchell Signed Check 1930's
Walter's Trucking Company
Waltham Precision Instrument Company, Inc.
Waltham Watch Company
Waltham Watch Company
Waltham Watch Company 1926
Waltham Watch Company 1944
Wang Laboratories, Inc,
Wang Laboratories, Inc, 1960's
Wang Laboratories, Inc.
War - Savings Certificate Series of 1919
War Bonds, Confederate and Other
War Eagle Consolidated Mining Company 1900 - 1905
War Memorial and Opera House, Civic Center, - San Francisco, California
Ward Mining & Milling Company 1917 - Colorado
Ware River Railroad Company
Warner - Hudnut, Inc. ( Became Warner - Lambert )
Warner - Lambert Pharmaceutical Company
Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.
Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc.
Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc.
Warner Communications Inc.
Warner Company
Warner-Hudnut, Inc. ( Early Warner-Lambert Company )
Warren Commission and Investment Company 1907
Washington Adopting the Five Pointed Star Postcard
Washington Auditorium Corporation 1925
Washington Baltimore and Annapolis Electric Railroad
Washington Bar Gold Mining Co.
Washington Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road Company 1854
Washington Country Club, Inc - 1909
Washington Critic Company 1887 - Washington DC Newspaper - Owl Vignette signed by Hallet Kilbourn
Washington Crossing the Delaware Post Card 1910
Washington DC Railway and Electric Company 1905 - Early Trolly Vignette
Washington Dye and Chemical Company 1919
Washington Farewell to his Officers Post Card 1910
Washington Fire Company Stock Association 1860's
Washington his Bravery Post Card
Washington His Patriotism Postcard
Washington His Truthfulness Postcard
Washington Ice Manufacturing Company 1922
Washington Inauguration Postcard
Washington Market Company
Washington Market Company 1920's - DC
Washington National Monument Society 1849
Washington Post Company 1971 - Katharine Graham
Washington Postcard
Washington State Power Utility Revenue Bond- Chelan County 1958
Washington Taking Command of the American Army Post Card 1910
Washington Taking Command of the Army Post Card
Washington Water Power Company
Washington Water Power Company 1926 ( Early Avista Corporation ) - Gold Bond
Washington-Oregon Corporation 1912 - Early Pacific Northwest Power Company
Washita Cattle Company 1883
Washita Cattle Company 1883
Water Power Townsite Company - 1890's
Water Treatment Corporation ( Sequa Corporation)
Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern Railroad 1949
Watervliet Paper Company 1915
Watervliet Paper Company Stock 1915
Watervliet Paper Company Stock 1920's - Blue
Watervliet Paper Company Stock 1940's
WAVE-TV - Pioneer Award Certificate for Kentucky and Indiana
Waverly Land Company 1896
Waverly Oil Works Company - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Waverly Place Apartments 1928 ( Citadel Construction Corporation ) - New York
Wawenock Country Club - 1925 Maine - Gold Bond
Waxahachie Gas Company
Waybill from Williamsport 1853
Wayne Coal Company - Underground Train Vignette
Wayne Knitting Mills - Fort Wayne, Indiana
Wayne Screw Products Company
Wayne Title and Trust Company - General "Mad Anthony" Wayne Vignette 1890's
Webhire, Inc.
Website Search Engine
Webster Tobacco Company, Inc. - Bankrupt Dot Com brought home the bacon
Weehawken Guaranty Company 1930 - Indian Vignette
Weehawken Guaranty Company 1935 - Indian Chief Vignette
Weems Steamboat Company 1890's - Baltimore City
Weis Markets, Inc.
Welch Co. Limited
Welch Grape Juice Co.
Welch Scientific Company - Early Scientific Equipment Maker
Wellington Fund Inc.
Wellmann Stone Company 1903 - Cincinniti, Ohio
Wells Fargo Bank
Wells Fargo Mortgage Investors
Wendell Phillips Company 1923 - Massachusettes
Wendy's International, Inc.
Wenoka Brand Crate Label - Indian and Arrowhead Vignette
West End Con. Mining Stock Tonopah, Nev 1927
West Gate Gold and Silver Mining Co. 1891 Seattle, Washington
West Indies Sugar Corporation Stock Certificate
West Jersey and Seahshore Railroad Company
West Jersey and Seahshore Railroad Company 1926
West Jersey and Seashore Railroad Company Annual Report 1918
West Jersey and Seashore Railroad Company Eleventh Annual Report
West Jersey and Seashore Railroad Company Thirtieth Annual Report 1925
West Jersey and Seshore Railroad Annual Report SCARCE Color Map 1911
West Philadelphia Passenger Railway Company 1858
West Philadelphia Passenger Railway Company 1858-1861
West Salem Cash Trading Company
West Shore Railroad Company $50,000 Bond 1915 - Due 2361 450 Year Bond!!!
West Shore Railroad Company 1893 - Bond Payable in 2361
West Shore Railroad Company 400 Year Bond
West Shore RR Co 475 Year Bond 1885 - Original JUNK BOND!
West Shore RR Co 475 Year Early Junk Bond 1885 signed by Chauncey DePew
West Shore RR Stock - Issued to "Estate of Hetty Green" -aka Witch of Wall Street 1919
West Side National Bank of Yakima Washington
West Texas Utilities Company ( Now AEP - American Electric Power )
West Virginia Metal Products Corporation
Westafrikanische Pfanzungs-Ges. Berlin
Westchester Title & Trust Company 1929 - New York
Western Company of North America - Eddie Chiles as Chairman
Western Condensing Company - Golden Gate Bridge Vignette
Western Drop Forge Company - Indiana 1920
Western Electric Company
Western Electric Company 1910 - Early Bell System Company
Western Europe
Western Gear Corporation ( Control Flow )
Western Greyhound Racing Inc. - Dog Racing 1950's - Who let the Dogs Out?
Western Hotels Company 1964 - Washington DC
Western Lock Company 1881
Western Maryland Railroad Company issued to John D. Rockefeller 1917
Western Maryland Railway Company Stock
Western Mining Development Company 1902
Western Oil Fields, Inc. - Colorado
Western Pacific Railroad Company
Western Pacific Railroad Company - California
Western Rail Road Corporation 1841 - Boston
Western Reserve Eclectic Institute 1855 ( Now Hiram College ) - James A. Garfield affiliation
Western Reserve Life Insurance Company
Western States Development Company 1926
Western Steer - Mom 'N' Pop's, Inc. - North Carolina
Western Union Computer Utilites, Inc.
Western Union Mining Company
Western Union Telegraph Company
Western Union Telegraph Company
Western Union Telegraph Company Stock
Western Wax Company
Western Wireless
Westinghouse Air Brake Company
Westinghouse Air Brake Company
Westinghouse Air Brake Company 1952
Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company
Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company 1899 - Certificate #47
Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company 1920's
Westinghouse Machine Company 1900 - Gold Debenture
Westland Lysander ll - Army Co-operation Monoplane
Westmoreland Coal Company
Westwood One, Inc Radio Network 1990's
Weyenberg Shoe Manufacturing Company ( Now Weyco Group )
Weyerhaeuser Company
Wheeled Coach Industries, Inc.
Whirlpool Corporation
Whirlpool Corporation
White Bear Brewing Company, Inc. 1951 - 1952
White Cat Cigar Label
White Cross Mining Company, Limited 1903 - Moscow, Idaho
White House Brand Crate Label - Image of White House
White Motor Company
Whitmer-Parsons Pulp and Lumber Company 1923
Whitney's Point and Glen Aubrey Telephone Company 1904 - New York
Whole Grain Wheat Company 1917
Wichover Corporation 1935
Wicklund Holding Company
Wieboltot Stores, Inc.
Wigan Public Hall 1853
Wildwood and Delaware Bay Short Line Railroad 1914
Wilkinsburg Ice Company 1922 - Walrus and hunter vignette
Will Smelting Company 1906 - Territory of Arizona
Willcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine Company
William A. Buckingham (Connecticut Governor) Appointment 1861
William Simon Brewery 1968 - Buffalo, New York
William Simon Brewery 1972 - Buffalo, New York signed by William Simon
William Tell Apples Crate Label
William Tell Consolidated Gold Mining Company 1891 - Sierra City, California
Williams - McWilliams Industries, Inc.
Williams Brothers ( Early Williams Companies )
Williams Communications Group, Inc.
Williams Companies, Inc.
Williams Electronics, Inc. - Famous Pinball Machine and Game Company
Williams Manufacturing Company 1860's - Basket Vignette
Williamson Community Hotel Corporation (Mountaineer Hotel) 1925 - West Virginia
Willows Warehouse Association 1880's - California Reaper
Willy's Overland Motors, Inc. 1920's
Willys - Overland Company 1929
Willys Corporation 1920's ( Famous Jeep Company )
Wilmington & Northern Rail Road Company
Wilmington and Northern Rail Road Company signed by H. Dupont 1890's
Wilmington Land Company 1890 - Anniston, Alabama
Wilshire Bishop Creek Company 1910
Wilshire Oil Company of Texas
Wilson - Jones Company - Famous Binder Maker
Wilson Laundry Machinery Company, Limited 1888 - Pennsylvania
Wilson Sporting Goods
Wilson Sporting Goods Co.
Wilson-Sinclair Company
Winchester Arms Company 1920 - Connecticut
Winchester Avenue R.R. Company 1896 - West Haven, Connecticut
Winchester Repeating Arms Company
Wind River Producing and Refining Company 1919
Windsor Company 1896 - New Jersey
Wine Society of America
Wings Over San Antonio, Inc. 1936 Motion Picture
Winnipeg Paint and Glass Company 1912
Winstar Communications, Inc. - Filed for Bankruptcy on April 18, 2001
Winston-Salem Southbound Railway
Winter Park Company - Florida
Wired Ventures , Inc (Wired Magazine) 1996 RARE
Wireless Message From Newport Postcard - 1910
Wireless Pictures (1928) Limited "The Fultograph" - First Wireless Fax Machine
Wisconsin (Bell) Telephone Company - Ameritech
Wisconsin Bell Telephone Company Bond
Wisconsin Edison Electric Company Stock 1914
Wisconsin Investment Company 1932
Wisconsin Power and Light Company ( Now Alliant Energy )
Wisconsin Power and Light Company ( Now Alliant Energy )
Wisconsin Public Service Corporation
Witherbee Igniter Co. 1917 became Wico Electric Company ( Early Johnson Controls Company )
Wizard Cigar Label
WOMEN'S ARMY CORPS (WAC) - WWII Original Postcards - 1941- 1945 Networks ( iVillage acquired in June 2001 )
Woodbridge Canal and Irrigation Company 1893 - California
Wooding Railway Warning Device 1913 - Territory of Arizona
Woodley Petroleum Company
Woodley Theater Company 1915 - Los Angeles, California
Woodruff Sleeping and Parlor Coach Company 1888
Woods Brothers Corporation 1930s - Unusual Dam Vignette
Woods Brothers Corporation 1930s Dam Vignette
Woods Mobilette Company 1917 - Convertible Gold Bond
Woolstenhulmes Rye and Company Limited 1876
Wooster Drilling Company 1921 - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Workers' Bank, Ltd. Reez - Israel ( Palistine ) 1924 - Established by Histadrut
Workingmen's Co-Operative Company 1903
World Exploration Company 1929
World Film Corporation 1919 - Famous Silent Film Company
World Transport Authority, Inc.
World War I German War Bond 1914 - 1000 Mark
World War II Original Military Service Certificate - 1945 - Brilliant Colors
World Wide Helicopters Limited
World Wrestling Federation 1999
World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. ( WF )
WorldCom, Inc. with Bernard Ebbers and Scott Sullivan as Officers - Now in Bankruptcy
WorldCom, Inc.- MCI Group - MCI Tracking Stock with Ebbers and Sullivan - Now in Bankruptcy
Worlds of Wonder - California
Worldwide Web Networx Corporation
Worthington Cooperative Exchange Stock Certificate
Worthington Golf Ball Company 1927 - Elyria, Ohio
Wright Refrigerator Company
Wright Refrigerator Company - Chicago
Wrigley Pharmaceutical Company Stock Certificate 1926
WTC Air Freight Company
Wurlitzer Company - Famous Jukebox Maker - RARE
Wurlitzer Scholarship Certificate 1924
WW l Naval Air Scout Litho Postcard
WW l Photo Postcard - General Joffre inspecting a German Albatriss Plane Just Downed
WW ll Grumann Martlets Fleet Fighters
WWI Austro-Hungarian Empire War Bond 1915
WWII Romanian Axis Army War Bond 1940
WWl Zepplin Down in Flames 1916
WWl Zepplin Photo Postcard "Strafed"
WWl Zepplin Photo Postcard "The Raider"
WWl Zepplin Photo Postcard - Night with Searchlights "Zepp"
WWl Zepplin Photo Postcard - Zeppelin Raid on N.E. Coast
WWll Hawker Hurricane
Wyandotte & South-Eastern Railway Company 1903 RARE
Wynn Resorts, Limited
Wyoming - Sunrise Oil Co. 1917
Wyoming Chief Oil & Refining Company 1920
Wyoming Illuminating Oil Company 1901
Wyoming Villa Land Company 1888
X Prize ( Private Competition to Space ) - Commemorative Certificate honors Lindbergh
Xerox Corporation
Xerox Corporation
Xerox Corporation
XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc
XO Communications - XO was KO in Bankruptcy
Xonep - Russian Certificate with Hologram
Xonep - Russian Stock printed by American Banknote Company
Yahoo! Inc.
Yakima Chief Label Evaporated Apples (Boasting Sulphur Dioxide Processing) - Indian Chief
Yale College Note - 1794
Yale Express System, Inc. - Famous Bankruptcy Case
Yankee Doodle Postcard
Yankees Concession Hat 1972 - Cracker Jacks 25 Cents
Yankees Player Transfer Agreement 1916 - signed by Yankees' Owner Jacob Ruppert
Yantic Woolen Company 1895 - Norwich, Connecticut
Yellow Horse Manhattan Mining Company - 1907
Yellow Jacket Mining Company 1916
Yellow Taxicab Company of Baltimore City 1915 - Delaware
Yellow Tiger Consolidated Mining Company - Goldfield, Nevada 1923
Yellowstone Gun Club 1912
Yellowstone National Park Transportation Company 1890's - Old Faithful Vignette
Yellowstone Park Association 1891 - RARE
Yellowstone Park Hotel Company
Yellowstone Park Transportation Company
Yerington Mountain Copper Company 1918 - Nevada
Yonkers Racing Corporation 1982
York Railways Company 1934
York Silk Manufacturing Company 1906 - Pennsylvania
York Utilities Company 1923 - Portland, Maine - Old Trolley Line Gold Bond
Young Development Corporation 1961 - Early Television Camera Vignette
Younker Brothers, Inc. 1920 ( Now Proffitt’s, Inc )
Yucca Cyanide Mining & Milling Co. 1904 - Offices in Los Angeles - Incorporated in Arizona Territory
Zale Corporation 1969
Zee-Zee Tire and Rubber Company 1913
Zeebrugge Aeronautical Construction Company 1926 - Zeebrugge, Belgien
Zenith Electronics Corporation
Zenith Laboratories, Inc.
Zephyr Cove, Lake Tahoe Postcard
Zeppelin - Spanish Air Transportation Company 1928
Zeppo Marx signed Check
Zeros & Ones, Inc.
Zirconium Company of America, Inc. 1921
Zweig Total Return Fund - Statue of Liberty and WTC Vignette Martin Zweig as President
ÎMPRUMUTUL DE INZESTRARE A TARII 4.5% 1934 Romanian State loan Bi Plane in Vignette